Very first blog

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This is officially my first blog post. We are snowed in again today, and the kids are not very happy about it. The are having an off again on again whining secession. Not very fun for mommy. But on the bright side, we are staying very warm. We have done alot of relaxing today, not much else to do. We are trying not to use very much electricity due to the rolling blackouts we are having today. So can’t get very much cleaning done! We are going to take a trip to the store later as long as the roads are still good, that will atleast get us out of the house for a short period. Thank god for winter jackets, hats, & gloves! I finished my first crocheting project a few days ago. I made a small circle basket to put our keys in so that we stop losing them. I’m in the progress of making two blankets. One of my youngest son and one for my mother. Then I will start on my oldest sons blanket and a few project to make for family members. :) Well, I hope everyone stays warm in this cold weather that seems to be in quite a few states in the united states.

Have a good day everyone!

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