Alcohol.. because no great story ever…

It’s Friday & we have one heck of a packed weekend. Actually the next week is going to be crazy!
Bachelorette party + bridal shower + meeting some of Hubby’s family for the first time + rehearsal dinner + wedding. {My sister in law is getting married}. I think this next week is going to go by fast and be so much fun! Expect lots & lots of pictures and posts and stories to tell about these amazeball events. 

First – I’m going back to Live.Laugh.L0ve. I worked so hard to get my name out there and build a blog brand for myself and build readers and I feel like re-branding has just ruined all of that – so if you haven’t seen my posts and you are wondering where I have been – I’m here I just jumped the gun on a name change and didn’t think it all the way through. That’s what I get for being spontaneous! 

If we were really meeting for coffee I would inform you that the look on my face in this picture is due to the fact that hurts to stand or walk or move my legs in any way shape or form because 3 days of insanity is freaking INSANE literally. I had to skip last night to give my calf muscles a recovery day.

I would tell you that because said calf muscles are screaming like a mother my living room has looked like this & the boys have been doing a lot of this. #ithappens

I would also tell you that lots of this has been going down & it’s nice to relax after a busy day.

If we were really meeting for coffee I would tell you that I got to chat with this girl & let me tell you what. I have never seen someone who looked so flipping gorgeous sans make up sans doing in form of anything to hair and who seemed so absolute comfortable in her own skin. & Yes I could tell all this from one video chat. #oneofthemanyreasonsiloveher

Oh & digger don’t beat my ass for posting these – sense one you are not looking at the camera in the first one and two you are throwing your hair up. I couldn’t seem to get a screen shot of either of us not moving. Better than one of you stuffing your face right? ;) Hey – at least you don’t have some creepy smile going on & it looks like my skin is pulled too tight across my face – I must have been laughing… #picturescreenfail

Yep – that’s my bff. Go get to know her. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
I plan on drinking too much.
Laughing too loud.
& partying it up like crazy!
Cheers to Friday.


Love on a Thursday: Pretty things in life + pinning

Whatttt?? Two posts in one day? Maybe I’m finally out of my posting funk. I have seen this fun link up hosted by Colleen & Lish and have been wanting to join in but haven’t gotten around to. But have no fear – I am today. ;)

Today I am going to share some pretty pictures I have taken from just everyday life + some pretty things I’m loving that I pinned.
This 8×10 print + notecards I won from Knotted Tree Photography are absolutely gorgeous!

This sunset that I saw the other night had be staring out the window completely ignoring everything except it. These pictures do it zero justice.




That’s what I’m loving this Thursday.
Be sure to link it up with Colleen & Lish and share what you are loving!

Loves on a Thursday 

A new journey that happens to be INSANE! ;)

You may have noticed my posts have been what they usually are the past few days.
Nor have my tweets.
Anything basically.

We are on some new journey’s are here and I am completely loving it & exhausted at the same time. So I thought I would share some of the things going on in my life as of lately and what I am loving/hating/giddy etc about it.

As most of you know by now I am a virtual assistant and right now I am working for two fabulous ladies. You probably know who i am referring to because they both announced it on their blogs and I adore working with both of them. Being a VA is something I never knew I wanted to do. I have always known how much I love helping people, how much I love administrative type of work and organizing and things like that but it didn’t hit me until I became a VA, that this is just something I was meant to do & it has been a huge blessing & a huge blessing to work with the ladies I do.

The hubs and I have started a new workout journey. Yall – it is literally insane. The workout itself is called Insanity. Ha – I think only a crazy person would jump on board with this, so I’ve decided that we must be crazy. This was me after Day 1 of Insanity.

I should have had Hubby take a picture of me the other night after day 2 & 3 because I was literally laying on the floor for 10 minutes unable to move!
The results are going to be completely worth it though!

I started homeschooling Jay for pre-k. He is doing so great and I am so,so,so proud of him. & before anyone freaks out about the whole “social” aspect. Despite the fact that he gets plenty of social interaction because he has a ton of cousins that he see’s regularly – I am also looking into signing him up for football so he gets that to talk to and pay with other kids outside of family.

Let’s see – what else. Oh yes, I have started drinking coffee again. I finally bought a coffee pot from walmart for $9 – Thank God! I don’t know how I managed to go without coffee on a regular basis for so long!

I ate a good breakfast for the first time in a long time yesterday. Burning all these calories has made me sooo hungry. I made a BLT – the LT. Yes I’m strange like that and scrambled eggs. Not only did I devour my plate the boys devoured their plates as well. #proudmomma

I think that’s all my ramblings for today. 

What have you been up to lately?

How has blogging changed you?

I am fresh out of the shower.
My body is so incredibly sore.
I had a great video chat with this girl tonight.
& I am posting this early because I have 666 posts & it’s been driving me crazy all day so I’m finally doing something about it.

Today I am linking up with Ashley @ 5ohwifey for the girl behind the blog vlog.
I apologize for not being overly enthusiastic. I explain my tiredness at the end.
Enjoy. :) oh & p.s. apparently I had an obsession with my hair while recording this – excuse that.



Tuesday Ramblings + why the change

Heyyyyyy! I just wanted to share a few things with ya’ll on this fine Tuesday.

One. I now have a referral program with my Virtual Assistant business + a website for it which I launched a few days ago.

If you would like to know more about how the referral program works and what is in it for you please send me an e-mail at

Two. I still have a few sponsor spots available for September.

Three. I will be adding a few new prints to the shop later on this week – so be on the lookout for that. Here is a little sneak peek. ;)

 Also, speaking of the shop. Necklaces will no longer be in there as of next week. I’m not sure about crocheted items just yet. I do my best crochet in the winter so I don’t want to say it will be strictly prints because you never know!

Four. My husband wants me to do the P90X with him. If you don’t hear from me – know that I am probably curled up on the couch unable to move. #justsayin #bringiton

Five. Say hello to my awesome August sponsors!

Hello & Howdy! My name is Brittany but you can call me Britt and I blog at Beelittlequeen! I write about my single life happenings which covers a wide range of topics including family, faith, couponing, beauty, fashion, music/books/movies, friends and crafts. You’ll see that I am an animal lover/advocate and that I have a coffee addiction-it’s serious! I guess you could say that my blog is classified as a lifestyle blog, but I also go through phases of talking all things beauty and have done some video make up tutorials! Please stop by, i love meeting new people!
What is your all time favorite memory?
My all time favorite memory! Oh geez this is a hard one! probably anytime i spent at my grandparents house that smelled like Zest soap(their first home). I always felt comforted there and my nana would make me greasy, yummy food even if i wasnt hungry lol.

What is your dream vacation?

MY dream vacation would be a road trip to northern california to see my cousin Joe & family and then keep heading North to stop and visit my brother in Oregon!

blog // twitter // hellocotton

Hey there, you are looking at Natasha, who blogs over at the Picablocks. I blog with words and mostly, blocks of pictures and photographs that make up my life as a junior violin teacher, graduates-to-be, camera girl, adventurer-at-heart, fashion fascinator and so many more. Greedy and versatile, i know myself. You know you love me!

What is your all time favorite memory?
   Maybe the time when I fell asleep on backseat of a bike on my way to my kindergarden graduation, and woke up in a hospital. Or the first time my boy and I hung out, we waited for 30 minutes for a burger at McDonald’s.
What is your dream vacation?
   I would say all over the world. I love Africa for the wildness but can’t keep myself adoring Austria’s strolling music and musicians. Oh and West Virginia too, and Rio! Oh well.


My blog is about my weight loss journey. The ups and downs, in waist size, mood, outlook, and lbs. It’s splashed with some life, some crafts, and some recipes. I really hope to motivate at least one other person in this world!
What is your all time favorite memory?
Ummm that would have to be family holidays. Not one specific time. I love family, and love spending time with them, so all family holidays are just my favorite thing!

What is your dream vacation?
Athens Greece. I am OBSESSED with architecture and I want to see the Acropolis. After I could die and be satisified with my life. :)
hey yall! i’m skye but over on my little slice of the internet i am known as rindercella. my blog is a place where i chronicle my journey of daily life as a full-time 9-5er with dreams of working from home one day. i love all things handmade, panda bears, sticky and Jesus is my homeboy. i’d love to meet you – come on over and say hi!
What is your all time favorite memory?
holy crap this is a hard one! :) i have a lot of memories from a lot of different times in my life. narrowing it down to one is pretty much impossible. but i’m gonna give it a go! my favorite memory with my mom would have to be the shopping trip we took to get my prom dress my freshman year. we laughed so much and had such a good time. if i could go back and relive a moment with her that would be at the top of the list! 
What is your dream vacation?
simple: LOTS of vacations all rolled into one. if money & time were no object, i would spend several months traveling through Europe – Spain, France, Ireland, Gernamy, Italy, and Scotland. Then I would go back to the US and hit every state and end in Hawaii with a week on the beach to relax! 
I blog about my 3 children, sewing, crafting, recipes, my shops and much more!

What is your all time favorite memory?
One of my favorite all time memories is every year my brother and I would spend the night at my grandparent’s house a few days before Christmas and we would help her make all of the cookies and apple pies for our Christmas Eve family party. 

What is your dream vacation?
Well, I have a lot of dream vacations.  I would love to go to Australia, Great Britain, Norway, France, Italy, and Hawaii to just name a few.

I have never gotten into scrapbooking, as much as I have wanted too! I still wanted a place to keep all of our favourite memories and photos though, so I started a blog…7 years ago, just a few weeks after we had our first daughter :) I love being able to share our life with the people we love, and whoever else wants to read it. I also love being able to go back in the archives and relive the years with our 4 girls!!

I also have a business, Little Lily Bamboo, and have incorporated it somewhat into my blog :)
What is your all time favorite memory?

Which one of my daughter’s births do I choose from? Or my wedding? Or my first kiss :)? I am a very blessed woman with so many great memories! I’d type out any one of those stories if any one was interested :)
What is your dream vacation?
Being able to take my husband and daughters to Australia for two full months to visit my sister who lives there. I’ve been to visit her once by myself, but I know my family would LOVE it there, and I would love to have more time to explore…my sister and I didn’t even get to go to the beach!!

Six. I thought it was about time I shared about the blog name change! ;)

“Be a best friend. Tell the truth. Overuse I love you.” — Lee Brice

Have you heard that song? I remember the first time I ever heard it – I fell in love with it immediately. Not just the song itself. But every single word in it. In my eyes it became a song our song. I felt it fit us so perfectly. 
“They called them crazy when they started out.
Said 17’s too young to know what loves about.”

That’s us. I was 17 years old when I fell in love with him and I don’t think anyone thought it would last. I think some people just thought it was puppy love. If only they had known what I had felt, they would have never doubted us.
“He brought home 62 bucks a week.
Bought a little two bedroom house on maple street.
Where she blessed him with 6 more mouths to feed.
Now that’s crazy.”

Granted Hubby brings home way more than 62 bucks a week – we still don’t have “a lot of money” and we never really have. We bought a little 3 bedroom house and I blessed him with 2 more mouths to feed {maybe more in the future – who knows?} and yes – I’m pretty sure people thought we were crazy.
Just ask him how he did it.
He’ll say pull up a seat. It’ll only take a minute to tell you everything.
Be a best friend. Tell the truth. & Overuse I love you.
Go to work. Do your best. Don’t outsmart your common sense.
Never let your praying knees get lazy & love like crazyyyyy.”

This is my husband right here. And he would probably tell you the same thing.
We are best friends. We have a very honest marriage aka we don’t lie to eachother. We overuse I love you but we also show it.
He works hard and does his best and his praying knees are in fact not lazy.
And of course we love like crazyyyyy.
I could keep going. But I think you get the point.
Granted this is only half the reason I named the blog Overuse, I love you.
The other half is this:
My strongest emotion is love
You may have noticed it in my posts if you have been a long time reader.
my love for fashion.
My boys.
My husband.
I love things and people like crazy. It’s who I am and it’s what I do. I think it just goes perfect with myself, my life and my blog. Because I do overuse I love you and I always will. 
Thank you so much to Digger for doing another blog design with me and letting me bounce ideas off of you. Digger you are so talented and I adore my blog design!

How to create a twitter list

I saw this tweet from Colleen about creating a twitter list & I told her how I had twitter lists. Which resulted in a couple of ladies asking me how to do that. So I figured other people may not know so here it is.

Step one. Click on the persons twitter account that you want to add to your list. You don’t have to visit their twitter page for this – just need to have it pop up.

Step two – Click on add or remove from lists. {Where it is highlighted in the picture}

Step three – Click on create a list. Name your list & it should pop up in the area above create a list like mine are.

Step four – For everyone you want to add to this list. Do step 1 & 2 and then check the box you want to put them in and wa-la they will be there.

To view your lists. Go to your twitter home page & on the left you will see Lists – click on that and your lists will pop up! See not hard at all! Have fun creating your lists!

Beauty box swap

Yes, I am finally revealing what I got in my beauty box! I wanted to wait and post about it until who I sent the items to posted about hers so I could link to her site! :) I joined in with Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts who hosted this lovely box swap and I am so glad I joined in!

You can see what I sent Kari here. ;)

The lovely Jessica sent me some of the most adorable items! I heart them like FO REAL!

I puffy heart love all of it. The colors are perfectly me. Thank you sooooo much Jessica! :)

Blabbering Thoughts

Saturday Spotlight #16

Oh Saturday. 
I have work to get done. 
A house to clean. 
Trains to drive with the boys.
Laughs to be had.
A yummy dinner to make.
& a video chat to do with this lovey lady.
Saturday – you make me smile. It is also that time of the month for the second Saturday Spotlight where I show off some of my lovely sponsors. I hope you will take the time to check out these wonderful ladies who grace my sidebar. 

I absolutely love these pictures from Second hand solace at the London Olympics. I am fully jealous that she got to go to London but I love looking at her pictures.
If there is one thing I love about Fridays it is coffee dates. Some of them are random, some of them I get to see into the blogger’s heart. I can honestly say it doesn’t matter weather Amanda from Royal Daughter Designs is doing a vlog for her coffee date or just writing, I always look forward to her coffee posts.
I think most people would agree that summer is a very fun time of the year. Water fights, hiking, staying up late and spending your days outdoors. Digger at Dig Deep Studio took some great pictures of their summer and it looks like they fully embraced it!
I love this fun idea from Gracefully Giddy on making a rainbow out of food with your kids! I am going to have to do this with the boys – I think they would get a huge kick out of it! 
From one writer to another I love this post by Single Dou{b}t on bringing dreams to a screen – how she puts her ideas onto her computer – it’s a must read!
I also happen to adore Hayley over at Hayley’s world and I love getting to see her talk and interact in her vlogs – She is such a sweetheart & I really believe you will love her!

Melissa at The Life of a Not so Ordinary Wife is having a delicious giveaway ;) you must go enter!
Kristine from The Foley Fam is celebrating hitting 1000 followers!! You go girl! & she announced a little somethin. ;)

So with my name change came a new blog design from the lovely Digger. She is beautifully talented & I can’t thank her enough for this gorgeous design. She also does birth announcements, invitations & more! You should really check her out! 
I need this camera strap in my life from Melissa’s shop. Which means I also need a real camera in my life so I can have that camera strap. 
This headband from Bree – um #ineeditnow Seriously so cute & my favorite colors & it has polka dots! I puffy heart love polka dots!
Speaking of my favorite color. I also need this scarf from Single Dou{b}t’s shop. #yesihaveaslightobsessionwiththecolorred. Don’t judge. :) 
I do believe this headband from Kristine’s shop would look adorable on all of my nieces heads! I guess I better to get to purchasing them!
Last but not least Amanda does beautiful blog design work and also helps make your etsy shop look oh so pretty! Amanda is such a great friend and I know you would love working with her.

Mirror cross + the reason behind it

I originally posted about this on Amanda’s blog during her blogging break & I am finally getting around to sharing it with yall! 
I am going to show you how to create a mirror cross. You will need.
  • Heavy duty cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • A small mirror {or mirror size of your choosing}
  • Hanging materiel.
First you will want to cut your paper into strips – there should be four strips per paper. So basically one piece of paper covers this project. 
Next up – Fold your four freshly cut strips in half. Try and keep them as even as possible down the center. Because you are going to see the line when it’s hanging up. Really – it’s pretty I promise! 
After you have done your expert folding ;) cut off a triangle shape section on top of either side of each strip. It doesn’t have to be much right now. You can trim it up at the end if you want them shorter or not.
Then take your mirror {pop it out of whatever it is in, if it is in something} and flip it over to where the back is now facing you.
Use your nifty little hot glue gun – put some glue on the end of the strip that you didn’t cut and glue it to the top of the mirror.
Do this on all four sides of the back of the mirror and make sure when you glue it on the flat side of the paper is facing you. You want the risen part on the other side when you flip it over. This is what it will look like once you have glued it all on and turned it back over.
Like I said. It doesn’t have to stay this long, you can trim it up to whatever size you like. This size was perfect for the wall I wanted it on. 
It is so simple, yet so pretty. And it looks amazing on the wall. Now I told you I would share why I made it. I will be honest – at first all I knew was I wanted a cross with a mirror in the middle of it. I didn’t know why or how the idea came to me but God works that way doesn’t he? plants an idea in your head and you go through with it. It wasn’t until I hung it up that I knew it’s purpose. It is a reminder to me – that when I see that cross and look into that mirror – that I should be a a reflection of him. That I should be able to see God’s love and beauty shining through me from him. 
Why can’t I do this with a regular mirror? That I couldn’t tell you. I just know I was meant to make this. This way. For this reason. I have been participating in the #shereadstruth and God has been working in me and doing small things that remind me of him – even if it’s something as small as this mirror cross and the reason behind it. 

Changes – please read

So I mentioned in this post that I would be changing my blog name. Which also mean I’ll be changing my blog url and I don’t want to lose any of you. It isn’t going to redirect you because my blogspot url is different then my .com url. Yes, confusing I know.

But if you are reading this and you need to somehow re subscribe – please do so otherwise you will be missing out on all my posts and we can’t have that. ;)

The new URL which is now live is

Also – My new blog design will be up soon.

I’m also fixing to be changing all my social media stuff so if you notice overuseiloveyou on twitter, facebook or instagram just know it’s me!

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