How a sunset calmed my nerves

Friday night Kage and I headed out to take my cousin & her husbands pictures. I took their family pictures a couple of weeks ago and shared them with you on Saturday. Jay was at my moms house with my nephew for what we call a late night aka staying the time. I was a little nervous about taking Kage with me on a photo shoot. I was also worried that I wasn’t going to get decent pictures because the sunrise was going to be completely gone by the time the photo shoot happened.

So to ease some of my nerves I headed out way early to the location. A beautiful trail that had a shimmering lake in the middle of it. One gazebo sat on either side of the trail a little ways from where I was. I pulled the stroller out of the car, grabbed my camera & buckled Kage into the stroller and we began our walk. There were people running, jogging and simply walking to enjoy the view. Ducks swam in the lake leaving a beautiful v shape in the water behind them. As the sun started to set the air become colder especially with water close by.

We walked back to the car to get Kage’s jacket & decided instead of walking more we were going to sit in the car and listen to music. I turned on a game for Kage on his phone & turned on country music on pandora on my phone. I people watched and as the sun began its dip behind the sky my breath was taken away. I couldn’t tell you the last time I watched an entire sunset, or the last time I watched an entire one with one of my boys. But I stopped Kage mid game and pointed to the sky to show him all the colors. 

A soft pink and delicate blue began to intertwine. As the sun continued its descent, streaks of purple and orange began to clash with it. Eventually as the sun gave the sky it’s final kiss goodnight it look liked yellow fire. I watched the entire thing and my nerves were no longer there. Watching Gods creation all the way through brought me a sense of peace and by the time my cousin & her hubs showed up for their photo shoot, I was more than ready.

I will be sharing the photos from the photo shoot soon!

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