My favorite hair products

Happy Tuesday y’all. I hope your week started off good. It’s rainy here and I had to wash dishes in the bathtub, but that’s another post for another day. Last week I shared my favorite makeup products and today I want to share my favorite hair products with y’all. I’m not brand loyal and I like cheap whenever I can get cheap. All of these products work amazing!

@clivelaughl0ve is sharing her favorite #hair products

@clivelaughl0ve love's the herbal essence moose, it's so perfect for scrunching hair.

@clivelaughl0ve love's the herbal essence gel, it's so perfect for scrunching hair.

My favorite hair products via @clivelaughl0ve

My favorite hair products via @clivelaughl0ve

The hana shine shield is one of @clivelaughl0ve's favorite hair products, it adds a pretty little shine after you straighten your hair and makes it so soft.

The herbal essence moose and gel and the white rain hairspray are all from cvs. I love these products. I use them for scrunching my hair and they work perfect and hold SO damn good. The frizz-ease is my sister in laws, she left it at my house a looooong time ago and I’ve been using it because my hair is naturally a frizzy and again it works great. The shine shield I won in a giveaway and holy hell, I use this when I straighten my hair and the way it makes my heart look is just amazing. It not only gives it a pretty little shine, but it also makes it soft. There you have it folks!

What’s your favorite hair product?

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