Our clothespin photo wall

I saw this beautiful idea on pinterest not too long ago and I knew I wanted to do it. Only problem was I suck at getting pictures printed. Literally the only pictures I had hanging in our house were ones from when the boys were 2 and younger and the ones I had ordered from Persnickety. I was in desperate need of a new printer, but I figured I wasn’t getting one anytime soon therefore said cute idea was just going to have to wait! One weekend, Hubs and I loaded up the boys to head to best buy because he was getting a new stereo for his car. Well, I decided to walk around and just happened to walk down the printer isle to see if they had any good ones at a good price. I’ll be damned if we didn’t go at the perfect time because they had a bunch that were on sale. #winning

I casually pushed the cart back over to Hubs after talking to one of the sales floor guys and mentioned that they had some really great printers and I was in desperate need of one and please, just pleaseeeeee! After he picked out his new radio we walked back over together so I could show him. Within a minute he was freaking sold and I squealed and we even let the sales floor guy take our picture with our new printer when he asked to take it “because sometimes they put it on there site.” Sure they do buddy, sure they do, but I didn’t care. Yes, I was that ridiculously excited. A couple of days after we got it I had to run to the dollar store and BOOM clothespins were staring me in the face. I grabbed a couple packages, I will totally be going back for more, and when I got home I went a little printing crazy.

I grabbed my clothespins, grabbed some thumbtacks, yarn, scissors and my freshly printed pictures and got to work. It took me a little while because while I obviously loved the one I saw, I wanted ours to look a bit different. We have the perfect wall for it and I knew just what to do.

Beauty & The Boys // Our clothespin photo wall

Beauty & The Boys // Our clothespin photo wall

Beauty & The Boys // Our clothespin photo wall

It is now my absolute favorite wall in our house! I look at it several times a day and smile every single time. That wall just reminds me of how blessed we are with the life we were given. I also bought some frames that already have 8x10s in them and the wall you see to the right is going to be getting a makeover. The hallway to the left is going to my entryway collage wall and the wall you see in the last picture, well as you can tell I’m re-doing it and it’s going to kick so much ass.

Beauty & The Boys // Our clothespin photo wall

Beauty & The Boys // Our clothespin photo wall

It took me three years to hang a bunch of pictures in our home, but damn it was so worth it.

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