Our St. Patrick’s Day + a handmade birthday gift

I meant to share our St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday, but I didn’t get around to writing a post, I was far too tired. I got maybe 4 hours of sleep the night before because I couldn’t sleep, my nerve was hurting me way too bad and then I had to get up at five thirty since it was the first day back to school for Jay after spring break and I never got around to taking a nap on Monday so, come Monday night I was in no mood to write a post. Anyways, on to how we spent our St. Patrick’s Day.

During the day while Jay was at school, Kage and I didn’t do a whole lot. I did get it into my head to do a last minute handmade birthday present for my mother in law because her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day. So, I got to work! I finished about 98% of it before we had to go get Jay from school. We drive a little ways and then walk the rest of the way to pick him up and it was such a nice day outside, Kage and I totally soaked it up.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Our St. Patrick's Day + a handmade birthday gift

After we picked up Jay, we came home and I finished the birthday present and then I had to get ready and finish getting Kage ready since he was in long sleeves and he didn’t need long sleeves anymore. Afterwards, I put all of my mother in laws gifts in a bag and we headed out the door. As soon as we walked in, we said our hello’s to my momma in law and great grandma & great grandpa in law {they are in town} and then I handed her the gift bag. The first thing she pulled out was the handmade gift I made her. I have to say, it’s one of the best handmade gifts I’ve made so far.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Our St. Patrick's Day + a handmade birthday gift

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Our St. Patrick's Day + a handmade birthday gift

{I made the print on the front completely in pic monkey, I love the way it turned out. Then I simply printed out the pictures I wanted to use and began arranging four to a page – two on the front and two on the back – and then wrote a quote about family on each page, front and back. I punched a hole at the top of each page and tied it with a white piece of yarn.}

She flipped through it and kept saying “Awe” every so often. She gave me a huge hug before she returned to going through her other gifts. We also got her a wind chime, some silly four leaf clover glasses {that the boys are rocking below}, and a St. Patrick’s day necklace. When my father in law woke up, he looked through the scrapbook too and he loved it and so did my aunt in law when she showed up. We were over there until about seven thirty. After we left, we grabbed dinner… ate… Jay did homework… the boys had baths and I did a little reading before bed, but we crashed pretty early.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Our St. Patrick's Day + a handmade birthday gift

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Our St. Patrick's Day + a handmade birthday gift

It was a pretty low key St. Patrick’s Day this year and it was spent with family and any holiday spent with family is a damn good one in my book.

How did you spend your St. Patrick’s Day?

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