Why I will always encourage their dreams

I stopped reading blogs for awhile, mainly because I had a lot going on and also because I started comparing myself to other bloggers. When I start doing that, I know it’s time to take a step back. Well, I’ve recently started reading posts again and instead of comparing myself, I’m starting to get some inspiration from them. This post has been heavy on my heart after coming across a post where the blogger doesn’t want to encourage her little ones to be anything and to embrace mediocrity. There is nothing wrong with being mediocre, but that post stopped me in my tracks and actually had tears forming in my eyes. I just couldn’t imagine not encouraging my children in their dreams.


My kids are {almost} 5 years old and 6 1/2 years old. They have some fun, crazy, do-able, and way out their dreams. Sometimes Jay wants to be a fire fighter, sometimes he wants to be a football or baseball star. Kage is the same way about sport dreams, but he also wants to be a cop and one day he apparently wants to marry mommy. That last one I had to let him down gently on. ;) The rest of their dreams though, I encourage them. You want to play football? Awesome, let’s sign you up and see how you like it. You want to be a cop? You have to do well in school and work hard.

We also do things that are about their dreams. When Kage and Jay talked about wanting to be doctors, I gladly played the patient and faked broken legs, head injuries, and so on, that way they could do their doctor thing. When it comes to cops and firemen, I’ll be the “bad guy” or we will put out fake fires. With sports, we toss the football or practice baseball or we kick the soccer ball. It might seem silly and small, but in doing these things with them, I feel like I’m apart of their dreams. I feel like they know mommy supports them and that I will help them in whatever way I can. I will believe in them and I will teach them that they can be whatever they want to be, BUT they have to work hard and put in the time and effort to achieve their dreams.



They are young and for now their little dreams are always changing, but one day they won’t change. One day they will know what they want to do and I want them to believe in themselves. I want them to look back and remember that I always believed in them, I was always there encouraging them, I was always there helping them work toward their dream or cheering them on. I hope when they look back, they realize they can live their dreams, that they can believe in themselves, and that they will always have someone to encourage and believe in them too.

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Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

This is NOT a sponsored post or a review. I am now a Thrive seller! :)So, you may or may not remember the post I wrote where my mom shared her story about Thrive. After I saw the positive effects it was having in her life, in my step-dad’s life, and in my cousins life, I really wanted to try the products out. With me being pregnant though, I can only drink the shake until after the babies are born. It has so many good things in it and it gives me a little boost of energy which is a win-win for me when it comes to a new product. I don’t like drinking the same shake over and over again so, I decided to start experimenting with making yummy shakes out of the Thrive Shake Mix. The first one I made is really simple, but oh my gosh, it’s soooo good! Here is the recipe for a Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake.


You will need:
– A whole banana
– A packet of Thrive Shake Mix
– Milk
– A blender
– Ice
– A cup to pour your shake into


First. Cut the entire banana up. I didn’t cut the pieces too small because I knew my blender would blend it well enough with normal size pieces.


Second. Pour the milk into the blender. Add the Shake mix. Drop in the cut up banana. Blend it all together for about a minute or so.



Third. Pour your shake into a cup and add ice to make it a little colder. I found I like it better cold than room temperature.



Four. ENJOY that deliciousness and all of the benefits that it comes with! :)


If you want to order your own shake mix or other thrive products, you can visit my website here or send me an email with any questions you might have! More shake recipes coming soon!

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Bump Update – 29 weeks




How far along am I? I’ll be 29 weeks tomorrow.
How big are the babies? The babies are each the size of a large butternut squash. At my doctors appointment the other day Baby A was 2 pounds 9 Ounces and Baby B was 2 Pounds 9 Ounces! :) Yep, they weight the same.
Total weight gain? Sigh, 22 pounds so far. When I let out a noise of disgust at my doctors appointment, the nurse gladly reminded me I was carrying two babies and not just one and that I was doing just fine with my weight.
Sleep? Some nights I sleep through the night and other nights I’m up several times going pee.
Best moment of the week? Was not giving birth and being able to come home and be on bed rest instead of in the hospital on bed rest. Oh, another good moment, I passed my glucose test! Yay!
Food cravings? Ramon noodles, cheddar popcorn, and Reese’s! Hasn’t changed from last week except to add cherry slurpees!

Tired, hungry, and swelling! Fun huh? ;)

We have some active babies in my belly. They move so much. I can feel them, Hubby can feel them, the boys can feel them, heck anyone who wants to feel them can! You can also see my stomach move when they move now! {Same as last week}

What I’m looking forward to:
Keeping these babies inside as long as possible, finishing up crochet projects, and making crafts for the nursery.

Next Appointment:
In two weeks.

Nursery update:
No update since last week! :( As you know I got put on strict bed rest at home so I haven’t been able to work on the nursery. This weekend though, I’ll be sitting in there supervising while Hubby and the boys get some things organized for me! :)

Still two little boys in there! =D

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3 ways I’m staying hydrated with fruity drinks

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PlatinumPoints #CollectiveBiasThis has definitely been the hardest pregnancy I’ve had so far. From starting my pregnancy with back problems, horrible morning sickness in the first trimester, restless leg syndrome, and now being put on strict bed rest… it hasn’t been a walk in the park. I don’t like to complain about all the bad things though because I know how incredibly blessed I am to be pregnant, to be carrying two sweet babies, and to be able to be on bed rest in the comfort of my home and not in the hospital. One of the big things I’ve been trying to do this pregnancy, is drink more water. I am so not a fan of plain water and I have to have some sort of fruity drink flavor in my water, otherwise I just can’t stand it. Since the beginning of this pregnancy I’ve been trying to find different drink mixes to try to up my water intake. It is really important in pregnancy to drink lots of water for all different kinds of reasons, but now that I’ve had contractions and am on bed rest, it’s even more important to keep myself hydrated to help keep contractions at bay.

Thankfully, I have found a few ways to make sure I’m getting plenty of water and making sure it’s flavored! Here are my top three ways I’ve been making sure to drink plenty of water this pregnancy.


1. Avoiding keeping soda in my house. This is a big one because if there is soda in my house, I’m more likely to grab a soda than a glass of water. I’ve always been a big soda drinker and this has been the best thing I’ve done to kick my soda addiction. I still allow myself a soda a day, but keeping them out of my house has helped so much.




2. Crystal Light Liquid Drops! These are my new favorite and I am so glad I found them at walmart! They have so many different flavors and it makes flavoring my water super easy. Especially when I don’t feel like making a pitcher of flavored water or running to the gas station to grab a bottle of water. I can simply feel my favorite cup up with water, put a couple of drops of whatever flavor I feel like drinking in my cup, stir it up, and let my taste buds do a happy dance!

3. I make a pitcher of flavored water. Seriously, this is a big one too because then it’s already ready and I don’t have to make anything. I use crystal light products to do this too. Not only do they have a lot of flavors in the liquid drops, but they have tons of flavors in there other products as well and it makes it so much easier to drink water when it’s yummy!

Those are my top three ways that are helping me stay hydrated! How do you drink enough water throughout the day? Are you a soda addict like I was? Do you think you’ll try and replace a few soda’s with the cystal light liquid drops?!


p.s. Another bonus about using Crystal Light is you can earn rewards by purchasing Crystal Light products! At the end of the Platinum Points Loyalty program, we’ll randomly select one winner. All purchases must be made by December 31, 2014, receipts submissions must be submitted by November 15, 2014, and points redemptions must be submitted by January 15, 2015. See Official Rules for details.

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Life can change so fast

It’s amazing how quickly life can chance. On Friday I decided I wanted to bust out my camera and take a few pictures of little moments in our day for a couple of days. I’m really happy I did because little did I know Sunday I would be having contractions and Monday I would be put on strict bed rest. I love that I have these moments of the last couple of days when life was “normal.”




1. My favorite breakfast. Toast with butter, sugar, and cinnamon. :) // 2. Writing blog posts and yes, sometimes my blog posts start out with pen and paper. // 3. Kage playing with his toys while Jay was at school.




4. Dishes. // 5. Laundry. // 6. Crocheting baby blankets for the twins.




7 and 8. Hubby working on the truck. He’s fixing it and it’s been a pain in the ass for him. // 9. A delicious cherry slurpee.



10. A Saturday afternoon nap. // 11. Kage being silly while we waited to pick up Jay from school on Friday. {He was not riding in the front, we were parked and he climbed upfront and decided to buckle in.}




12 and 13. The boys playing outside. Can you tell Jay hates having his picture taken lately? He basically refuses unless he asks to have it taken or unless he tells me I can, otherwise the face turn is what I get lol. // 14. Kage fell asleep in our bed. He looked so comfy.

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We knew it was coming

{Warning, this post is a little TMI, if you don’t like that type of post, I would go ahead and stop reading}


I have officially been put on bed rest. We knew it was coming, but we didn’t think it would be so soon or that it would happen like it did. I had always assumed I would be put on bed rest later in my pregnancy because of my back, not because I was going into labor early…

It started on Saturday when I was having what I thought were a few braxton hicks contractions, they hurt and they were in my back, but I definitely didn’t think they were real contractions. They didn’t last long and eventually they stopped. Well, Sunday morning I had a few again, but again they stopped so I just assumed they were braxton hicks again. Little did I know at the time, they weren’t.

Sunday I was feeling a bit off, I really don’t know how else to describe it other than the fact that I just didn’t feel like myself. Well, Sunday afternoon I went pee for the fiftieth time and noticed that my pee was a very bright yellow/green. To say I was slightly freaked out about that is probably an understatement, but I wasn’t sure it was cause for concern so I didn’t do anything about it. I waited about thirty minutes and went pee again to just check and see if it was the same. This time though, there was a pretty good size wet spot in my panties and after I went pee, my pee was the same as it was thirty minutes prior. I decided to do what I do best when I’m not sure about something, I Googled it. Well, I didn’t like what I was reading so I called the on call number for my doctor and left a message explaining what happened. Ten minutes later I got a call back and was told I needed to come up to Labor and Delivery to get checked out, they wanted to make sure my amniotic fluid wasn’t leaking.

I told Hubby about it, we got ready, loaded the kids up, and dropped the boys off at my mom’s house and headed up to the hospital. We got back in a room quickly and the questions and tests began. They did a test to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid and to see if I was in preterm labor. At this point I was having contractions two to three minutes apart and they were hurting. Thankfully the amniotic fluid test came back negative, my cervix was closed and I wasn’t dilating. Unfortunately the preterm labor test came back positive. That test tells you there is a 45% chance you could go into labor within the next 2 weeks. I didn’t like that one bit.

Well, since my contractions were so close and so intense they went ahead and admitted me to the hospital, gave me medicine for the pain and medicine to try and stop the contractions. I got about four hours of sleep and Monday around eleven, my contractions were coming again like they were Sunday night which meant the first medicine to try and stop the contractions weren’t working and that scared me. They decided to try a different medicine to try and stop the contractions again and check my cervix again to make sure nothing changed. Thankfully my cervix hadn’t changed and the new contraction meds were working. I was also super emotional yesterday, I kept crying on and off and just feeling sad and worried. My poor husband was taken by surprise when I just randomly burst into tears, but he comfortred me and told me everything was going to be okay. I knew I was just worried and exhausted and that’s what brought on the random crying, but I still hate breaking down like that. I also wanted to go home, I wanted to see my boys, and if I was going to be on bed rest, I wanted to be on bed rest from home. Thankfully, by six pm, I had only had one or two contractions and I was doing/feeling better so my doctor said I could go home.

I’ll be on bed rest at home until he says otherwise and I have to continue taking the contraction meds. We are so thankful the babies weren’t born yesterday and we are praying they stay put awhile longer! That was a scary experience and I’ll be doing everything I can to keep these babies baking for a while longer!

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A little peek at Halloween around our house

A couple of weeks go, I hit up Hobby Lobby for some fun Halloween crafts. We haven’t completed all of them yet, but I’m hoping to get them done this weekend! I also bought a couple of adorable Halloween decorations from cvs a couple of weeks ago as well. I love decorating and I especially love decorating around the holidays. I wanted to show y’all what Halloween is looking like around our house so far!



I really love this purple spiderweb fabric and I still have a lot of it left! I would love some ideas on how to use up the rest of it!







Have you decorated your house for Halloween yet? What has been your favorite Halloween decor? If you have posted about it, I would love for you to leave the link to that post so I can check it out!

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Bump Update – 27 weeks


How far along am I? 27 weeks and 6 days.
How big are the babies? The babies are each the size of a cauliflower. At my last doctors appointment 3 weeks ago, Baby A was 1 Pound 9 Ounces and Baby B was 1 Pound 7 Ounces. :)
Total weight gain? 2 weeks ago I had already gained 14 pounds. According to this website, they are now almost 2lbs each!
Sleep? My sleep has gotten a little better. My restless leg syndrome still acts up and I still have to pee a couple of times throughout the night, but the new muscle relaxer they put me on is helping me sleep.
Best moment of the week? Hubby has been home this week and him being able to feel the babies kick or watch my stomach move whenever he wants has been absolutely wonderful!
Food cravings? Ramon noodles, cheddar popcorn, and Reese’s! Hasn’t changed from last week!

Mainly just being tired a lot and having to pee way too many times throughout the day! lol.

We have some active babies in my belly. They move so much. I can feel them, Hubby can feel them, the boys can feel them, heck anyone who wants to feel them can! You can also see my stomach move when they move now!

What I’m looking forward to:
Sonogram next week and working on the nursery some more!

Next Appointment:
Next week.

Nursery update:
We’ve made a bit of progress since my baby shower. We moved Hubby’s desk out of the nursery and moved the big shelf type thing from our room into the nursery that is going to be used as storage for diapers/wipes and some of their clothes. I also washed all of the newborn outfits we got and hung them up/folded them. We also got a glider from my mother in law as my baby shower gift!

Still two little boys in there! =D

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5 Things My Kids Need From Me

As parents, we want to give our children the best of everything. We want them to have everything their little hearts desire. We look at their little faces, look into their beautiful eyes and we want them to have the world. Giving our kids everything they want isn’t always do-able, it’s also probably not good idea. However, giving them what they need, really need, is something we can and should do. As adults there are things we need for our tanks to be full, it’s no different with kids. Their little tanks need to be full, not just with things they want, but they should be filled with things they need. What one kid needs isn’t always the same as another and it differs from family to family. When I’ve really focused, slowed down, and really paid attention…. this is what I’ve learned my kids absolutely need to keep their little tanks full.


1. They need laughter. They need to laugh, tell jokes, and be told jokes so that they can crack up. They need to be silly, they need you to be silly, and they need our laughter to fill our home. They need to know that no matter how mad they get, how hard life can be, no matter what kind of day they are having, they need to know they can laugh and we can laugh as a family. They need to know laughter is truly the best medicine.


2. They need to know they are loved. This one really is a no brainier, but it’s part of the list. They need to know they are always and forever loved. They need to know that even when they do something that we aren’t happy about or if we are disappointed in them, that we still love them.


3. They need fun. They need trips to the park, tickle fights, boardgames, and family nights. They need to build a city using legos, painting, riding their bikes, and friends. They need pillow fights, playing tag, and playing with friends. They need to have fun. Life as a kid should be fun and they need to know that more than anything, life is fun.


4. They need discipline. I don’t know anyone who likes disciplining their kids and this is probably a weird one to have on this kind of list. However, kids need discipline even if we don’t like disciplining them. They need to know there is consequences for their actions. They need to know there are boundaries. They need to know they can’t do what they want, when they want, and they need to know there are rules they need to follow. It’s so good for them and will make them better adults.


5. They need to hear yes. Life is full of no, especially when they’re kids. It’s full of no you can’t have that, you can’t do that, we don’t have time right now, it’s too late for sweets, and the list goes on. I think hearing yes when they don’t expect it is very good for their little souls and I love seeing their faces light up when I say yes instead of no.

What does your little one{s} need to keep their tanks full?

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Dr. Seuss Baby Shower

My baby shower was this weekend! It was so amazing and was so much better than I imagined. We decided to have it early because in our family, we have a lot of birthdays in November and December, plus the holidays, we wanted to go ahead and do it while everyone was free and things weren’t so busy. I came across a Thing 1 and Thing 2 baby shower on Pinterest and that’s where the inspiration came from for my shower. I pinned a bunch of stuff I loved and then shared it with my mom, my cousin, and my sister in law who were throwing the shower with me. They did such an amazing job and I can’t thank them enough for putting such a beautiful and fun shower together for me!






The diaper cake my mom made for me! She crocheted everything on there and then put it all together! It’s so beautiful and I don’t even want to take it apart, but I definitely want the twins wearing all of that cuteness. There is a thing 1 and thing 2 hate. Booties. Mittens. Wash clothes. Rattles. Bottle warmers. Diapers and more! She did a beautiful job and is so talented! Thanks mom!





Isn’t everything beautiful?! There were blue and red streamers, blue and red polka dot balloons, blue and red candy, parfaits, big red and big blue, cheese and cracker trays, blue cupcakes, and a wonderful cake! I still can’t get over how perfect everything was! Here is a few pictures from the shower!



What do you think? Didn’t they do a fabulous job?!

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