4 ways monday was a no good, very bad day

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // 4 ways monday was a no good, very bad day

Monday’s have never really been my friend. There is just always something that happens on Monday, that reminds me of why I dislike Mondays. Who’s with me?! ;) Well, last Monday decided to rear it’s ugly face and remind me exactly why we weren’t friends. It decided to show me why I should have just stayed in bed and gone back to sleep, instead of getting up and being the responsible adult I am. Here is a little glimpse into my no good, very bad day!

1. Jay has always been really good about waking up and getting ready for school. He’s always been a morning person and it’s something I haven’t taken for granted because I know plenty of little kids who hate getting up and getting ready for school. Well, on this particular Monday, he woke up and threw his cranky pants on. He was whining about everything. I didn’t have the right kind of cereal. He wanted to take a shower. He was tired. He didn’t want to go to school. The list went on and I was mentally beating my head against the wall.

2. I blame this one on our unusual morning. When I take Jay to school, I park a little bit away that way we can walk into the school together. This day was no different, I did just that and after I dropped him off, I got back into the car, started it, and threw it in drive. Only to have the engine rev and the car not move. I muttered wtf, put it in reverse and tried to back up instead of going forward. Again, nothing. I even got out of the damn car to see if my tire was stuck on something, nope. I climbed back in and tried again, again I wasn’t moving. I sat there for a moment wondering what in the hell could possibly be wrong, I even called my husband completely frustrated and explained to him that the suv wasn’t moving & that I wasn’t stuck on anything, then I looked down at my dash and saw my break light on. Yep, my husband is never going to let me live that one down.

3. My mom had a doctor’s appoint and I had told her I was taking her. She was having some pain near her lungs/ribs and I didn’t want her driving herself to the doctor just incase the pain became too much. On the way back home, I completely missed the turn that led to her house. She looked at me and was like, “Ummm where are you going?” Sigh, I was apparently just taking the long way to her house.

4. Even though my day wasn’t going as well as I had hoped, I decided to start working on my Halloween wreath. I really wanted to get it done and get it hung on the front door because the boys kept asking me when it would be done. As I was gluing the pretty little orange and black pieces onto the wreath, I reached my arm into the bag to get another one and stupidly didn’t realize how close I had come to the glue gun I was holding in my other hand because, “OWWWWWW” was the next thing I said. I now have a nice little burn mark on my arm from the hot glue gun.

All of this happened before 1pm and the rest of the day wasn’t much better. When it was finally bedtime, I couldn’t wait to go to sleep and hope and pray that Tuesday would be a better day!

Have you had any bad moments in your day lately? Something that you can look back on and laugh, even if it made you mad at the time?! Share it with me!

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