Life can change so fast

It’s amazing how quickly life can chance. On Friday I decided I wanted to bust out my camera and take a few pictures of little moments in our day for a couple of days. I’m really happy I did because little did I know Sunday I would be having contractions and Monday I would be put on strict bed rest. I love that I have these moments of the last couple of days when life was “normal.”




1. My favorite breakfast. Toast with butter, sugar, and cinnamon. :) // 2. Writing blog posts and yes, sometimes my blog posts start out with pen and paper. // 3. Kage playing with his toys while Jay was at school.




4. Dishes. // 5. Laundry. // 6. Crocheting baby blankets for the twins.




7 and 8. Hubby working on the truck. He’s fixing it and it’s been a pain in the ass for him. // 9. A delicious cherry slurpee.



10. A Saturday afternoon nap. // 11. Kage being silly while we waited to pick up Jay from school on Friday. {He was not riding in the front, we were parked and he climbed upfront and decided to buckle in.}




12 and 13. The boys playing outside. Can you tell Jay hates having his picture taken lately? He basically refuses unless he asks to have it taken or unless he tells me I can, otherwise the face turn is what I get lol. // 14. Kage fell asleep in our bed. He looked so comfy.

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