DIY Jolly Rancher Popsicles

Beauty & The Boys // DIY Jolly Rancher Popsicles

Texas has been having some crazy weather lately. For a few weeks, we were able to spend every single day outdoors because the weather was amazing. The sun was shining. There were only a few clouds in the sky. It was all around beautiful for a few weeks, Jay and Kage even got hot running around outback. This week though, has been insane weather. Monday and Tuesday we got quite a bit of ice, sleet, and snow. The roads were super icy and slippery and school was closed on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday Jay was able to go back to school. Today, in the early morning hours, it was snowing a little bit, but not enough to cancel school. Well, tomorrow and Saturday we are supposed to be getting more ice and more snow. I’m just over here like what the hell!! I want my sunshine back. Well, during those few warm weeks I decided to make some yummy treats for the kids and I’ll be making them again when the weather warms back up because the boys loved them! These Jolly Rancher Popsicles were definitely a huge hit in our house and so easy and cheap to make! I bought everything I needed from the dollar store!

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Best of the Blogosphere #7

Welcome to the Best of the Blogosphere Linky Party!

Can you believe that it’s the 7th week? Everyone is linking up great posts that really are showing us the Best of the Blogosphere. Don’t forget that each week we not only show the four that you loved but also we each also pick our favorites as well! They’re featured on 10 blogs! So come link up. 


My favorite post from last week comes from A girl and her chicken named Betty. I am loving this beautiful nail art she showed off! I am all about love so, seeing it spelled out on pretty nails makes my heart do a little happy dance!

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Mini Pizookies

If you have never had a pizookie, you are seriously missing out. I had my very first one when Hubby and I went to BJs Resturant for the first time. It was delicious and we were instantly hooked. We have also had them at our other favorite restaurant, Chilis. Hubby is always saying how I need to figure out how to make them at home and while I haven’t made an actual pizookie just yet, I had a fun idea come to me and I’m so glad it did! I had the idea to make mini pizookies and they were instantly a HUGE hit in my house. I think these are going to be on our dessert menu regularly!

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5 Must Have Items I Use For Planning Our Week

The wine mentioned in this post was sent to me as part of a review I am doing. All opinions are 100% my own.
Beauty & The Boys // 5 Must Have Items I Use When Planning Our Week
Beauty & The Boys // 5 Must have items I use when planning our week
Beauty & The Boys // 5 must have items I use when planning our week

Every Sunday, I take the time to plan out our week. I wasn’t always a planner, but with the blog and when Jay started school, I began planning a little bit because there was new things happening with our schedules. School parties, fun little projects due, posts that needed to be wrote, pictures that needed to be taken, and more. Well, when we became a family of six, my planning went into overdrive. There is absolutely no way I would be able to remember everything between my husband, four kids, myself, our home, and blogging. So, every Sunday night after all the little ones are in bed, I sit down and glance at our month and plan out our week. Here is a few things that help me get through this planning phase at night.

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Best of The Blogosphere #6

Welcome to the Best of the Blogosphere Linky Party!

It’s week six and we’re excited to show you our favorite posts from last week. Remember, we’re not just looking for crafts and recipes (although we like them), we want to see the best content the blogosphere can offer. Each week we pick our own personal favorite and the four that you loved. They’re featured on 10 blogs! So come link up. 


My favorite post from last week comes from Living La Vida Holoka. She shared a delicious recipe for Cherry Cola Cocktail with glitter heart stirrer. The drink sounds absolutely delicious and the stirrer is so cute!

8 Must Know Pinterest Tips for Bloggers- All of Life’s Little Adventures

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Best of The Blogosphere #5

Happy Monday Everyone! It’s the 4th Best of the Blogosphere Linky Party!

Unlike other linky parties that only feature recipes or crafts, we’re looking for the best posts on the internet. For us, content is king and last week, we saw some great posts. As promised, we’ll share our personal favorite and then four of yours. Did we mention this happens on 10 blogs? That’s huge! 


My favorite from last week from It’s Autumn! I love all things gold. I also love all things glitter. So, when I saw this gorgeous DIY Polka Dot Art, I instantly fell in love with it! So easy to create and yet, it can add a little bit of fun to any room!

When we decided to throw this weekly party, we wanted to feature all kinds of content- not just recipes and crafts. This week’s top four are proof that readers are interested too. You’ll notice there’s not a recipe or craft in the bunch. 

Target Dollar Spot Finds: Fridge/Freezer Organization {}
Target Dollar Spot Finds: Fridge and Freezer Organization- Overdue Organizing


How to tell if you're a hoarder

Are you a Hoarder?- So Domestically Challenged


How to Sit Down and Get Shit Done- Living La Vida Holoka


Beauty Tips You Might Not Know But Should- Stone Girl

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    Lost time

     photo Lost time 2_zpsgt8c6vtt.png

     photo Lost time 1_zpssliv6car.png

    I remember the day the twins were born. The memory is vivid and when I close my mind and think about it, I remember every detail as if it were happening again. When I heard the nurse who was checking me utter the words, “You’re having these babies today.” Through the pain, mess of tears, and chaos in my brain; I tried to prepare myself for the time I was going to have to be away from them. Truth be told, there really is no way to prepare a mother to not get to hold her babies right away, to have to leave them, and to lose that precious time with them. I knew having two young kids at home meant I wasn’t going to get to spend a lot of time at the hospital with the twins. I was able to spend three to four hours max with them everyday. The first five or six days I didn’t even get to hold them. That time where a mother is cuddling her precious bundle of joy and soaking in those first few days of their newborn, I didn’t get that. That time was taken from me.

    There was so much time I lost with them. Most of the day I couldn’t be with them. I lost many hours in a day that I wish I would have been able to have with them. When I would lay down and go to sleep at night, I would cry thinking about how they weren’t home with me. How I was missing watching them fall asleep at night. How I was missing rocking them to sleep, singing to them, and being so tired but not wanting to put them down. For five weeks I ached for both of them to be home, to make up for that time that was lost. Then Kade came home and I began to make up time with him and yet, I still ached every night for two more weeks for Jax. I lost time with him on his first Christmas because he was still in nicu. Then, the day after Christmas, I had both my babies home. The amount of happy I was, was indescribable. To be near me though, you could feel the happiness and joy radiating off of me. I was so beyond tired with both of them home, but I was bathed in joy. Hubby had been sick since Christmas morning and naturally, the babies got sick too. Kade handled it better though and didn’t get as sick, Jax however, got very sick and the day after New Years, he was back in the hospital.

    He was there for thirteen days. I remember getting frustrated because I just wanted my baby home again. Once again time was being taken away from me and dammit it just wasn’t fair. I was back to crying myself to sleep every night. I was back to driving to a hospital every day. I was back to only being able to spend a few hours a day with my baby. When they told me he could finally come home, I would have drove through hell to get to him. The bad thing about Jay being in school is that he brings home tons of germs And even though I disinfect my house, we sanitize our hands, and wash our hands; Kage caught something from whatever Jay brought home. He was coughing, had a runny nose, and just down right didn’t feel good. I was taking care of him and making sure he stayed away from the babies, but the next day the babies didn’t feel good. They got progressively worse as the day went on and they both wound up in the hospital the day they turned three months old. Jax was hospitalized on Saturday and Kade was in the er on Sunday, but thank God he was able to come home.

    Jax couldn’t though and he’s still there. He’s much better and should be home in a couple days, but he’s been away from me for six days so far. More time stripped away. I can’t even explain the amount of upset I am. I’ve asked God why this keeps happening. I’ve cried and I’ve begged. I’ve ached and I’ve hurt. Jax has spent more time in the hospital than he has with me and that kills me. That hurts something inside of me so fiercely that I’m not sure it can be fixed. I know every time he gets sick now, I’m going to mentally prepare myself for him to be away from me until proven otherwise. I know every time he sneezes, I’m going to be afraid of what it could lead to. I don’t know if I can make up for the time he’s been away from me, for the time we have lost, but I do know when he comes home again, I’m sure as hell going to try.

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    Photo A Day: January

     photo January photo a day 1_zps0fzc23zd.png

     photo January photo a day 2_zps699mrbqt.png

     photo January photo a day 3_zpse4vaj4nv.png

    I used to participate in photo a day challenges and I was pretty good at keeping up with them, but as life got busier, I started sucking at these challenges no matter how bad I wanted to do them. Well, I joined a group with some amazing ladies who are doing a project 365 challenge and I decided to join them. I knew doing it with other ladies that I could talk to and get encouragement from on a regulr basis, would help me stay on track. So far it has worked because, I managed to complete all of January. My theme for Project 365 is Life. I just wanted to capture a moment of life every single day, wether it be something I bought that day, pictures of my kids, yummy food I ate, and/or pictures of the outdoors. I just wanted to capture one picture of my life everyday so I can look back next year and see how much has changed or how much things have stayed the same in a year.

    Here are my 3 most liked photos for January’s project 365:

     photo January photo a day 6_zpsjbz1hdow.png

     photo January photo a day 4_zpseafyho8s.png

     photo January photo a day 5_zpsioqqxvpc.png

    You can follow my project 365 pictures on Instagram, my hashtag for these pictures is #Beautyandtheboys365

    Check out the amazing group of ladies I am doing this with below!

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