Why I’m already thinking of prepaid plans for Jay

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Beauty & The Boys // Why I'm already thinking of prepaid plans for Jay. #ChangingPrepaid #ad #cbias

Wondering what my post title is about?! How about a fun little back story that I still haven’t lived down to this day. I don’t remember how old I was when I got a phone through my parents account. I think I was about thirteen, but when I was about fifteen, I had discovered that I could get on the internet on my phone and chat with my friends, mainly the guy I was crushing on back then. Little did I know, my phone didn’t have unlimited web, and my parents had no idea I was even using the internet at the time. Well, that all changed when they received the next month’s phone bill, which I had apparently ran up to a thousand dollars. Yep, a thousand big ones. My parents were beyond angry and I was in huge trouble. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t known that I was being charged for every aim message I sent from my phone, all that mattered was that I had put my parents down $1,000. I didn’t have a phone for awhile after that and I learned my lesson. I wound up with a prepaid phone plan after that happened for a little while, but that is exactly what brings me to my point about Jay. I wasn’t really introduced to computer or cell phones until I was about twelve. From then on, I grew up with internet, computers, laptops, and cell phones.

Kids in this generation though, it’s different for them. Cell phones and/or tablets have been in their faces because, lets face it, it is one thing that entertains them. Movies or music can be played straight from your phone and there are tons of great learning games on tablets. My kids knew how to work a phone and a tablet almost as good as I could. It baffled me, but this is also the generation they are growing up. Electronics have their good sides and their bad sides, for everyone. My five year old and {almost} seven year old, both have tablets. We limit screen time through the week because, I want my kids to learn responsibility, to appreciate the screen time they do get, and I still want them to enjoy life outside of electronics. I like my kids, being kids. I also believe each kid is different with how they can or can’t handle electronics. Jay has proven to us over and over that he can.

Beauty & The Boys // Why I'm already thinking of prepaid plans for Jay.

Which is why I’ve been looking at phones and phone plans for Jay. He’s getting to that age where he wants to go to his friends houses or he wants to stay a couple of nights at his mimaw’s house or his cousin’s house or whatever the case may be. I really want him to always be able to get ahold of me or me get ahold of him when he’s not at home. I haven’t made the decision yet if he’s going to get one anytime soon, but I like knowing I have a phone on hand that I can give to him if I feel the need to. While I was at Walmart, I was browsing the pre-paid plans they offer and I came across the t-mobile plans. The first one that caught my eye was the Simply Prepaid™ plans. I saw that for just $40 dollars a month I could get 4G LTE data with unlimited talk and text. I couldn’t believe it, it’s been awhile since I’ve even used or looked at pre-paid phones, but that’s a darn good deal, and when he does get the phone, he won’t run up a crazy bill like I talked about up there. ;) I remember the pre-paid phone I had was slow, spotty, and definitely not as nice as the one’s they offer now.

Beauty & The Boys // Why I'm already thinking of prepaid plans for Jay.


I like that T-mobile offers such a great plan and that we can choose our choice of a high-speed data amount (with a max speed of 8Mbps) starting at $40 a month. That I don’t have to sign a contract with them, and that T-mobile is changing everything we know about wireless, and now they are changing pre-paid. I easily could have gotten a flip phone of some sort, but I saw the Galaxy Avant and knew that was the one I wanted. Even if I don’t give it to Jay anytime soon, we have a backup phone when we are on the road that I know how to use and that my kids know how to use because, lets face, they don’t know how to use a flip phone. ;) The phone is also on rollback for $149 so that was also a big reason I went with that one!

Would you give your kids an emergency phone? Do you have a backup phone that you carry incase of emergencies that your whole family can use? If you don’t have the Simply Prepaid™ plan, would you consider getting it for your kid/teen or even for yourself?

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    I had heard horror stories from my friends of running up their parents phone plan so I made sure that my first phone was on my friend’s contract. Luckily I was very aware of the charges the phone acrued so I never had a shock at the end of each month. I’ll definitely be teaching the kids at a young age what to expect. #client

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      Yes, running up the bill was no fun and my parents were SO mad!! I’ll beaching teach my kids about that too, no way am I dealing with an insane bill which is why I’m going prepaid at first for them! :)

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