What I’m loving lately

Happy Friday! Life has been busy and hectic and crazy. The weather has been crappy with a couple of days of sunshine. Being stuck inside all day is taking it’s toll on us and we are slowly beginning to go crazy! #givememysunshineback On the bright side, I’ve been getting things done inside the house and we have been having as much fun as we can! I thought I would share a few things I have been loving lately!

I am loving these adorable DIY Popsicle maker! I can’t wait to share the yummy treats I make in them for the kids and the babies! ;)

I am still loving my Thrive. I definitely think I’m always going to love it! =D It’s just changed my life so much! You can read how here!

With all this rain, we have been playing games inside when we can’t be outside. I taught the boys how to play monopoly, and yes, that is longhorns monopoly! {Hook em horns} They are now obsessed with it and want to play it all.the.time.

I picked up this adorable dry erase calendar. I have 2 planners, one for work and one for life, but I’m using this to write down the important things that I don’t want to forget and it sits right next to where I plan, blog, write, etc.

This is so perfect for 4th of July and it is now happily hanging on our front door. It’s just so pretty and plus, it sparkles. I love it!

I love that Kage builds things for me and daddy with his legos. He’s so talented and I love seeing the creations he comes up with.

If the storms will ever stop, this pretty 4th of July flag will be hanging in my garden, until then, it’s happily hanging on my mantel! 

I bought these as part of our new reward system for the boys. They get a ticket when they do something we ask without giving us lip, for being good when we are out, for going to bed when we tell them and not staying up and playing in their room, etc. They love it and they love putting their tickets in their jars. Each ticket is worth a certain amount and at the end of every week, we add up the tickets and they get money to spend at the dollar store!

I bought these fun dry erase markers to go with my calendar! I have a ton more too, I’m kind of dry erase stuff obsessed!
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Bubble Fun

It has been raining and storming so freaking much the past two weeks, we are so over it and so tired of being stuck inside. Whenever there is a break in the rain though, we make sure we are outside, soaking it up. One day last week during a break in the rain while Jay was at school, I had just bought the boys some bubbles, and Kage was begging to go outside and blow them. It’s so cute how the littlest things make kids so happy. He spent a good thirty minutes just blowing his bubbles and laughing, I think he just loved that he was able to be outside!

I’m hoping the rain will ease off some today so we can play with chalk outside! What’s the weather like where you are?

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Jay’s 1st grade field trip

Before Thrive, with my back the way it is, there is NO WAY I would have been able to chaperon this field trip that Jay had. It was at the Botanical Gardens and it was tonnnssss of walking and I was in charge of 3 little ones! I am so happy I got to be there with him and that we had a blast. They all three kept saying “Today is the best day ever. This is the best day of my life. You are so awesome miss Cassie/mom.” I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from his field trip. Had I not had three kids to keep up with while I was there, I would have spent hours upon hours just taking pictures because the beauty of it all, blew me away!

Which picture that I shared in this post is your favorite?! 

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my DONE list

I don’t know about you, but I always have an ongoing, mile long to-do list. It always seems like I am NEVER getting much done between four little kids + a husband + running two businesses. I feel like my to-do list is always growing and that I’m majorly slacking on it. So, Wednesday {the 13th}, I decided to write down everything I did that day. I think I’m going to start doing this every couple of months, just to remind myself that I am actually getting shit done. Keep in mind, this list doesn’t even include everything I do with the twins and the boys throughout the day. This was just tasks I got done and work I got done!

Here is my done list! I’m mainly writing this out for me so I can look back in a few months when I do it again and see what has changed, what hasn’t, etc. :)

– Messaged Thrive samplers.
– Scheduled a promoter call.
– Posted on my personal fb about Thrive.
– Post on my Thrive fb page.
– Promoted blog post on Facebook, twitter, and IG.
– Ran an errand.
– Started a load of laundry.
– Folded a full laundry basket of socks! {I hate doing that}
– Put folded socks away.
– Picked up dirty clothes from around the house.
– Unloaded the dish washer.
– Loaded the dish washer and started it.
– Wiped down counters and table.
– Swept the kitchen floor.
– Cleaned off front porch.
– Washed glass screen door.
– Vacuumed the living room, our room, and hallway.
– Switched clothes over.
– Started another load of clothes.
– Folded and put away load of clothes from the dryer.
– Talked to two of my samplers.
– Switched clothes over.
– Folded and put away another load of clothes from dryer.
– Washed rock n play cover.
– Posted on my blog’s fb page.
– Posted on my blog’s twitter.
– Wrote a blog post.
– Switched clothes over.
– Folded and put away third load of laundry from dryer.
– Picked up the house.
– Vacuumed all rooms.
– Cleaned up dinner mess.
– Blog work for about an hour after little one’s were asleep.

As you can see, I didn’t include anything I did with all my kids, this was just little things I did throughout the day and I made sure to write it all down. It felt so good to look at all I had done that day! I think next time, I’m literally going to write it all down, including what I do with my little ones!

Have you ever created a done list? If not, I challenge you to write one. It really helps to realize how much you actually get done in a day when you feel like you’re not accomplishing much.

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Mother’s Day

This year for Mother’s Day, I’m a momma to four boys. Going from two kids to four kids wasn’t easy, especially with the twins being born at 30 weeks, and then Jax being in and out of the hospital. Once life began to settle down though, I realized how much I love the utter chaos of having four kids 7 years old and younger. Our days are never the same, I never know what the day will hold, and I love it. For Mother’s Day this year, I didn’t expect anything major, I never do because really, I just want to relax on mother’s day and not do anything lol.

When I woke up on Mother’s Day, Hubby and the boys surprised me with cards and beautiful roses. Jay & Kage even picked out a card and signed it. I love that they are at the age where they can do that now! Jay had also made me two things in school. Gifts from the heart really are the best, but my husband knows I absolutely love flowers. I don’t care that they eventually die or don’t last long, I love them anyway. The babies had already been changed and fed when I woke up and Hubby made me a delicious breakfast of french toast and bacon. It was off to a great start. I got to relax and cuddle with my boys for awhile and then we headed over to my mother in law’s house for a family dinner. Since my unexpected surgery, I haven’t really gone to any family get together’s because I hated the way I looked so, it was so nice to be able to go spend time with the in-laws and get out of the house for awhile.

While we were there, my sister in law and I went shopping, kid free woo woo, because my MIL gave us some mula for Mother’s day. {Yes, she is sweet like that}. I got a couple of really cute shirts, a pair of shorts, a pretty ring, a best friends necklace for my SIL & I, a new toy for the babies, I got the twins each a really cute outfit, and I got the boys a new pair of pajamas! After we were done shopping, I was ready to go home and just spend the rest of the night relaxing.

That’s exactly what I did too. It wound up being the perfect Mother’s day. It was relaxing, it was fun, I got to visit with family, and I got tons of kisses and cuddles from all of my guys! I couldn’t have asked for a better day! =D

How was your Mother’s Day? What did your husband/kids do for you? Did you do something for your mom?

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4 kid friendly things we do on rainy days

We have been getting soooo much rain here in Texas. I thought April showers were supposed to bring May flowers, but good grief it’s been raining and storming so damn much. Which of course means, the boys are stuck inside and they can only play so many games on their tablet or build so many legos before they start getting bored and start fighting. So, I picked up a few things while I was out to keep the kids busy and happy while we are stuck inside!

One. I picked up these little dry erase activity books. I think they are going to have lots of fun we these and I love that they can erase them, trade, and have fun with them! :)

Two. We love color wonder markers around here. They are pretty much my favorite! So, I found a full booklet full of color wonder pages and I know the boys are going to freak out coloring on these. They are always, “Oh my gosh mommy. It was white and then it turned {insert color}” Little things bring them so much joy and I love it.

Three. I found this chalkboard and Target and I can’t wait to use it. I think I’m going to write fun sentences on it and have them draw what I wrote about or draw a picture and have them write what it is. The possibilities are really endless!

Four. Books, books, and more books! We love reading in this house and we have so many great books that we can spend hours reading on those rainy days!

What is your favorite rainy day activity with your little ones?!

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Words and Pictures #1

Happy Monday!! And yes, it is happy. Us Thrivers love Mondays! ;) I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had lots of rain + storms, but we did get to get out and go to my in-laws for awhile and I had a great Mother’s Day. I haven’t done a photo dump lately so, I thought I would. I’m going to go back to doing this weekly. I miss having random pictures and words to look back on, on my blog!

With all these changing weather here in Texas, we have had some nasty coughs and sore throats. So, I’ve been putting Thieves on our feet and then diffusing Thieves, Franckencise, and Lemon! I love my oils!

Jay, Kage, and I started our first chapter book. Through the looking glass. I am so happy that they are enjoying it and I’m loving reading it to them! // I send out a lot of samples for Thrive so I have to have bubble mailers at all times, I found these ADORABLE bubble mailers at Target in the $1 section! // The babies are finally old enough to be eating baby food! Somebody slow time down!

I want to do something like this to my hair. It’s soooo pretty! // I created a poster board for my goals this month! // One day last week, I was having a bad day. Hubby had gone to the store to pick up a few things, and he came back with a boquet of roses. That cheered me right up!

I had two dentist vists within a couple of hours of each other, the dentist I went to was about 30 minutes from my house so, I didn’t want to drive back and forth. Instead I spent that time at the nearest Target. I broswed around, shopped the $1 section, and grubbed out // I also found these cute pocket tampons and I pretty much love them.

How was your week and weekend?! Do you have anything planned for this week?

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free to be an adventurous busy momma

This post is sponsored by all free clear but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Having a house full of boys means we are always on the go and we are always getting messy! The twins have recently started baby food and the get messy trying to grab the spoon before I can get it to their mouth. Hello sticky fingers and then of course baby food gets all over their little clothes. So does drool and spit up. It’s true what they say, babies are messy. Kids are even messier!! My boys are always climbing on stuff, playing in the dirt, running around outside, and one of their favorite things ever is playing in the mud! Especially after it rains, which we’ve been getting a lot of lately! So, of course playing the mud and making mud pies is a must in this house!

We love spending time outside whether it’s swinging, running around the yard, playing tag, building stick figures, digging in the dirt with shovels, and just all out having good ol’ fun! I have always embraced a messy, chaotic, and fun life and all free clear laundry detergent helps me to do just that! I know that it’s not irritating my little one’s skin because it’s the #1 recommend laundry detergent brand by Dermatologist, Allergist, and pediatrics for sensitive skin! I love knowing that it’s tough enough to fight all those dirt, grass, and mud stains that four boys wind up with, but gentle enough for the whole family. That’s winning in my book!

Let the fun, messy memories continue!! What is your favorite messy memory?!

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6 months old

The twins turned six months old on the 1st. I can’t believe that time has gone that fast. They are both doing wonderful and catching up to where they need to be. it’s so fun watching them discover new things and watching them do new things. Our life may be busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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