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I was scrolling through facebook and came across something a friend of mine posted. Her caption stated that the women were awesome. I probably would have agreed right off the bat as I scrolled down to look at what article she posted, but the title grabbed my attention instead of the women and it immediately pissed me off. The first thing I saw was, “here’s what Victoria secrets swimsuits look like on real women.” REALLY? Real women?! Don’t get me wrong, the non-models rocked the hell out of those swimsuits and I think more women should be comfortable wearing them, but that’s another post for another day. What I want to talk about is WHY we slam another woman down like this?

I’m sorry, last time I checked those Victoria secret models ARE REAL WOMEN! They are not fake, they are not dolls; they are real women, with real emotions just like you and guess what, being a model is their damn job! I can only imagine how hard they have to work to keep such a slim and/or fit figure in order to keep their job. I’ve worked out, that shit takes a lot of work to maintain. So not only are they having to work to keep those figures, they have to actually put in a ton of hours for their J-O-B! All so people can jump on their high horse because they don’t have that type of figure. It is so ridiculous how we are to love, like, and never put down a woman with curves, stretch marks, fluff, etc. because that’s what many women have and that’s perfectly fine, I have some of that stuff too and could care less what anyone thinks about how I look in whatever swimsuit I choose to rock, but…

guess what, at one point I didn’t have the curves and the little extra fat that I do have now, and I was on the receiving end of those too skinny remarks and I’ll tell you right now, it hurts being told “you look too skinny” or “you need to eat a cheeseburger” or hearing people say that a skinny women isn’t a real woman is just as painful as hearing “you’re too heavy.” That first picture, I was pretty darn thin, but I was sooo happy with my body, but all those little snide comments go to me and I started to feel gross and less “real.” I’ve come to realize though, in both those picture, where I have handlebars I’m hiding, spots on full display, extra fluff on my legs, a non flat stomach, stretchmarks, and all; and the picture of my slim figure, BOTH are REAL. I didn’t all of a sudden become fake by being skinny or become real by showing off those “worry spots” or having that extra fluff. 

There are plenty of people who are slender, athletic, fit, etc. who like to workout and keep their bodies in great shape {models included} and that doesn’t make them any less real. When you call a model or anyone slim, “not real”, it shows massive insecurity and I believe we should all be secure enough in ourselves as women, to look at another woman whose body is slimmer or fitter or whatever and be okay with how we look instead of slamming them down. Hell, I would love to be fit and have the body I want and eventually I will have it. If you don’t want to be fit, that’s great because it’s your body and your life and no one should be telling you how you should look, but claiming a woman is any less real because she is skinny or fit or has a nice stomach or whatever the case may be, is absolutely ridiculous.

We are all real women no matter what our body types are and it’s about time women accept that.

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    I think the issue with women in magazines are that they don’t even look like themselves. They’re photoshopped to unrealistic proportions. So if you look at a magazine and then feel bad about your body, you’re not even looking at someone who is a real representation of themselves.

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      Oh I completely agree with that point, they are “touched up” in magazines, but walking the runway or whatever, they are still real and slim and it just drives me insane that slim women aren’t considered “real.” That’s just not right or fair! There is some women who can’t help but be skinny because of their super fast metabolism or they just weren’t born to have natural curves and calling them anything less than “real” just pisses me off.

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    This is a concept that is so difficult to teach teens because they are told that perfection is everything. I am stunned at some of the things kids say to my kid on ask.fm. She has a gorgeous body.

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      No, perfection is NOT everything and I will definitely be teaching my boys that. Because behind those “touched up” pictures, those are real women, even if they are slender, with real flaws. I’m also sure like many women, those models have certain things they dislike about themselves as well. I hate that society thinks you have to be perfect. Just, UGH!

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