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Now that I can actually clean without it killing my back, I just knew I had to come up with a cleaning schedule that worked for our family. When you have four kids, your home can get messy fast! Once I realized that I needed to stick to a semi-loose type of cleaning schedule, things started running much smoother and the house is staying clean! Now that I’m working outside of the home, that cleaning schedule is even more important than it was before. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to come home after work and pick up on cleaning where Hubby left off, and wind up feeling like I’m spending all evening cleaning instead of playing with my little guys and spending time with my husband. This schedule works for us and I hope if you implement it into your routine, that it will work for you too!

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I printed off one of each and then slipped them into a sheet protector. Not only is it protecting the paper from get ruined, I don’t have to print out a bunch of copies this way. I just use dry erase markers, and then wipe it off when I’m done! Here is an example of what a week of cleaning looks like using this schedule in our house! I also love that it’s not a super strict schedule to follow, that I can move things around as needed, and the big thing for me is, it doesn’t take me all day to clean. That is definitely a win for me because I would rather be doing things I enjoy like spending time with my husband, my kids, blogging, reading, browsing pinterest, etc. instead of spending all evening trying to get my house clean.

Here is a little glimpse of what one week of planning out my cleaning schedule looks like. Since it’s already Friday, I went ahead and started scheduling for next week! :)

Monday: Daily. Vacuum all rooms. Sweep/mop all tile/wood floors.
Tuesday: Daily. Clean windows. Clean outside doors. Clean off porches.
Wednesday: Daily. Wipe down cabinets. Clean doors inside. Vacuum all rooms. Sweep/mop all tile/wood floors.
Thursday: Daily. Deep clean nursery. 
Friday: Daily. Vacuum all rooms. Sweep/mop all tile/wood floors.
Saturday: Daily. Wash sheets and blankets.
Sunday: Daily.

Since it’s helped us out so much, I knew I just had to share it with my readers! I’ve created a few different ones, and they are yours to use for personal use only, for free!

Daily cleaning list with words.
Daily cleaning list blank.
Weekly cleaning list with words.
Weekly cleaning list blank.
Monthly cleaning list with words {nursery}.
Monthly cleaning list with words {Playroom}.
Monthly cleaning list blank.

What do you think? Will you be giving this cleaning schedule a try?! If you already have a cleaning schedule, what made you decide to go by one?

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