The last day of summer & the first day of school

The last day of summer vacation was Sunday! This summer went by so fast and before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the first day of school! The boys spent Friday and Saturday at my mom’s house with their cousin H-Man. They are all best buddies and now that school is starting, they aren’t going to be able to see each other as much so, we decided to let them spend the weekend together! It gave me time on Saturday to do some last minute school supply shopping! I didn’t plan on doing school shopping last minute, but life doesn’t always go as planned. I was in and out of the house on Saturday and Sunday and in and out of stores. Since I didn’t plan on spending an arm and a leg this year on school supplies, especially having two in school this year, I did the bulk of the shopping on Saturday. I didn’t want to pick out their backpacks & lunchboxes, I wanted that to be something we did together since those are things they will be using everyday, all year, and I wanted them to be able to pick out what they wanted! On Sunday, after I picked them up from my mom’s house, we headed to staples to get a few folders and construction paper that I didn’t get on Saturday. We got there about 15 minutes before they opened so we had some fun being silly in the car. After we left staples, we headed to the madhouse that was Walmart so they could pick out their backpacks & lunchboxes! They wound up with really awesome looking batman and spiderman backpacks, avengers and ninja turtle lunchboxes, and paw patrol and minion water bottles. =D Does anyone else love letting their kids pick out their own stuff? I love seeing what they choose without my guidance and the mixture always winds up being what they love and so cute!

Afterwards we came home and I sorted through all their supplies, got laundry and cleaning done, and then we spent the remainder of the day laughing, giggling, playing board games; hungry hippo, don’t spill the beans, and a Simon swipe game. It was so relaxing after all the running I’d done those two days and our house was filled with so much laughter. The babies were even super good and happy!

The first day of school went great! I was so happy that I was able to go in late to work that way I could walk the boys to their classes on their first day. I was SO worried I was going to have to let them down and that I was going to have to miss that sweet time! They were so excited to go to school, they didn’t even complain about waking up early! We will see how long that non-complaining lasts! Ha! They had a wonderful first day of school! They chatted my ear off when I got home from work about what they did, their teachers, and new friends they made. I’m so happy that they both had a great day! I hope the rest of the week is awesome as well! I thought I was going to have a little trouble leaving Kage in his class because he always wants me to stay with him/near him when he is going somewhere new and he doesn’t know anyone, but he didn’t even bat an eye when I told him it was time for me to leave. I’m so proud of them both!

How did your little one{s} do on their first day of school? Were there tears or were they all smiles?

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