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Halloween print beauty and the boys

If you can’t tell, I’m in a Halloween mood! If you missed it, you can see the super fun DIY 31 days of Halloween fun jar I made yesterday! You are guaranteed to spend quality time with your little ones every day in October and they will LOVE that super fun jar! I have another cute Halloween DIY coming tomorrow, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this adorable print I made! I love it so much that I can’t help but share it with my readers and offer it to y’all for free! If you love the print, I would so love for you to show your support my subscribing to my blog via RSS or subscribing to my newsletter!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for another fun Halloween post! Download the Halloween Print here!

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What I’ve Worn Lately

I am so horrible at taking actual outfit pictures. I used to be really good at it, even though most of them were done in the bathroom. I just haven’t mastered taking really good outfit pictures, but it’s on my to-do list to become better at. Now that I get dressed five days a week, I wanting to start sharing what I wear because, most days, I pretty much love my outfit! Until I’ve masted the art of awesome fashion pictures, I wanted to share little snippets of different things I’ve worn lately. These aren’t full outfit pictures, but pants here, a shit there, cute earrings here.. you get the picture! Hopefully by next Wednesday, I’ll have some more fashion pictures for you like these ones! 😉

So, without further ado. Here is a few things I’ve worn lately!

I absolutely love this pretty blue shirt that & those earrings I wear pretty much daily! {This is the pretty bathroom at work}

Those pink pants are my FAVORITE pants EVER!! They fit so perfect, the color is gorgeous {although this picture doesn’t do it justice}, and they are so comfy!

I still regularly wear my I didn’t choose Blog Life, Blog life chose me shirt from I Wore Yoga Pants. I ordered this shirt so fast when she was selling them and I’m so happy I did!

This Mom Style tee is soooo comfy and cute! I love that I can pair it with so many different things and truly make it my style! =D {p.s. I won it in a giveaway on IG and now I can’t remember from who! If you know who sells them please let me know so I can give the shop credit}

Rocking my favorite cardigan to the JBF event! It was a blast and I got some GREAT deals! I love the fun colors of this because it can be worn in so many different ways! I may have to do a post dedicated to how many ways I can wear it! 

One of my favorite things to wear to work is some form of the above outfit. I love wear a solid shirt and pairing it with a bold necklace! It takes what could be a toned-down outfit, to a fun one!

Do you have a favorite article of clothing? Mine is definitely those pink pants and that gorgeous cardigan! Also, since I’m going to be working on taking outfit pictures this week, what tips do you have for me?!

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DIY 31 Days of Halloween Fun Jar

{This post contains affiliate links. Purchasing through these links helps support my family and my blog}

I don’t know about you, but in this house, we absolutely LOVE Halloween! Candy apples, fun Halloween crafts, hay rides, pumpkin patches, apple cider, and so much more!! With our super busy lives, I thought it would be fun to create a 31 days of fun Halloween jar! Something to make sure we are enjoying time together every single evening + weekend in October! We don’t have a ton of money to spend on Halloween events this year, but I still want it to be fun for the boys! Besides, most of the best memories and moments in life are free! If you have little ones, then you and your little kids are going to love this. It’s quality time with mommy and/or daddy every day and they will have fun choosing a stick out of the jar each day. It will give them something to look forward to! Quite a few of these are things that can be done at home and then of course there is a few where y’all will go places!

What you’ll need:

31 popsicle sticks 
A black sharpie
Dark Green paint, light green paint & purple paint {or a purple sharpie which is what I used}
A mason jar
Orange spray paint
– Something to decorate the outside of the jar with. {I used black glitter tape and kept it simple}

1. I sprayed two coats of orange spray paint on the mason jar.
2. After it dried, I added the fun black glitter tape in a stripe around the jar.

3. After you’ve decorated the outside to your liking, being writing on the popsicle sticks. {The list is below}
4. I used the 31st day for Halloween of course and made it orange since that is trick or treating day! :)

Our 31 days of Halloween Fun List:

1. Make Halloween cupcakes.
2. Have a freight night.
3. Make haunted houses.
4. Watch Hocus Pocus!
5. Make Halloween cookies.
6. Carve a pumpkin.
7. Make ghosts.
8. Make bats.
9. Write our own Halloween book.
10. Make Candy apples.
11. Make spooky pumpkins.
12. Color a pumpkin.
13. Read ghost stories under the stars with a flashlight.
14. Make spiderwebs.
15. Decorate the kids room for Halloween!
16. Go to a pumpkin patch.
17. Make spooky drinks.
18. Watch spooky movies.
19. Make Halloween treats.
20. Read spooky stories in a fort/tent!
21. Make/enjoy apple cider.
22. Color Halloween pages.
23. Decorate Trick-or-Treat bags.
24. Make Apple Pie.
25. Go costume shopping.
26. Go to a Halloween event.
27. Make witches.
28. Fingerprint pumpkins.
29. Go trunk or treating.
30. Make spiders.
31. Happy Halloween!

I’ll be sharing a few of these on the blog soon and a few more as we get to them!

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I stopped dancing

I used to dance… with my husband, with my kids, in the car, while I was running or walking. I basically used to dance through life. I believed life was made for dancing because, dancing randomly was fun and it brought happiness to anyone who was dancing. I mean, when you dance, you just can’t help but to smile and feel happy! I believed in dancing just to dance. I believed in dancing with my boys just to watch the joy on their faces and to hear their laughter fill the house. I’ve always believed dancing is good medicine and I use to gladly take that medicine regularly. It was just part of my life and it made my soul happy. Somewhere along the way though, I stopped. I’m not sure if it was immediate or if it slowly faded over time. I don’t know what caused me to either. Maybe being too busy, maybe stress, maybe I stopped making time for it, maybe life just happened; I really can’t comprehend the reason that I stopped doing something I loved. I realized it the other day though while I was driving home from work. A song came on that I really liked and it had a bad ass beat and it took me a minute to realize I wasn’t tapping along to it, or doing a little dance with my upper body to it. When I realized that, I also realized I hadn’t danced in awhile. The sadness of that realization hit me like a freight train.

I’ve been dancing since I was a little kid. First it was ballet for awhile and then, it was just because I wanted to. That’s eighteen years of dancing that came to a stop. I can’t remember the last time I randomly broke out in a dance or the last time I danced with my kids, or the last time I looked into my husband’s eyes as we turned in circles in the living room or the kitchen. The weight of that realization was so sad for me. Why did I stop? What caused me to stop and for the love of god, why?? Once I realized that, I knew I couldn’t let this continue.

Life is crazy, busy, and at times it’s stressful, but dancing used to make life a little easier for me because I loved just letting loose and being silly and having fun. I’ve always believed in dancing in the rain and that’s all life is when it’s stressful, it’s just a little bit of rain in this chapter of life. So, dammit, I’m going to dance right through it again!

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5 ways to encourage reading

Being a book lover myself and understanding how beautiful written words are, it’s really important to me that my kids enjoy reading. I believe if you make it fun and start young, reading will be something that sticks with them for life. It works their brain, inspires their imagination further, and grows their vocabulary! Reading has always been apart of my kids lives, ever since they were babies and could look at pictures in a book, I’ve read to them. So, I thought I would share 5 ways to encourage reading for little kids and how to make it fun!

1. Start getting books while they’re babies or while you’re pregnant and then stop buying them. Make it a habit to purchase a new book once a month or every couple of weeks, however you want to do it. This way your little ones book collection is growing and when they are old enough to read to you or when you start reading to them, or they want to read to themselves, they will have a ton of books to choose from. Also, let them pick out the book they want you to read that night or that they are going to read to you. We have a kid’s bookcase that is completely full and then stacks kid books next to their bookcase. Lol, we are a little book crazy in this house, but they love having so many to choose from. When they outgrow the ones we have, we will sale them, and I will take them to pick out new books with the money from their old books. It’s a win-win for all of us.

2. Take your little ones to pick out books. I’ve learned if it’s something they took the time to look for and pick out, they are more likely to listen to the story or read it themselves. We love hitting up garage sales or 1/2 price books for our books, especially when we are getting books for the boys.

3. If you have school age kids, then you’ve probably received scholastic book magazines. They have such great deals on books! Let your little ones pick out a couple each time you get them if you can. Not only do they love looking at all the fun books in the magazine, they will enjoy reading them too!

4. Be excited and upbeat about reading. Even if you don’t care for reading, fake that you do! Make it a fun time for your little ones. When they are really young, point out colors, their favorite animals, etc. Anything to keep them excited about the book. When they are a little older, ask them questions about the story you are reading as you read it. Also, point out if something similar y’all have done that they talk about in the book. Let them read to you, but don’t ever miss out on the chance of them wanting you to read to them. After all, they are only little for so long.

5. Last, but not least; make it fun. Set up a certain time to read everyday. {Whatever time works best for you and your family.} Make a reading circle, include a fun snack with the story, make a fort and read read in there, or let them draw a picture of the story during it or after. No matter what, make it fun for them!

Do your kids love reading? What is something you do to make reading exciting?

Follow me on Instagram! I’ll be sharing their book collection soon!

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Laser Hair Removal

This is a sponsored post written by I love the article and agreed to feature it out my blog!

I don’t know about you, but I HATE shaving every day or every other day. I can’t stand hairy legs so, I shave regularly and it’s such a pain in the butt! When I read this article about hair removal, I was like, YASSSSS! I need some hair removal in my life. It would seriously save so much freaking time to my routine! Without further ado, here is 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Laser Hair Removal!


5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Laser Hair Removal

If you’re thinking of going under the laser in order to have some of your body hair removed, it’s best you familiarize yourself with what the treatment involves first. While there aren’t likely to be any complications as a result of the procedure, there are many things worth knowing that will make the hair removal process run more smoothly.

Laser hair removal is now one of the most popular beauty treatments around. You probably knew that already, which is why we won’t count that snippet of info as one of the five things you didn’t know. Last year alone, more than 1.5 million procedures were carried out. Compared to five years ago, that’s a growth of half a million.

The number of people opting for the laser in a bid to help them remove body hair increases year after year. If you’re thinking of joining current converts and having laser hair removal yourself, here are five things worth knowing before you do so.

1. Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Free of Side Effects

Virtually everything comes with side effects: The aspirin you take when you have a headache, for example. Even the preservatives put in food.

Laser hair removal also comes with the risk of side effects, even though lasers are often thought of as healing devices. While the odds of you encountering side effects after laser hair removal treatment are low, it’s worth taking them into consideration. After the procedure is complete, some unfortunate people will experience itchiness, redness, warmness, and in some cases blisters.

Understand the risks involved with laser hair removal before booking a session.

2. Treatments are Surprisingly Short

A lot of cosmetic surgery companies also carry out laser hair removal procedures, which might explain why some people believe the treatment takes hours to complete. Unlike otoplasty or a tummy tuck laser hair removal treatments are non-invasive. This means you’ll be in and out and enjoying your new hair-free body in around about an hour.

With laser treatment there’s no need to constantly change clothes or wait for theater to be prepared. You get to experience profound results in the same length of time as your lunch break.

3. Laser Hair Removal Isn’t Really That Painful

Many people are sold on laser hair removal simply because it’s relatively pain free. Compare it to waxing, and there’s a world of difference, at least as far as discomfort is concerned.

During your procedure you’ll probably feel some warmth in the area the laser is being pointed at. If you happen to have sensitive skin, this warmth will feel more like a twitch, but again, it won’t be painful.

4. It Doesn’t Matter How Hairy You Are
If you’re planning on getting laser hair removal done, just know you don’t have to be hairy for it to work. In fact, you can be virtually hairless if you want to. Because lasers are able to penetrate deep within the skin, the amount of surface hair you have at the time of treatment really isn’t important.

If you’ve spent the last week growing your body hair out, sadly, you’ve wasted your time – and have probably frightened those around you, too! At least you know for next time.

5. Finding the Right Laser is Important

Because everybody tends to use the collective term, laser, it’s easy to think there’s only one variety that tackles all types of hair and skin problems. As it happens, there are multiple types of lasers out there, and each one works in its own unique way. To get the most out of your treatment, you’ll need to use a laser that works best with your skin tone and pigmentation. Usually, you can do this through trial and error. You may strike lucky and find the first laser you use works wonderfully. If that happens to be the case, great, stick with it. If, however, your first treatment isn’t quite as effective as you’d hoped it would be, don’t get disheartened. Try a different laser. You’ll eventually find one perfect for you.


Now that you know more about hair removal, would you do it?! I sure the heck would!

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10 month old Twins schedule

Happy Tuesday y’all! I hope your Monday was good! Today, I wanted to share the loose schedule we have for our 10 month old twins! I really can’t believe they are already 10 months old, time really has flown! We aren’t really too big on schedules, but I do believe in having a loose schedule to follow that way things can run as smoothly as possible! I also known how frustrating it can be to figure out when babies should eat, sleep, etc. Since these are our 3rd and 4th babies, I figured it was safe for me to share a schedule with y’all since I’ve done this a few times now. The twins have been eating baby food since they were about 7 months old and this schedule has worked really well for us! I hope it helps you either create a schedule that works for your family or helps you get your little one on a good schedule! :)

The twins start their morning between 6 and 7am. When they first wake up they get a diaper and outfit change. I make them an 8oz bottle of Enfamil A.R. {Since they were born at 30 weeks, they have a bit of reflux and this formula really helps with that} and allow them to drink about half of it. After they’ve drank half, I mix 1 to 2 tbl spoons of this yummy Oatmeal banana strawberry cereal with some of the formula from their bottle. I’ve found this to be the only oatmeal they like, they don’t like the plain oatmeal. I don’t blame them, I don’t like regular oatmeal either lol. They eat their breakfast and finish their bottle.

After they finish their breakfast, they play on the floor for about 30 minutes to an hour; rolling, crawling {Kade crawls and Jax is working on getting himself on his hands and needs}, playing with toys, playing with mommy & daddy, laughing, etc. Then they move to their jumpers and swings for some non-floor playtime so we can get things done around the house.

Usually around 9am, they will have a 6oz bottle and then take a nap. Their morning naps are never really the same. Sometimes they sleep for 20 minutes and sometimes they sleep for an hour or so.

Around 11:30am, they get a jar of fruit for lunch and 2-4oz of juice to go with it. About 30 minutes after they’ve finished their lunch, they get a 6oz bottle and then it’s playtime and/or movie time for a couple of hours!

They normally go down for their second around 2pm and sleep for about an hour or so. After they wake up, they get a 6oz bottle around 3-4pm.

Then it’s more playtime until about 6pm. Then they get a 6oz bottle and a jar of fruit & a jar of veggies! I’m so happy that they love both fruit and veggies! By the time that is all done, it’s time for baths, a little playtime/story time. Then a 4-6oz bottle right before bed and then they are down for the night by 8:30!

There you have it! That is our loose little schedule that works for us! I hope it helps you too if you are in need of a schedule for you 10 month old baby!

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