What I wore Wednesday

More like What I wore Sunday.

I posted about doing a little shopping over the weekend. Well, I thought I would show off my new shirt. I’m still not sure if it’s really me. I’m not used to the whole tie the belt in the front thing.

Shirt: Walmart
Shorts: My mother in law gave them to me
Earrings: Walmart
Necklace: I really don’t remember. (yes it’s been that long sense I have bought jewelry)
Ribbon: From the shirt. (The belt thing was far to longggg so I cut it and used it as a ribbon for my hair.)

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What I think you should know

If were going to be blogger friends. =D (I so go this idea from Little Miss Momma.)

- I’m a ball of energy
- I bounce from one project to the next without more than a days rest.
- I can bounce from one conversation to the next without missing a beat and have you wondering how I do it.
- My mind is a constant thing
- I dance seriously and crazy
- I sing when I get bored
- I can not sew anything major, I’m deathly afraid of sewing machines.
- I’m okay using needle and thread
- I can crochet basic items
- I can build something from scratch
- I know how to use a saw and I can sand things
- I love to paint, that’s a bit of an understatement
- I want to design a house
- I want to fully decorate the inside of a house
- I want to write a book or three or ten who knows, I just know I want too.
- I could careless for cooking, but I have a knack for it, so atleast I’m not bad at it
- I love to bake
- I can not make a round cake to save my life
- I can not decorate cakes awesomely or cookies for that matter
- I love the hard labor of yard work
- I love turning a boring room beautiful
- I love being a mother
- Along with being a wife
- My house is not always clean
- Nor do I think it ever will be
- I am the only girl in a house full of boys
- I want to travel the world
- I want to climb a mountain
- I love to laugh
- I can hide emotions fully
- I don’t like showing when I’m upset
- Which leads to knowing how to cry silently
- I have a short fuse and a quick temper, if you make me angry your either going to hit a wall of silence or an explosion of words
- I don’t trust easily
- If you break my trust, our relationship will never be the same
- I can forgive you, but I can’t forget, which changes how I feel about a person, it’s a flaw I’m fully aware of this
- When I love, I love with everything I have
- I’m honest and blunt, I’m not sure if this is a good combination
- I’m extremely sarcastic
- If you hurt me, you mise well forget I exist
- Jeans and a hoodie are my favorite thing to rock in the winter
- Shorts and a tank top are my favorite things in the summer
- I love to swim
- Dolphins and white tigers are my favorite animals
- I believe in myself
- I don’t over think things
- My actions are normally impulsive
- I fail horribly at planning ahead
- I’m more of a spur of the moment kind of gal
- I can still do the splits and a front hand spring
- I want to start running again
- I love my husband and my children more than they will ever comprehend
- I can look into someones eyes and see what their feeling, even if it’s not on the surface
- I speak my mind even if my voice shakes
- I have met very few people who can fully keep up with me and have similar personalities.
- I am not a huge fan of chocolate
- I love little hands and feet
- I love the laughter of my children
- I believe sunsets are one of the most beautiful things in life
- I fell in love with the man of my dreams at the age of seventeen
- I gave birth to our first son at nineteen
- And our second son at twenty one
- I can’t stand the taste of beer
- Give me a glass of wine or a Margarita or a daiquiri and I’ll be a happy camper
- I love to read

Now on the my favorite quote that I plan on getting tattooed on me.

I rock to my own style
& dance to my own beat

These are my confessions

You probably thought I was going to play that Usher song, huh? Well, I’m not. Good song though. But on another note, I am in one of my moods. This day just has not been a good one. I’ll spare the drama, but I thought I would confess some things. Maybe y’all can relate?
1. There are days that I want to sleep in until noon, even though I know I can’t.
2. I don’t always do the dishes the night before, so yes they sit in my sink until the next morning.
3. Some days I let my kids run around in their pajama’s all day as long as we aren’t going anywhere.
4. There are days that I barely even do the daily things around the house. (like today)
5. I want to go on vacation, with just my husband.
6. I miss Jay taking naps, because now there is no quiet time until bedtime.
7. There are days that I stay in my pajama’s all day. (gasps)
8. It is not easy raising kids that are 18 months apart.
9. There are days where at the end of the day, I put my face in a pillow and weep because I feel defeated.
10. I love to bake, more than I love to cook.
And those, my lovely blogger’s are my confessions. Now it seems I need a post a list of 10 good things. Hmm, maybe some other time. What about you, do you have any confessions?

How blogging changed my life

Before I started blogging, I was not the best I could be. I knew in my heart that I was not doing as God wanted me to do, I was not being the best that God wanted me to bed. Specifically in my home. When we lived in our apartment. I cared very little about how it looked, I just did the basic’s and laundry. I didn’t do very much cleaning. My hubby was the cook, though he claimed he didn’t mind, I knew he did. My time was only for my children and myself. I was selfish when it came to my relationship with my husband. All I cared about was the children and want I wanted out of our relationship.
Before, I continue, I was 19 when we had our first child, and 21 when we had our second. Our boys are 18 months apart. I was young and naive, when we had our first child. As you could tell from the paragraph above. I wanted desperatly to be better, to be a better homemaker, a way better wife, and yes, a better mother. Because not cleaning, not cooking was just as bad as being a bad parent. I was letting my husband and my children down. When we bought our house in Septemeber, I knew I wasn’t going to let my house become a mess, I wanted to start cooking, cleaning, making my children happy, and making my husband happy.
I attempted this on my own. I was doing good, but I knew I could do better. My house was way more clean than our apartment ever was, I started cooking more often (just simple meals, but it was cooking), and I started making changes in our relationship. But, it just wasn’t enough. So, I did as I should have done to begin with. I prayed about it. I asked God to help me be as good as I could be for him, as good as I knew he wanted me to be.
Then it happened, I was researching on the internet and God showed me Heather’s blog. I’m not even sure how long I spent reading her blog, going through all the older posts. It was her blog that started to change my life. She is a Christian, SAHM, with three beautiful children and a loving husband. I absorbed everything from her blog about cleaning, organizing, raising children and having a good marriage. I look up to her in many ways, and even though I have never met her, even though we have not talked that much. She showed me how simple life could really be. 
So I began, I created a HMG. (Home Management Guide). That helped me out more than I ever though it would. I started organzing, cleaning, recycling, cooking and baking more (I have always loved to bake), and really caring about what my husband wants. I started feeling better about myself, about my life. I felt in my heart that I was becoming who God intended me to be. I was happy. I found several other blogs who inspire me everyday. 
I have never felt better about myself, My husband and I’s relationship is the best it has ever been, my house is clean and organized, and getting more organized, my children are happy. We are all happy now. So I just want to say a personal Thank You, to Heather. Thank you for being you, and thank you for all of your posts. I also thank God that he showed me her blog. I also want to say Thank You, to all of the blog’s I follow, Ya’ll are all just amazing!