Cleaning Schedule + a free print

Now that I can actually clean without it killing my back, I just knew I had to come up with a cleaning schedule that worked for our family. When you have four kids, your home can get messy fast! Once I realized that I needed to stick to a semi-loose type of cleaning schedule, things started running much smoother and the house is staying clean! Now that I’m working outside of the home, that cleaning schedule is even more important than it was before. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to come home after work and pick up on cleaning where Hubby left off, and wind up feeling like I’m spending all evening cleaning instead of playing with my little guys and spending time with my husband. This schedule works for us and I hope if you implement it into your routine, that it will work for you too!

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I printed off one of each and then slipped them into a sheet protector. Not only is it protecting the paper from get ruined, I don’t have to print out a bunch of copies this way. I just use dry erase markers, and then wipe it off when I’m done! Here is an example of what a week of cleaning looks like using this schedule in our house! I also love that it’s not a super strict schedule to follow, that I can move things around as needed, and the big thing for me is, it doesn’t take me all day to clean. That is definitely a win for me because I would rather be doing things I enjoy like spending time with my husband, my kids, blogging, reading, browsing pinterest, etc. instead of spending all evening trying to get my house clean.

Here is a little glimpse of what one week of planning out my cleaning schedule looks like. Since it’s already Friday, I went ahead and started scheduling for next week! :)

Monday: Daily. Vacuum all rooms. Sweep/mop all tile/wood floors.
Tuesday: Daily. Clean windows. Clean outside doors. Clean off porches.
Wednesday: Daily. Wipe down cabinets. Clean doors inside. Vacuum all rooms. Sweep/mop all tile/wood floors.
Thursday: Daily. Deep clean nursery. 
Friday: Daily. Vacuum all rooms. Sweep/mop all tile/wood floors.
Saturday: Daily. Wash sheets and blankets.
Sunday: Daily.

Since it’s helped us out so much, I knew I just had to share it with my readers! I’ve created a few different ones, and they are yours to use for personal use only, for free!

Daily cleaning list with words.
Daily cleaning list blank.
Weekly cleaning list with words.
Weekly cleaning list blank.
Monthly cleaning list with words {nursery}.
Monthly cleaning list with words {Playroom}.
Monthly cleaning list blank.

What do you think? Will you be giving this cleaning schedule a try?! If you already have a cleaning schedule, what made you decide to go by one?

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5 Must Have Items I Use For Planning Our Week

The wine mentioned in this post was sent to me as part of a review I am doing. All opinions are 100% my own.
Beauty & The Boys // 5 Must Have Items I Use When Planning Our Week
Beauty & The Boys // 5 Must have items I use when planning our week
Beauty & The Boys // 5 must have items I use when planning our week

Every Sunday, I take the time to plan out our week. I wasn’t always a planner, but with the blog and when Jay started school, I began planning a little bit because there was new things happening with our schedules. School parties, fun little projects due, posts that needed to be wrote, pictures that needed to be taken, and more. Well, when we became a family of six, my planning went into overdrive. There is absolutely no way I would be able to remember everything between my husband, four kids, myself, our home, and blogging. So, every Sunday night after all the little ones are in bed, I sit down and glance at our month and plan out our week. Here is a few things that help me get through this planning phase at night.

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Getting down in the hall closet

with organizing that is..sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter ladies. ;)
First..Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday! 
So as you can tell by now I’m sure, I finally got around to organizing the hall closet. 
I have been putting it off for awhile now. But I just couldn’t
put it off any longer. 

Are. you. ready?

It was just all sorts of ridiculous. Here is some up close of the shelves before. 

I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of the third shelf before. But apparently I didn’t. Sigh.
As you can see there was really no form of order in this closet anywhere. 

I took everything out and removed one of the shelves. 
Sorted through everything, moved things to another closet, brought items from another closet over to this closet and it looks much better. :)

Here are some up close pictures.

Now I can open that closet and not cringe. I want to get some boxes though for the holiday decorations that I have in there or maybe even move them up to the attic, I’m not sure. 
But for now, it works for me. 

Let’s look at a little side by side.

Have you organized anything lately?

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Weekend pictures & Organizing

Happy Monday sweet pea’s! I don’t have much of a weekend recap for you this weekend. We mainly just spent our weekend at home relaxing & Sunday we went to my Husbands niece’s birthday party! But I did take a few pictures of my sweet boys & I wanted to show you what I organized recently! 

A couple of weeks ago I organized out master bathroom cabinets/drawers. They were pretty ridiculous, you’ll see for yourself. =D

Cabinet one. Before. This is my cabinet, it was so crammed and ridiculous!
Cabinet two. Before. Our random stuff cabinet. 
Cabinet three. Before. This was Hubby’s cabinet/ more random stuff. Now it’s fully just Hubby’s! 
Drawer one. Before. My ridiculous makeup/hair accessory drawer. 

I emptied everything out and vacuumed it!

Then I used an old silverware holder to organize everything!
Up close of everything.

Oh & the white box you saw, that holds the very first necklace piece my hubby ever bought me. I have had it for about five years now. The chain itself broke, I really need to get a new one.

Drawer two. Before. Aka Hubby’s drawer. 
I really love how everything has it’s own place now & opening the drawers and cabinets doesn’t make me cringe anymore. 
being able to find everything is sooooo much better!

Oh btw, I have some awesome ladies for you to meet this week! 
Be excited!
and if you missed my two posts over the weekend, you can see them here & here

How was your weekend?!?!


Two post kinda day -Bookshelf organizing-

Yep. I’m definitely thinking it’s a two post kind of day. 
It is a chilly 55 degrees here today && the high was 84 yesterday.
No wonder everyone is getting sick.
I’m really craving some hot cocoa, I need to get my rear end to the store, I guess.
But considering my heater is on 74, I’m in boots, jeans & a long sleeved shirt, and I’m still cold. I would really prefer not to go anywhere, or get the kids out in the cold sense they are getting over being sick. 

Anyways, that’s not the point of this post. The point is, if you have been following me on Facebook then you know that the 3rd bedroom is not going to be my craft room like I planned, we are turning it into KJ’s room. If you follow me on pinterest, you may have noticed & wondered about the fact that I used to have a board called “boys room inspiration” and that is now gone and in it’s place is “Jay’s room ideas” & “KJ’s room ideas.”

Well, that is why my friends. Because the 3rd room is now KJ’s. 
But that left me with a dilemma. What in the world was I going to do with all my shop/craft items?!?!?!

You may remember back in August when I moved the bookshelf in our room into our closet. Well, It came back out. 
One. It just wasn’t really working that well in the closet.
Two. I still hadn’t figured out where to my books.
Three. I now needed somewhere to put my crafts/shop stuff.

So first I got to work on the huge bin that was in the bookshelf’s place. It held books & paper for the time being. 
I sorted it into two piles. 

Keep Pile
Get rid of pile

Then I pulled the book shelf back into the room and got it all organized with books and shop/craft items! 
See for yourself!  

Looking at the bookshelf and the top of it! I figured those ribbons were definitely pretty enough to have on display! 

So what do ya think?!?! =D 

Oh and don’t forget to check out the recipe I posted today!


I love getting things organized

I have done a little organizing this past week. Not too much, but a couple of places that

First up underneath the sink in the boys bathroom. It wasn’t too bad but it just seemed so crammed.



Much nicer I think.

Now on to the entryway closet. 
don’t judge it was AWFUL!!!



So much better now!
Have you done any organizing projects lately?


Oh dear, she’s at it again

Well, you see what happened was. I was at walmart and walked down an aisle that I should really stop walking down. It has these awesome little bins for $1.27/$1.47 a piece for three of them. You may remember how I used the last set I got, or if you didn’t, you can check it out here.

I can’t seem to stop myself from buying them anytime I go down this aisle. It’s a problem, really it is. =D So what did I do? I bought more. Three different sets this time.

I don’t know why I don’t just fill up my cart with these everytime I go, because I always find use for them, probably because my Hubby would strangle me (not literally) if I bought a whole cart full.

Anyways, getting sidetracked. Wanna see what I did with them? Psh, who am I kidding? Of course you do, that’s why you are still reading this. =D

There was some stuff in our junk cabinet that didn’t have a place so I used one of the longer bins for that.

Then, there is this little corner on my kitchen counter that seems to accumulate all of my husbands things, weather it’s tools, batteries, etc. It’s always messy, I’m always annoyed with it. So, it was time to solve that problem.


Seriously, talked about controlled clutter! I’m telling you these bins work wonders. There is also a spot on our ledge that I put the mail and apparently other random items, well that got taken care of too.


Ah, much better. Then I moved on to the top of our t.v. Which always gets cluttered!


That little basket now holds things like usb’s and card readers and whatever else that I can’t explain that my husband could.

Last but not least. I organized some crafts. I couldn’t show you before pictures, because I’m not revealing my new work area yet, but I can show you the organized stuff. =D

I think I need to make another trip to walmart. =D


A little decoration & A little organization

I feel like I haven’t done a post about Decorating & Organizing in forever! This doesn’t include painting. =D Yesterday, I was in the mood to decorate and organize.

We will start with the decor, because it’s soooo pretty! I have silk china given to me by my great aunt as a house warming gift. (it’s very old, looks brand new and is beautiful). I love having it on display (it’s on the top of the cabinets) and using it to decorate with.

You may remember from this post (ha like it was so long ago) where I talked about trying to make some of the things I liked from the Ikea catalog I got. One thing in particular caught my eye and has been on my mind ever sense.

Candles in glasses. Talk about beauty. Well, I don’t have small tiny glasses or tiny candles (yet). I do have beautiful china glasses and medium size candles. So this is what I did. I took two of the china glasses from the kitchen.

I then found some potpourri from the garage sale items my MIL gave me.

I put it in both glasses.

Then I took the two smaller candles from the three candle set that were to be on my bookshelf. And put them on top of the potpourri and pushed it down a little so they were snug.

Then I took the big vase from my bookshelf and added the rest of the potpurri and the larger candle from the three candle set to it.

Now how about a little before & after?



Sigh. Isn’t it just beautiful? And it cost me nothing!
China glasses – I got from my great aunt

Potpourri – MIL
Huge vase – MIL
Candles – Christmas present a couple of years ago from my SIL.

Now on to the organization. I know this post is kind of long, just hang with me. =D I was still not happy with the way the boys room was. It was still too cluttered and unorganized. So, I took care of that today sense we got our third room back.

I moved most of their toys out of their room, re arranged other toys that stayed and made it much more organized in their. Their room is just too small for all the stuff they have.

You can see what their room did look like, here & here.

Now what did I do with all their toys? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. =D

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I fell in love

&& my husband should be very worried. =D

What did I fall in love with you ask? Well, I got something in the mail yesterday and I just now had the chance to look through it.

An Ikea magazine thingy!

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is not my first time seeing stuff from Ikea, I have seen it all over the blog world and have loved just about every piece I have seen. BUT, I have never looked through a magazine and seen a ton of their stuff.

Not even halfway through it, I fell in love. =D (no Ikea did not tell me to write this or anything like that, I’m doing this on my own)

I thought I would share some favorites with you.

Some stuff for the bathroom.

I am in love with both of those things. I am also in love with this.

It’s perfect.

I happen to love candles & candle holders, so my heart went pitter patter when I saw these.

I thought a couple of these chairs would be perfect for our front porch.

I love this thing. I’m not sure where I would put it, but i like it.

I love wine glasses as well, and I want these!

Of course, I couldn’t forget about my little one’s while flipping through this magazine/catalog thing.

I’m pretty sure I fell even more in love when I saw this.

&& I want both of these mirrors somewhere in my house.

I love these organization things.

And my heart melted when I saw this pillow.

Ahhh. It’s all so wonderful. But sense I’m a DIY’er I’m going to see how many of these things I can make myself, before I go on a shopping spree. =D As I make them, I will be posting about them. Also, it looks like I need a sewing machine and fabric, lots and lots of fabric.


Day 2 & 3 (31 days to clean)

Day 2 of 31 one days to clean.

To bring life to my home, I can fill my home with laughter. I can turn the radio up and we all dance around. I can hang pictures of the life we have. To bring life to my children, I can show them all the fun adventures of being a kid. I can let them explore and get dirty playing in the mud. To bring life to my Husband I can be there for him. I can forget about being serious and pretend were teenagers again. I can laugh and love with him as if there isn’t a care in the world.  

How do you bring life to your home and the ones you love?

Time to clean the inside of the fridge! =D

I took every thing out of the fridge, wiped down the shelves and drawers and then put everything back in.

No we are not alcoholic’s. That beer has been accumulating, Hubby drinks it every once in awhile, but apparently that’s how brothers pay eachother back for helping with stuff, is with a case of a beer.

Day 3: of 31 days to clean

My children are too little to get a real answer from them. Some I’m going to just assume from what I see when I clean certain areas. What makes them feel most loved when caring for our home is when their room is clean. They get so excited and actually want to play in their. I’m going to assume that when they have clean cups to drink out of, that makes them feel loved because mommy took the time to do it. That they have fresh clothes to wear and clean sheets to sleep on. That there room is decorated in a way that they absolutely love!

Hubby is at work right now, so I can’t ask him. But I will update this tonight when he gets home, with his answer.

What makes your family feel loved when it comes to the care of your home?

No pictures for Day 3. I happened to what is on Day 3 on Monday. So it was already done. =D