This is so delicious

So I only got around to making two recipe’s this weekend, instead of all of the recipe’s I wanted to make. But the two that I did make. Were soooo good. I made Lemon Pound Cake

Here is some of the ingredients

Here is the finished product. By the way this was my first recipe that I have ever made from scratch! I was so excited.

Doesn’t that look delicious?! Head over to Andrea’s blog for the ingredients and directions. :)
The second recipe I made was Strawberry Shortcake Cups (which requires the first recipe)

Mmmmm. Yummy. Here is the finished product.

This was sooo delicious. I made one for my hubby, my father & myself. But after the first one, my husband had me make another for him, he liked it that much! Hehe. Make sure you go to Andrea’s blog for ingredients and directions. I promise you will not be disappointed in these recipe’s. :)
I hope everyone had a great Sunday. :)

New spring centerpiece and some deliciousness…

So, when spring first came about I went out and bought some things for a kitchen centerpiece. It worked for the time being, but everyday I just kept thinking that I needed to change it. So, i finally did. :)
I hollowed out some eggs.

I took the flower bouquets from my other centerpiece and took them apart and put them in my pretty bowl. :)

After the eggs were dry, I painted them baby blue. We had some leftover paint from painting the boy’s room.

There was barely any, but it was enough. After they dried I put them on top of the flowers in my bowl. I love it sooooo much better now. :)

This was my first time doing something decorative without going out and spending money to decorate. I had all this stuff at my house. :) That made it even better.
This weekend I plan on trying out some delicious recipes. I plan on making Strawberry shortcake cups, I’m also going to make the Lemon pound cake instead of buying it. I found both of these recipes on Andrea’s blog. I’m also going to make sugar cookies from her blog as well. Check them out they are super cute. I don’t plan on doing the basketball design, but I want to try the recipe. I also plan on making this homemade bread, also from her blog and last minute biscuits from Heather’s blog.
I am so excited to be doing all this baking the next few days. :)