4 ways monday was a no good, very bad day


Monday’s have never really been my friend. There is just always something that happens on Monday, that reminds me of why I dislike Mondays. Who’s with me?! ;) Well, last Monday decided to rear it’s ugly face and remind me exactly why we weren’t friends. It decided to show me why I should have just stayed in bed and gone back to sleep, instead of getting up and being the responsible adult I am. Here is a little glimpse into my no good, very bad day!

1. Jay has always been really good about waking up and getting ready for school. He’s always been a morning person and it’s something I haven’t taken for granted because I know plenty of little kids who hate getting up and getting ready for school. Well, on this particular Monday, he woke up and threw his cranky pants on. He was whining about everything. I didn’t have the right kind of cereal. He wanted to take a shower. He was tired. He didn’t want to go to school. The list went on and I was mentally beating my head against the wall.

2. I blame this one on our unusual morning. When I take Jay to school, I park a little bit away that way we can walk into the school together. This day was no different, I did just that and after I dropped him off, I got back into the car, started it, and threw it in drive. Only to have the engine rev and the car not move. I muttered wtf, put it in reverse and tried to back up instead of going forward. Again, nothing. I even got out of the damn car to see if my tire was stuck on something, nope. I climbed back in and tried again, again I wasn’t moving. I sat there for a moment wondering what in the hell could possibly be wrong, I even called my husband completely frustrated and explained to him that the suv wasn’t moving & that I wasn’t stuck on anything, then I looked down at my dash and saw my break light on. Yep, my husband is never going to let me live that one down.

3. My mom had a doctor’s appoint and I had told her I was taking her. She was having some pain near her lungs/ribs and I didn’t want her driving herself to the doctor just incase the pain became too much. On the way back home, I completely missed the turn that led to her house. She looked at me and was like, “Ummm where are you going?” Sigh, I was apparently just taking the long way to her house.

4. Even though my day wasn’t going as well as I had hoped, I decided to start working on my Halloween wreath. I really wanted to get it done and get it hung on the front door because the boys kept asking me when it would be done. As I was gluing the pretty little orange and black pieces onto the wreath, I reached my arm into the bag to get another one and stupidly didn’t realize how close I had come to the glue gun I was holding in my other hand because, “OWWWWWW” was the next thing I said. I now have a nice little burn mark on my arm from the hot glue gun.

All of this happened before 1pm and the rest of the day wasn’t much better. When it was finally bedtime, I couldn’t wait to go to sleep and hope and pray that Tuesday would be a better day!

Have you had any bad moments in your day lately? Something that you can look back on and laugh, even if it made you mad at the time?! Share it with me!

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7 things your kids will do to drive you crazy

{I had this post sitting in my drafts and I thought, why the hell not}

This parenting shit can be hard. There is no reason to sugar coat it and if you are a soon to be a momma, you may not want to read this post because I’m just in one of those moods and this post may scare you about motherhood and I promise it’s not always as bad as what I’m about to write. You know, I think my bad mood stems from having my husband work 12 days in a row. Freaking twelve. I get a bit cranky when that happens and so do the boys and I feel like when daddy works that much, by the end of it, they have set out to make my life hell. I say that half joking, half serious. Let’s just get on with it shall we…

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // 7 things your kids will do to drive you crazy

7 things your kids will do to drive you crazy

1. They all of a sudden turn deaf. Oh yeah, you read that right. Okay, they don’t really turn deaf and that’s probably a bad joke, but they all of a sudden pretend they can’t hear you. “Hey Jay, can you come pick up your mess.” Silence. “Hey Kage, put your coat in the closet please.” Silence. “HEY BOYS!!! YOU BETTER CLEAN OUT YOUR FREAKING EARS AND LISTEN TO ME OR YOU WILL BE GROUNDED FROM YOUR TABLETS!!” Oh, now all of a sudden they can hear.

2. They begin to think it’s funny when you get mad. Yes, you read that right. They smirk or smile or laugh, which is only going to piss you off further, but it’s what happens.

3. They begin to believe sleep is apparently for the weak. In those last few days, I find myself saying, “Boys, y’all better go to sleep.” “Boys, stop messing around!” “BOYS STOP PLAYING!” “BOYS, WHEN YOUR DADDY GETS HOME Y’ALL ARE IN TROUBLE!!!!.” Oh, again now they listen.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // 7 things your kids will do to drive you crazy

{Can we just take a moment and giggle at the way the headband is making his ears point out?}

4. They will start to ask you for everything under the sun or maybe they already do, but you really begin to notice it. It’s always things that either a} you can’t get or b} they can get themselves. Awesome toys come across the TV, I hear, “Mom I want that! Look mom, that right there.. MOM!!” or “Mom can you get me a capri sun… a bag of chips… can you play with my toys for me since my arms apparently don’t work.” That last one was an exaggeration, but you get the point.

5. Those last few days, they start fighting and I don’t mean, “Mom he took my toy so I hit him in the arm.” I mean, I hear a pop and then a scream. I hear a jumble of screams and then more screams back. I hear, “NO, THAT’S MY TOY. NO IT’S MINE. I HAD IT FIRST. GIVE IT BACK.” In the most high pitched screams little boys can utter.

6. “Mommy, I miss daddy.” “I know baby I miss him too.” Ten minutes later, “Mommy, I really miss daddy.” “I know sweetheart I miss him too.” This goes on for about thirty minutes, “Mommy, I really really miss daddy.” “I KNOW JAY I GET IT.” Insert mommy guilt.

7. They begin to eat you out of house and home. It’s like oh daddy’s going to have some days off soon, better be hungry 04485049575 times throughout the day and that’s saying something since Jay is in school for eight hours and Kage is a picky eater.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // 7 things your kids will do to drive you crazy

That concludes my rant for the day. Oh, you should also know. Don’t overuse the threat that when daddy gets home you are going to be in trouble. It eventually doesn’t work.

What is something your little one{s} do that drive you crazy?

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Sh*t that annoys me

{Before I jump into this post, I would so appreciate it if you would please take this reader survey I created to get a better grasp on my readers and what y’all wanna see and what y’all like/don’t like on this little space of mine! It will only take about two minutes!}

I’m in a pretty irritated mood tonight and so this blog post coming to me didn’t really take that much work. I’ve been overly annoyed today by the stupidest things and I know I am not alone in the little or big things that annoy me. So, I bring you today’s post…

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Sh*t that annoys me

When my boys constantly ask for something over and over and over and over and… you get it, either after I’ve already said no or after I’ve said “Just give me a minute and I will get it.” For whatever reason, both of those responses somehow trigger something in their brain to nag mom to death until she loses her mind.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Sh*t that annoys me

Stupid people. That may sound harsh, but my best friend’s grandpa used to tell her something along the lines of, “Some people are just born stupid and they never grow out of it.” Or something like that and um… can I freaking get an amen? I also don’t mean people that don’t know how to do math or anything like that. I mean, like they are just down right ignorant in the shit they do.

Nails. On. A. Chalkboard. Or any form of screeching noise for that matter. It instantly gets my blood boiling and I want to hit whoever made the noise at the time.

Not having my red bulls in the morning, that’s probably equivalent to most of y’all not having your coffee in the morning. I hate having to go out first thing when I wake up just to grab red bull, so I normally don’t and I just wait until I have to take Jay to school and by that point, I’m just way beyond annoyed.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Sh*t that annoys me

Drama. No, this isn’t some girl cliché of every girl who says that. I like watching drama on TV, those ridiculous reality shows that are jammed packed with drama, oh yeah I’m all over that. Seeing stupid drama in my facebook feed, that’s sometimes amusing. Having drama in my personal life annoys the shit out of me and if there is any for a long point of time, I eventually just shut it out.

“How you should blog” posts. It is totally fine every once in a while, but I see a lot of it now and it really annoys the hell out of me. I understand there are important things you need to do if you want to make money blogging and build your blog and yada yada, but it seems to me that people who stay true to themselves and write whatever the hell they feel like writing, are actually pretty damn successful.

Blogging cliques. Yeah, if you’re new to blogging, they are out there and good luck getting in. I feel like an outsider 99% of the time in this blogging world and that’s not because I’m not “putting myself out there” like I’ve been told to do before, but it’s because trying to get noticed by someone who you genuily like, whether they are big or small is damn near impossible. Welcome back to high school ladies.

The smell of something burning. Not a fire, I love the smell of a fire. I mean the smell of burnt hair or burnt paper. I just hate it.

When Hubby and I don’t have date night for a while. There are times we try and no matter how hard we try, it just doesn’t happen and that shiz is annoying.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Sh*t that annoys me

I should probably stop before I sound like someone who is annoyed by the world. Actually I am, but that’s another post for another day.

To make me sound less crazy, share with me one or five things that annoy you!

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Throw a little unexpected fun into life

Life can be hard, we already established that from yesterday’s post. Sometimes I write about how hard it can be and then there are times I break out of our routine and do something for fun. Yesterday was just one of THOSE days, I chalk it up to the fact that it’s the day before Friday so, the day is dragging on because I am more than ready for the weekend. Thursdays mock you, I swear. They know you want it to be Friday and Thursday is going to take it’s sweet precious time before you get Friday. Know what I’m sayin? Anyways, back to my point. Yesterday being one of those days led to having ice cream for dinner.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Throw a little unexpected fun into life

I may not like to cook that much and I may feed my kids powdered donuts for dinner every once in awhile, but I normally don’t do sweets so close to bed time. However, I needed to break out my funk. I need to shake things up and I needed to surprise my kids. Life needs to be shaken up every now and then. You need to throw a little unexpected fun into life. Try it and see what it does for you.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Throw a little unexpected fun into life

The kids were of course thrilled. “Red ice cream!” They exclaimed. Ha, sure red ice cream. It was actually a big red float, but whatever. It worked. My kids were happy. I was happy. We sat at the table, shoveling big red floats into our mouths and laughing. We ended the night with homework and when it was time to read them their bedtime story, I was actually upbeat about it. As I write this post, I just feel happy and I think that’s because I put that unexpected fun into our life tonight, it was something we all needed.

Do you shake things up when life is hard?


My new BFFs name is wine

I had this wonderful dream in my head that when Jay started school, once I got past the worst part of it. I would have my shiz together. I would actually have time to clean my house, because I only have one kid running around here all day instead of two now, I might actually like cooking dinner every once in a while. Homework and other school stuff would be a breeze because well, I only have one little one to take care of during the day. All you moms who have already gone through this, go ahead and laugh me off the stage because holy hell was I wrong.

I mean it is only the second week of school and maybe in a couple of weeks I will have the hang of this new life and schedule {you’re still laughing at me aren’t you}, but in the meantime. My house still isn’t clean. Oh, it’s getting better. There is only a small stack of dishes in the sink compared to the tower that used to be there. There is only a few pieces of clothing on the couch vs our entire closet and you can actually see the playroom floor on most day. Really though, I can’t even be mad at myself for not having it all together. I’m just kind of laughing because this has surely got to be some kind of joke.

Between early wake up times, school, entertaining Kage, attempting to clean my house, laundry, being on the PTA board, work, blogging, school pick ups, homework, dinner {and I say that term loosely}, spending time together, breaking up fights between my boys, bedtime routines and no longer staying up till midnight. Oh and I should mention t-ball starts soon. Yep.

Life is definitely in chaos and things definitely aren’t going how I planned, but I’m taking it. It’s different. It’s a new chapter. It’s a challenge and I like a challenge. If you need me, I think I’ll be with my new BFF. Her name is wine.

This months in-post ad

BJs restaurant – Dinner for two

You will have to excuse the picture of me – as much as I love my hubs, he is not a picture taker so that is the best I could do with it! Anyways onto the point. Sunday night my momma watched both of the boys! Which meant date night for Hubs and I! #winning We wound up not going until around 8ish, but it was so nice to be able to go out to dinner – just the two of us and taking our boys out to eat with us isn’t our favorite thing to do especially when trying out a new restaurant.
We headed to our local BJ’s restaurant for the first time ever and y’all, we will be going back and we will have to take our boys there! As soon as we walked in my spirit was lifted. The atmosphere was so fun and the conversation was flowing from every table. We had a small wait and all I kept telling Hubby was how I loved the impact the environment of this restaurant had on me.

The waiter was awesome, we told him we were there for the Dinner for two promo they had going on right now: You get:
Choice of two soups OR salads
Any MEDIUM BJ’s Signature Pizza
BJ’s Famous Pizookie dessert
for $19.95!!
and he was so helpful in letting us know what soup/salads we could choose from, pizza & of course the fabulous delicious pizookie.

I had a house salad & Hubby had the chili soup. They were divine not even kidding and when they brought out the pizza – my mouth fell open at how great it looked and it didn’t let me down, it tasted even better than it looked. New favorite pizza restaurant hands down.

We ordered the Oreo pizookie. Y’all I am not a fan of chocolate chip cookies, I’m not really a fan of chocolate at all but, that Oreo pizookie has changed my view on chocolate chip cookies. It was melt in your mouth good, literally.

We will be going there more often and I have already told my mom and sister about it because when Hubby & I get to find a new favorite restaurant I have to tell people about it. Hopefully next time we go I won’t knock my drink over with my elbow and have it go flying everywhere. *sigh* Yes, that really happened, no I’m never going to live it down.
The dinner for two deal is open Nationwide but if you live in Dallas and don’t know where one is – then here is a few in the major cities: Mesquite, TX, Dallas (Addison), TX, Plano, TX, Lewisville, TX, South Arlington, TX & Hurst, TX

Want to check out BJ’s restaurant before you go there? You can find them: Website : Twitter : Facebook : Pinterest : Google
“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Bj’s Restaurants but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Bjsrestaurants http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO”

If your husband is going to have surgery…

If your husband is getting ready to have surgery, this is what you need to know:
Your blog life until he can move again, is going to go down the drain. Oh, you may be able to post everyday or every other day but, reading blogs – chatting on social media – you mise well hang that up now.
Your going to be spending a lot of time in bed.. except, it’s not going to be where the magic is happening sense the magic will cause him ever more pain. Oh no, you’ll be laying there, head on his shoulder, talking and chatting and mid sentence you notice he has started to doze off.
Your going to be spending a lot of time trying to clean but it’s not going to happen because your husband or children are going to be asking you to do/get them something and your small breaks in between are not going to be cleaning breaks.
You are going to have to scold him. Men are men after all and they seem to come with this huge ego of being able to tolerate pain. So, when he decides he can carry a few things from the bed to the couch and he doubles over in pain, scolding will happen.
The above picture is the closest thing your going to get to a what I wore Wednesday post. Forget even the idea of having time to watermark your pictures.
Dinners are either going to consist of fast food, sandwiches or family members bringing food over. We’ve done all three so far. 
Be prepared to hear your a good wife over and over and that he loves you 100 times a day. Record this so when the pain meds wear off you have proof of this. 
Oh & you’ll also be writing this post with the new BlogGo app Dana from the wonder forest created. App Store, get it now. 

Because everyone needs a laugh

Tonight has been absolutely fabulous. 
Music blaring.
Jack Daniels + Dr. Pepper. I’m on my fourth glass as we speak.
Dancing my ass off.
Yeah, this is what Friday night are made of.
When the mood strikes.

Anyways, I have been browsing hilarious pins on pinterest + pinning them of course
and sense I’m drunk, I figured everyone needs a good laugh as much as I do, because really
no one needs to see what I would try and write right now.

Source : Pinned onto my funny board

Source : Pinned onto my Funny board
People must have really agreed with this one because instantly it received
6 likes + 6 repins. Winning.

Source: Pinned onto my funny board
Happens every time.

Source: Pinned onto my funny board

Source: Pinned onto my funny board

Source: Pinned onto my funny board

Enjoy your Friday night friends!

The best thing about being a woman

“Is the prerogative to have a little fun!
Oh, oh, oh. Go totally crazy – forget I’m a lady
Men’s shirts – short skirts
Oh, oh, oh, really go wild – yeah, doin’ it in style.” 
– Shania Twain 
{Warning: This post does have 2 funny slightly “innapropriate” pictures. If you don’t want to see em, done read it. #justsayin}
Yall, that doesn’t even begin to describe the amazingness that was my sister in law’s bachlorette party on Saturday night. We showed up in downtown & owned that place like it was no body’s business. The first bar we went to – we decorated the table with lots of fun decor, including straws. Ha, our waiter got a huge kick out of it.

I was tipsy before we even left the first bar. We were those girls who danced our way into the bar, laughed loud, danced our hearts out and danced & laughed on the way out of the bar.

By the way. I completely love those hats. The bachlorette is on the right! :) This was my first girls night out in five years and I soaked it up!

True story. I almost hit several tree’s walking around downtown after we left the 2nd bar above. I was drunk and in heels trying to walk in a straight line and it just wasn’t happening, but I couldn’t help but laugh. We couldn’t really take any picture’s in the 3rd bar because it was down in a basement and the music was pumpin so what did we do?

We showed the girls on the dance floor how they were really suppose to dance. Yes, #thiswhitegirlcandance #socanmygirls. I was born with the ability to dance yall I swear it. Anyways, to make a long story short it was amazing, fun & absolutely crazy!! I need to go out with my girls more often for sure! We didn’t stroll in {I had a Designated Driver, no worries} until 2:30 in the morning and I was seeing double while eating the yummy taco cabana my husband picked up on his way home from the bachelor party {he had a DD 2}. I had one hell of a hangover the next day, we picked up our sweet boys from their grandparents house and I spent time with them & still managed to go to the bridal shower. {Pictures on that coming soon}

While I didn’t get enough sleep & I had one hell of a hangover. I would re live that night all over again!
Happy Monday yall!

Hubs is claiming I’m going to get hit on #Notlikely

That will be me Sunday morning after the fun, drunken, crazyness that is going to go down tonight. We went to Target last night so I could get some cute pants to go with the super adorable top my mother in law is letting me borrow. I have zero going out clothes because i sit at home be the perfect little housewife + momma and apparently have no need for ridiculously cute outfits. So I was in desperate need of some because I was not going to be the only one who didn’t look cute tonight.

Insert extremely cute outfit that I will probably be showing off on Wednesday if I can wait that long. I tried on said outfit when I got home from target and showed Hubby and he stared at me for a good 2 minutes before
he said “You’re wearing that?”
Me: “mmmhhmmm.” While I do a full 360 spin for him.
Hubby. “I don’t want you to wear that.”
Me: “Are you being serious? What is wrong with this outfit?”
Hubby: “Yeah, you’ll get hit on in that outfit. I want you to wear sweats annddd….”
Me: Insert me cutting him off, “I’ll get hit on in that too.”


No really though. I was just trying to be a smart ass & it worked. I highly doubt I would get hit on in sweatpants. I highly doubt I will get hit on period. Hello beautiful shiny wedding ring on my finger. That wedding ring is like a do not approach sign. #sorryguysi’mtaken & I’m going to be surrounded by a bunch of other girls who beat me in the “hot” department by far. Yeah hubs, you have zero to worry about.

& besides Hubby, I’m not looking at anyone but you.

Anywho, while I’m having my first girls night out in ohhh five years. Literally.
Check out all the new lovely ladies on my sidebar.
They will rock the pants right off of you.
Or socks. Yeah let’s go with socks.
Let’s keep the pants on people.