I can’t do much, but I can do this

Day’s like today make me extremely glad I have a daily list of things to do everyday. I am feeling much better today, unlike yesterday. I got my idea for my daily things from Heather at want what you have. These things make me be able to still keep my sanity around my house while recovering from being sick. So, even though I can’t do my weekly cleaning for the day, or go 100 miles an hour doing all kinds of things, I have this list that I can slowly do. :)
-Make bed first thing in the morning -Put dirty laundry in laundry basket
-Put things back in proper place
- Pull food out of freezer for dinner (if necessary)
- Clean up dishes after every meal
- Run dishwasher as needed (unload clean dishes)
-Wipe down counter tops in the kitchen
- Empty trashcan as needed in kitchen
- Sweep kitchen floor
-Spot mop as needed
- Wipe down bathroom sinks after each use
- Vacuum the living room
- Laundry (at least 1 load a day)
- Pick up the toys (have the boys help me)
- Sort/recycle mail
-Hang towels to dry

The only thing I’m not doing from this list today is make my bed, because sense I’m sick, I’m washing our sheets/pillowcases and blankets today. Also, sense this list may look like alot it’s really not. It’s just alot of small things. I’m making the Fondant icing for my Jay’s birthday cake today along with the cute cookies I’m making. I’m also going to be making some of his decorations. :) I love being Frugal. It may take some time, but it saves money.
Happy Friday all!

Too many things to do (updated)

and it doesn’t seem like I have enough time to do them all.
It drives me crazy when I have days like today and what makes it even worse is the fact that I’m tired today. I’m trying to just focus on one thing at a time, but in the back of my mind I know I have to get these things done. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has days like today!
Work on finding customers/consultants for Ambit Energy Check
Zone clean the boys bedroom
Do the weekly cleaning for our bedroom (not weekly, but I did pick it up and make it look nice)
Lau ndry (this is half crossed off because I’m half way done) check
Finish spring cleaning the kitchen check picture up soon
Do flash cards/learning time with the boys (mainly Jay) Check
Play outside with the boys after KJ’s nap (Instead we snuggled on the couch and watch toy story two and playing inside)
Make birthday sign and some decorations for Jay’s birthday party on Saturday
Do my daily chores. (again, half way done)
Put grocery prices in my price book Check
Sigh, do you see how behind I am. The only reason I’m writing this post right now is because I’m multi-tasking, eating lunch while blogging, yay. :) To think, I still have to make dinner tonight, do dishes after dinner, give the boys bath and put them to bed. Maybe I should make another pot of coffee? Hmmm.
I managed to get quite a bit done, and still have time to relax tonight. :)

How blogging changed my life

Before I started blogging, I was not the best I could be. I knew in my heart that I was not doing as God wanted me to do, I was not being the best that God wanted me to bed. Specifically in my home. When we lived in our apartment. I cared very little about how it looked, I just did the basic’s and laundry. I didn’t do very much cleaning. My hubby was the cook, though he claimed he didn’t mind, I knew he did. My time was only for my children and myself. I was selfish when it came to my relationship with my husband. All I cared about was the children and want I wanted out of our relationship.
Before, I continue, I was 19 when we had our first child, and 21 when we had our second. Our boys are 18 months apart. I was young and naive, when we had our first child. As you could tell from the paragraph above. I wanted desperatly to be better, to be a better homemaker, a way better wife, and yes, a better mother. Because not cleaning, not cooking was just as bad as being a bad parent. I was letting my husband and my children down. When we bought our house in Septemeber, I knew I wasn’t going to let my house become a mess, I wanted to start cooking, cleaning, making my children happy, and making my husband happy.
I attempted this on my own. I was doing good, but I knew I could do better. My house was way more clean than our apartment ever was, I started cooking more often (just simple meals, but it was cooking), and I started making changes in our relationship. But, it just wasn’t enough. So, I did as I should have done to begin with. I prayed about it. I asked God to help me be as good as I could be for him, as good as I knew he wanted me to be.
Then it happened, I was researching on the internet and God showed me Heather’s blog. I’m not even sure how long I spent reading her blog, going through all the older posts. It was her blog that started to change my life. She is a Christian, SAHM, with three beautiful children and a loving husband. I absorbed everything from her blog about cleaning, organizing, raising children and having a good marriage. I look up to her in many ways, and even though I have never met her, even though we have not talked that much. She showed me how simple life could really be. 
So I began, I created a HMG. (Home Management Guide). That helped me out more than I ever though it would. I started organzing, cleaning, recycling, cooking and baking more (I have always loved to bake), and really caring about what my husband wants. I started feeling better about myself, about my life. I felt in my heart that I was becoming who God intended me to be. I was happy. I found several other blogs who inspire me everyday. 
I have never felt better about myself, My husband and I’s relationship is the best it has ever been, my house is clean and organized, and getting more organized, my children are happy. We are all happy now. So I just want to say a personal Thank You, to Heather. Thank you for being you, and thank you for all of your posts. I also thank God that he showed me her blog. I also want to say Thank You, to all of the blog’s I follow, Ya’ll are all just amazing!

Taking the day off

From endless laundry, dirty dishes, floors that need vacuuming, knicknack’s that need to be dusted, floors that need to be swept, and meals that need to be prepared.
The boys and I are spending the day with Grandma (my mom). The boys are super excited and so am I. It’s nice having girl time with my mom and having a relaxing day. Taking a break from the normal routine is nice and much needed. I was only going to be over here for a couple of hours, let her see the boys and then head back home to start my cleaning, cooking, etc. But she convinced me to stay the whole day and she would buy Pizza for dinner. I just couldn’t pass up on the offer to take a day off.
I hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday.
Please be sure to check out my post about Ambit Energy :)

In a funk..

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been in what I like to call a “funk”. I just haven’t been too happy with the turn of events over the past few days, it’s brought me down. I haven’t wanted to do anything. I’ve only been taking care of the kids and doing the basics around the house. I’m slowly coming out of it. On Friday, my wonderful sister in law, saw from my post’s on facebook on Thursday that I was down, she showed up with some yummy Starbucks and a few adorable nicknack’s (she knows I love nicknack’s) for me, along with some girl talk. :) She also got the boys some very cute pajamas.
Friday and most of Saturday went by in a blur. I can’t even really recall what I did on Friday and Saturday I only remember the evening part of it. Saturday was my sister in law’s birthday, so my hubby, the kids and I went out to dinner with her, her husband and kids, and my hubby’s sister and her boyfriend. It was a great time out and just what I needed. I was reminded that I was surrounded by people whom I love dearly and who love me. So today…
Today was much better, the boys have colds and I’m feeling a bit under the weather so we didn’t go to church today, but we did spend alot of family time today. From relaxing this morning, cuddling in bed, playing outback with the kids, and having a yummy Sunday dinner. (steaks, baked potatoes and corn) It was just the refreshing kind of day that I needed. Alot of quality time with my husband and our little ones, fresh air, relaxation, and yummy food.
So needless to say, I’m in a very relaxed mood. I just got done clipping coupons and making my grocery list. The kids and I are going grocery shopping with my mother in the morning (we didn’t get around to it this weekend).
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

A much better day

Sorry about my post last night..

Jay had gotten up countless times and I was getting exhausted having to tell him to get in bed 50 million times, in between trying to go over finances with my husband. My husband was also getting irritated. So I sat Jay down and had a long talk with him about why he can’t keep getting up and why he needed to go to sleep, along with finding out why he is getting up. He told me he is “scared of the dark”. Which I can relate to, when I was a kid, I was scared of the dark. There are times that even as an adult it still freaks me out a little (but not for the same reason’s as when I was a kid) I will save that for another blog post though. I explained to him that Mommy and Daddy were right in the living room, that KJ was across the room (they share a room) and that his grandpa was in the next bedroom and that if he needed us he could come get any of us or one of us would come in. I tucked him in with 3 of his stuffed animals and told him to hug them close and I’ll be…it worked. He fell asleep.

I actually had meant to write a good post yesterday but by the time I sat down to write it, I was just..well you know, you probably read it.

So yesterday, The kids and I went to church, this was the first time I had gone in at least 6 months and it’s not the same church I went to then, also this was the first time my children have gone to church. I was worried about them going to the classrooms (separate classrooms at that) because I had never left them with someone I didn’t personally know before. KJ was a little hesitant about going to the lady but he managed after a few minutes of me telling him it’s okay. Jay saw the toys and the other children in the room and had no problem going to the teacher. I was in complete shock, but the service was beautiful. I plan on going every Sunday and if I make this my home church, my husband will start going with us. :)

After church we ate lunch and the kids took a nap, and then I decided I was going to take one too. Oh, how I love naps but rarely take them. Afterwards we went to Sam’s club and then My dad, My husband, Jay, KJ, and I BBQ’d for dinner. It was such a great Sunday minus the night part where Jay was not wanting to go to bed.

Today, I got to visit with my sister in law and my niece who I haven’t seen in almost a month. Then, I got my house back in order and did activities with the kids and now having a relaxing night with my husband.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Monday. :)

It’s a beautiful day

It’s so pretty outside..

The sun is shining and the weather is nice. :) After the boys get up from their naps I plan on letting them play out back (they are going to love it). Friday and Saturday, were terrible to say the least. I was still sicker than a dog, layed out on the couch not wanting to move. Only eating chicken noodle soup and crackers, while drinking sprite and taking naps. To make matters worse, not only did my husband have to work on Saturday, after work he had to work on his brother’s car. Which took from 4 in the afternoon until about 10pm. That was no fun!

Sunday, I was feeling much better when I woke up. I was excited that I wasn’t going to be spending another day on the couch. The boys and I got ready and went with my father to Sam’s club to pick up a few things. (My husband got to sleep in). Then on the way home we stopped and got some McDonald’s, requested by Jay. He got his yummy chicken nuggets that he wanted so bad. The boys share a happy meal, they still don’t eat enough between the two of them to spend money on two happy meals that will mostly get wasted.

I got a little light house cleaning done. When my husband woke up, he got to relax for just a few minutes before his brother called and said something was wrong with the car, AGAIN! So they spent another ridiculous amount of hours working on his brother’s car again on Sunday. So we basically had no time together this weekend, of half the week for that matter sense I was sick and barely able to move. But I’m hoping this week/weekend will be different. :)

I made delicious Mozzarella Chicken, chicken pasta, corn and garlic bread for dinner last night. I would have made a dessert but we still had cupcakes and chocolate cake left over from last weekend.

Today, I spent all morning getting the house back in order (it was a complete disaster sense I was sick). It looks so much better! :) Jay decided to pour his orange juice on KJ this morning, and I walked in the room to see a huge red area on KJ’s forehead and over his left eye, and little rash bumps on his left cheek. First, i thought maybe he smacked his head on something, but his face was sticky from the OJ, so I hurried and cleaned him up and freaked out, because now I’m afraid he’s allergic to the texture of orange juice. He has drank orange juice before and didn’t have a reaction, but sense it was spilled on his face he got a rash. *sigh*

Well, off to do more cleaning and then outside time for the kiddos. :)

On the mend

I’m feeling a bit better today..
after two days of feeling like a beached whale on the couch, only moving if the kids need something (like a diaper change, something to drink or eat, or need to take a nap), taking an afternoon nap and going to bed between 7pm and 8pm these past two days along with medicine during the day and NyQuil at night, I finally feel somewhat normal. I still feel a little feverish and just a little tired. I managed to play with the kids this morning and get the kitchen cleaned up because it was a nightmare. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.
Now, I’m ready to take a nap with the kids again. I’m really hoping after today that I’m all better. I can’t stand being sick. Last night, My husband I’s new (well refurbished) laptops came in. Now we can stop fighting over who gets the laptop because we both have our own! YAY!
Well, nap time is calling my name, I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)
Well, I jinxed myself I guess, because I’m back to feeling like utter crap. I guess playing with the kids, cleaning the kitchen and doing a load of laundry was just too much for not feeling all the way better. *sigh* The kids were both not listening to me tonight and trying to give me a heart attack while I’m sick, so I just couldn’t take anymore, my husband agreed we should lay them down early tonight sense he is busy working on his brother’s car. So, that’s exactly what we did. Now I’m kicked back on the couch watching Titanic (one of my favorite movies) and playing around on the laptop, because doing anything else requires to much strength that I just don’t have right now.
Have a good night all.

Seriously Sick…

I haven’t felt this sick in a long time..

and to be completely honest, it sucks, big time. I think I have the flu. :( This morning I didn’t want to do anything! My mother in law (bless her heart) saw that I posted about being sick on facebook, and came over. She took the boys out back for a little while and let them play, while I layed on the couch not wanting to move. Then she gave them a bath right before nap time, that way they would go to sleep and then I could go to sleep. So that is exactly what we did.

After our two hour nap, everything on me ached and I felt like I was hit by a very fast moving train. The kids were good for about the first hour after nap time, and then KJ started getting into everything, hitting the new (well new to us) t.v. we got last night. Jay, isn’t doing to bad, he keeps coming up to me and saying.

“mommy you sick”
Me “Yes baby, mommy’s sick”
Jay “I fix you”

He keeps giving me kisses and rubbing my head. He’s such a sweet boy. :) Well, my husband was supposed to work late tonight, but sense I just can’t take anymore, I just want to go to bed, he’s getting off work and bringing me chicken noodle soup and sprite. So I’m going to eat, drink my Sprite and hopefully crash until tomorrow morning.

On the super down side of me being sick, my schedule is out the window today and my house is a mess. *sigh*

What a Wednesday..

Woo, it’s been one heck of a day…
It had alot of ups and downs. The ups are..
1- My mother came over and we had coffee and girl talk, I haven’t got to visit with her in a couple of weeks, so that was super nice
2- I got the house nice and clean
3- I got laundry done
4- I started my zone cleaning (all credit goes to Heather, she will be mentioned alot when I talked about schedules or cleaning, because it’s all thanks to her blog that I started doing this, deff. check her blog out!)
5- My husband got off work before 7PM, yay!
6- The kids made a new friend tonight (one of my husbands co-workers came over and brought his son, who is just a few months older than my youngest) They had a blast!
The downs…
1- Little KJ was in one terrible mood today. He is going through this -I want to be held constantly by whoever will hold me, and if i don’t get held I’m going to scream and throw myself on the ground- It’s really getting under my skin.
2- My dad is tired of not working, so he’s yapping my ear off about it and driving me a teensy bit crazy, which he knows this. (love you dad)
3- My dad’s girlfriend found out her cancer might be back, she will find out Friday. Please pray for good news.
4- From about 5pm until 7pm, Jay decided to be in a horrible mood! I wanted to rip my hair out of my head.
Overall it wasn’t too bad of a day. :)