Why I love this man (Top Five Friday)

Before I go into top five Friday, I wanted to let everyone know that Hubby is recovered from the stomach virus he got Wednesday night. I hate when he is sick, especially when I can’t do much to help him. But I am so glad he is feeling better!

Also, if you didn’t notice I now have new pages under my header. I figured it out out around 430ish in the wee hours of the morning Thursday when I couldn’t sleep. So excited. Okay, on to the post.

Time for Top Five Friday. With everything that has been going on, I thought I would share a little about why I love my husband, how he stole my heart and kept it, and how he is the best man I have ever met.
1. He makes me laugh. Seriously for the past five years and eight months he has made me laugh every.single.day. Even if we had an argument that day, he has found a way to make me me laugh. Laughing is exactly what I have needed this week and he once again did not let me down in this department. I love that he is funny, I love laughing and I’m so glad God blessed me with a man that could make me do just that at random times when I least expect it.
2. He has a kind/giving heart. He is always doing things for me or the children and it doesn’t just stop there. He does things for his family (mom, brothers, sisters, etc.) and my family (normally just my mom, step dad and dad because they are the only ones that ask) anytime we or they need anything. He does this all without ever expecting anything in return, he does it because he wants to help when he can. It truly amazes me how kind and generous he is.
3. He is smart. I’m not necessarily talking book smart here. (not that he is not book smart he is, but that’s not what I’m talking about this time hehe) I’m talking he can fix just about anything. Give him a broken computer, no problem he’ll figure it out. A car that needs fixing, he’ll work on it for hours trying to figure out the problem until he does, that way whoever’s car he is fixing, they don’t have to take it to a shop and pay a ridiculous amount of money to get it fixed. Problems around the house, if he doesn’t know how to fix it, he will figure it out and get it done. Need something made? He’s the man I run too. They love him at his job because he is an extremely fast learner. I love that about him. (Not just the fast learner part)
4. He loves me for who I am. I struggle alot with who I am. Some of you may remember I shared something about myself that I struggle with accepting, but he looks right past it as if it’s not even there. He knows everything about me, from my faults to my goals and loves me regardless. (oh yes, I will be doing a post about some of these things in the future) Sometimes it’s not always understandable (for instance when I’m having a bad day and I take it out on him, I don’t understand how he still looks at me with those eyes that shout I love you without him ever having to say it and I don’t understand it because I just acted like a complete B word.), it’s always unconditionally, and most of all it’s amazing. Truly amazing.
5. He takes care of me when I need to be taken care of. If you know me in real life, you know I don’t like having to have someone take care of me (if your reading this mom your probably nodding your head in agreement.) Seriously I am the most stubborn person I know when it comes to this, I would rather push my self to the breaking point before I ask for help. It’s a weakness, really. But he knows. He knows when I need him without ever asking and if I do ask him, he knows it’s pretty bad. For instances this week I did tell him I needed him, he already knew this, but I let him know. I think men like hearing we need them every once in awhile. Let me tell you, he has been there for me every single day sense I have had my surgery, the stomach virus, etc. taking care of me, the kids and doing somethings around the house. Sense I’m me, I would much rather try to do this all myself, but I’m not, I’m sitting back and relaxing for once and I’m trying to be okay with the fact that I need help and he is helping me so much. I can’t even thank him enough.
So there it is, five reasons why I love my husband. This doesn’t even touch all the reasons I love him, But I thought I would share those reasons because the turn of events this week, maybe there will be a part two. =D