People’s Sexiest Man Alive is…

I went & picked up my edition of People’s Magazine at Kroger today!

I am definitely
not disappointed in who the winner of People’s Sexiest Man Alive is. Although My first
choice didn’t win, my second choice did.

Hello gorgeous Channing Tatum.
I think I basically started adoring him when I saw him in step up. Excuse me a guy
who can dance + looks that damn good is just awesome in my book.
& I mean let’s face it. He really is sexy. & his interview in the magazine was flawless. I
especially love how he mentioned his wife alot {who I happen to adore} & he just proves
he is just like any other guy, except he won sexiest man alive + he’s an actor. Other than
that I loved finding out his hobbies and his love for dancing! I won’t share too much because
you MUST read it yourself ladies.

Tell me, are you happy or sad that Channing Tatum won?!

Also, the other hotties in the magazine definitely had my approval. Even Mcdreamy had
a spot. Yay! & so did the two cuties below! No, really though, the amount of eye candy in this magazine -
if Channing isn’t enough for you – is enough to go get your copy.

The interviews they did with the other studs I was loving all of their answers. I can’t tell you
what they were because you’ll just have to read it for yourself but it warmed my hear to know
so many men like being… ha and you thought I was going to spill it.

They even had a mustache section. Loved it!

Anyways, hurry and go get your copy before it’s no longer in stores! It really was a great
magazine and People Magazine did such a wonderful job with the People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue!

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Group™, but all my opinions are my own”

Did someone say People Magazine?!

You guys I am so excited about this post!

I absolutely love People Magazine – from the celebrity gossip to the Fashion & style parts of it! It is absolutely no secret that I love fashion and style, especially sense I became a momma 4 years ago and needed to get out of my everyday yoga pants and t-shirt look. But yall, my guilty pleasure lies within that celebrity gossip! How bad is that?! I have always loved other people’s drama yet I don’t like any drama in my life. Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me either!

Yes, it’s true. I love drama & gossip and I really have no idea why but I totally do and People Magazine gives me that healthy dose of it! {If there is a healthy does} ;)

There is nothing quite like flipping open People magazine after a long day and reading about my fav celebrities and seeing what they are up to & drooling {yes drooling}over their latest outfits. Then again sometimes I’m straight up like, “Uhh oh no she didn’t wear that out in public.” Either way I puffy heart love it! Please tell me I’m not alone!

But that’s not even the best part about the magazine. Ladies, prepare yourselves.

Oh yessss it’s that time of year for People Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. It’s totally drool worthy. My poor hubs, he know I have some favorite sexy celebs & I definitely don’t try to hide it. Good thing he’s not the jealous type. ;) #ionlywanthimforlife 

Anywho for all you ladies who have a secret {or not so secret} man you think is sexy then you definitely need to be checking out People Magazine’s Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue that hits stores on November 15th. Sorry Husbands.

While were drooling over the hotties featured in the 3 above magazines! Who are you rooting for this year?! {Mcdreamy, mcdreamy, mcdreamy} ;) Even my mother in law wants him to be the winner!

& today you get the chance to win a $20 gift card to Krogers! Woot Woot! Use the Rafflecopter below to enter!
“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media
Group™, but all my opinions are my own”

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Virtual Office Makeover with World Market

Yall I am so excited about this post today. I got to do some Virtual Online Shopping for our office. We have seriously done next to nothing with it, besides paint it. But now that I am working from home full time I really, really want to turn our office into a beautiful, functional space that I can work in – that is also perfect for my little one’s playing in their with me while I work. 

I am just keeping it real with these pictures. This is the way our office looks right now, it used to be the boys playroom so you can see we are transforming into our office. As you can tell we also very rarely use it because it is just not put together right now!

But in the near future that is going to change because I will definitely be hitting up world market ASAP! These are a few things I am crushing on for our office. 

1. Ryan Trash Can  // 2. Langston Desk, white // 3. Ivory classic carved wool rug // 4. Red grant office chair // 5. Red punched metal pendant light // 6. Rangoli Sunrise tapestry wall hanging // 7. Ivory bori curtain

I wanted something that was simple yet had pops of beautiful color and of course sense this will also be my husband’s office, I didn’t want it too girly. I figured red was perfect for this because red is both of our favorite colors so really it’s a win win! & I am seriously dying over that wall hanging. It is perfection!
& because World Market is UH-MAZ-ING they are having a sweet sweepstakes for you to enter. 

- Grand Prize package includes: A $10,000 World Market shopping spree and design consultation with an HGTV Designer
- There will also be 3 runner up prize winners that will each receive a $1,000 World Market gift card!
- The HGTV Sweepstakes runs from September 22, 2012 until October 26, 2012.
- If you share the sweepstakes with 5 of your friends (via FB share or email) you can receive 5 additional bonus entries. This is part of the registration process when entering. Users can also enter daily for more
chances to win.
- Enter online at World Market Sweepstakes or on Facebook .

World Market also has an awesome Explorer Program & trust me you want to be apart of it! This is a customer rewards program where member earn exclusive perks, like coupons, offers, previews, and beyond.  Spend $100 on Gourmet Foods and Non-alcoholic beverages and you will receive a $10 reward that you can use to purchasing almost anything in store or online. You can also earn FREE COFFEE Rewards! (Buy 6 12oz. bags and your 7th one is free!)

Want more ways to stay connected with World Market? #ofcourseyoudo check them out on
Facebook : Twitter : Pinterest : Instagram : Google +

Disclosure: “This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™, but all my opinions are my own.”

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WIWW – Sunglasses Edition

 Hey pretty people. If you follow me on Instagram {@c_livelaughl0ve) you probably saw me tweet a silly pictures with some super cute glasses. I even snuck it in that there would be a review right here on the blog today about that. So, without further ado – I bring to you WIWW – Sunglasses Edition.

We all know that I love sunglasses. I wear them sometimes a lot. On my face or chilling on the top of my head. So when I was contact by Firmoo to get a free pair of sunglasses and all I had to do was write my opinion about them I jumped all over that.

Okay. First I browsed their glasses and made sure they were completely something I would wear, made sure my readers would benefit from me showing these bad boys off and made sure to find a pair I couldn’t live without. Thennn I jumped all over it.

Really, there were so many cute glasses to choose from. Like these ones & these ones and of course the one’s I’m wearing. I normally go for big sunglasses, but sense I was getting a pair for free – come on I had to try something new and I spotted these and thought they would be perfect. I was right.

After they shipped out, it only took a few days for them to get here and they arrived in this cute little package with a carrying glass and a glasses cleaner. I put them on and my husband informed me I looked like one of those girls who goes to Starbucks orders her latte and demands they make it right. #itookthisasagoodsign

A really great perk is that if you are unsure about these glasses or sunglasses you can get a pair for FREE and see for yourself just how cute and perfect they are!

Now – go get your free pair of glasses and rock them like it’s nobodies business!

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I’m suppose to wear glasses

So this is one of those posts where you are going to find something out about me that you probably didn’t know. Because well I’ve never mentioned it. I’m suppose to wear glasses. Only when I read – but I do alot of reading, weather it’s books, blog posts, e-mails, reading stories to my kids, etc. So there is probably a good chance that I should have a pair.

I can remember being in 5th grade – wearing these eyeglasses I absolutely hated and tried avoid wearing them. But my teach knew I was suppose to wore them while I read so I had no choice. One day I lost them and they were never to be seen again.

Needed to say I am regretting that now. Because when I stare at a computer screen too long, read a book for any length of time I start getting a headache. So, now that I know about you better believe I am going to be getting me a pair – even if my husband is going to secretly laugh at me because I don’t look all that great in glasses. ;)

They also have this fun little try on feature called the try it mirror. I was having so much fun seeing how I look in all the different types of glasses – I especially love these eyeglasses frames that are only semi frames. Now, that is what I’m talking about. Simple, not very wide and stylish – um yes please.

When I get ready to buy my glasses, I will definitely be buying glasses online and from GlassesUSA. If you are still unsure on weather or not you should too – you should know that they high quality frames and lenses, they also offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program. The 100% satisfaction guarantee is a big deal – especially sense you won’t be trying them on until they arrive on your doorstep.

Be sure to check them out on facebook & twitter {@GlassesUSA} to stay up to date with them. & they are offering my lovely readers an awesome discount!

STOREWIDE OFFER – Take 15% off your entire order amount + FREE shipping (orders over $50). Code: FS15

Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10

One last thing, go have some fun with the try it on mirror! You will get a huge kick out of it and find a pair of glasses that were just made for you!

Thank you to GlassesUSA for sponsoring this post. I was compensated, but the views expressed above are all my own.