How my life has changed

I have mentioned in a couple of posts {here and here,} that my life is changed and I wanted to share how it has changed and what I’ve been doing to cause the change! My mom introduced me to Thrive about six months ago and I basically refused to take it. About a month ago, I finally gave in, and now I have to share how it has changed my life…

Here is my Thrive Experience!

As most of you know I am twenty six years old and married to the love of my life who I often refer to as Hubby around these parts. We have been together for almost ten years and we have four kids 7 years old and younger. Two of then are eighteen months apart {Jay just turned 7 years old and Kage is 5 and 1/2 years old} and two of them are 5 and 1/2 month old twins. All boys so I’m definitely outnumbered. ;) Like I said above, I was introduced to Thrive by my mom about six months ago.

I can remember clearly when she started taking Thrive, I saw a huge change in her! I also saw a change in other family members {my cousin Jessica being one of them} and friends that started taking it. I was so beyond skeptical and I was in a really bad place emotionally when they first started taking it. As you know, I have a messed up back and I have been dealing with back pain for almost two years now. I went from being extremely active to barely being able to do anything. I was depressed because this was not how I pictured my life. I never pictured not being able to be active or constantly having to tell my kids “no” and that “mommy can’t play with them right now”, and that killed me. If you are a momma, you know how much your little ones look forward to playing and spending time with mom and I hated not being able to. I had to take frequent breaks when trying to take care of all my little ones and it made me not even want to try to play. I couldn’t keep my house as clean as I wanted it because I was hurting too bad. My mom kept trying to talk me into trying it and I kept telling her no, for 5 months I refused to try it.

Even though I saw it working for her, even though I watched the amazing changes that were happening to her, I was convinced that this was my life. I was always going to be the young mom with a messed up back, I was going to be the woman who couldn’t be as active as I once was. I was going to be the mom who constantly had to tell her kids no, I would always be struggling through the day, and always tired. I wasn’t enjoying life and I was convinced this was how it was always going to be for me. After I had another breakdown, I threw my hands up in the air, and decided to get a sample pack from her, at this point I thought, “What do I have to lose?”

I was blown away by how well it worked the 1st and 2nd day, I had energy, I wasn’t snacking like crazy those first two days, and I wasn’t tired or wanting a nap by midday. By the Third day, I was convinced that this was for me. My energy had gone up in those three days and I truly started to feel happy again. By the end of the first week, my back wasn’t hurting as bad and neither was the nerve in my leg. I felt amazing and my mood was so much better. At the start of the second week, I started working out again and it didn’t kill my back which shocked the hell out of me because, I hadn’t been able to really workout in two years. I couldn’t believe it. By the end of my second week, I had inspired my husband to try it and we are both Thrivers for life now!!

I am a month in and I feel downright amazing! I can finally clean my house, take care of my kids much better, play with them, and be as active as I once was. I am so thankful for thrive, I am thankful my mom didn’t give up on wanting me to try it because, it has absolutely changed my life. I am happier, I’m a better me, I’m a better mom, and I’m a better wife. Thrive truly gave me my life back!!

If you would like to try Thrive {I have 3 or 4 day sample packs} or learn more about it, you can email me at and you check on my website as well. :) If you still aren’t sure, continue reading..

While we are on the subject, since I talked about the amazing changes I saw in my mom, I wanted to share her thrive story. She has been on Thrive for six months and her results are AMAZING!!

“My name is Sheila and this is my 6 month updated Thrive Experience.

I am 49 years old married to a wonderful man for 15 years now, I have 3 grown daughters and I’m a grandmother to 8 grandchildren. 6 months ago when my friend Lakeesha first introduced me to Thrive, I will be the first to say that I wasn’t interested, I didn’t really want to hear much about it. I was not in a good place in my life at the time. You see I had been in a motorcycle accident prior that left me with back and neck discomfort, and negatively affected my overall quality of life. I went from someone who was physically active, worked, and helped my kids out, enjoyed my life; to someone who was ruled by what I did that day, if it was too much I was in my recliner. I mean I managed to run some errands here and there but I didn’t like how my life was anymore. I couldn’t enjoy family functions, Oh I would go to them once in a while but never really was able to enjoy myself because of my back and neck discomforts. So I put on that fake smile, visited some and then I was ready to go back home and sit right back in that recliner. The recliner became my best friend as I tell people. To say my life was a mess was an understatement. I couldn’t physically play with my 8 grandchildren without feeling discomforts. Now, that was the part I really didn’t like. If you ever had grandkids then you know how much of a blessing they are.

Fast forward to October 7th 2014 when I finally decided to give Thrive a try. I wasn’t a day oner as you will hear people say. However, by day 2 I knew something was going on. I did notice that my energy had come up some, and my back and neck wasn’t hurting me as much. By day 3 that was the day. I woke up took my 2 capsules, waited about 20 minutes drank my lifestyle shake and then put on my DFT. I was awake, I had energy and for the first time in a long time I was happy, I mean really happy, and I noticed that my back and neck weren’t hurting like it did before. I felt so much better that day that I cleaned my entire house without having to take many breaks like I use to prior to starting Thrive.

I decided right then I had to share this couldn’t keep it to myself and I became a promoter, which is Free of course. I am happy to say that I have earned my auto bonus at yes I am a 12K!! Simply because I wanted everyone else to feel just as good as I do. The business opportunity with this company is amazing and they reward their promoters nicely. I work with an amazing Team and they are always willing to help. As the months went by my discomforts in my back and neck were getting better and for the first time I was able to physically play with my grandchildren with less aches and discomforts. To see the looks on their faces when I started chasing after them was priceless!! Now they ask me all the time when they come over, “mamaw will you chase us” you bet I will. I have been able to do more this winter then I have in years. I look forward to getting up every day and tackling a new day. The recliner is no longer my best friend!!

One of the nice side effects of taking Thrive on top of all the above is that I have lost a significant amount of weight {almost sixty pounds} and I am amazed at how much better I truly feel. I have even started working out on my gazelle. I would say this to anyone who is just watching or thinking oh it can’t work that way for me. You need to try it for those 3 days, and see what it will do for you. I would hate for you to not at least give the Thrive Experience a try and regain your life back!!! I am so glad I finally listened to my friend and opened that sample and gave it a try. My husband and I both will be Thrivers for Life!!!”

After hearing our Thrive experience, if you would like to try it for yourself {I have 3 and 4 day sample packs}, email me at Thrive has changed my life and I seriously want to share it with everyone!

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Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

This is NOT a sponsored post or a review. I am now a Thrive seller! :)

So, you may or may not remember the post I wrote where my mom shared her story about Thrive. After I saw the positive effects it was having in her life, in my step-dad’s life, and in my cousins life, I really wanted to try the products out. With me being pregnant though, I can only drink the shake until after the babies are born. It has so many good things in it and it gives me a little boost of energy which is a win-win for me when it comes to a new product. I don’t like drinking the same shake over and over again so, I decided to start experimenting with making yummy shakes out of the Thrive Shake Mix. The first one I made is really simple, but oh my gosh, it’s soooo good! Here is the recipe for a Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

You will need:
- A whole banana
- A packet of Thrive Shake Mix
- Milk
- A blender
- Ice
- A cup to pour your shake into

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

First. Cut the entire banana up. I didn’t cut the pieces too small because I knew my blender would blend it well enough with normal size pieces.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

Second. Pour the milk into the blender. Add the Shake mix. Drop in the cut up banana. Blend it all together for about a minute or so.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

Third. Pour your shake into a cup and add ice to make it a little colder. I found I like it better cold than room temperature.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

Four. ENJOY that deliciousness and all of the benefits that it comes with! :)

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // Simple and Easy Vanilla Banana Thrive Shake

If you want to order your own shake mix or other thrive products, you can visit my website here or send me an email with any questions you might have! More shake recipes coming soon!

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Why you should Thrive.

As most of you know, my back is messed up. I have two herniated discs, one of them being shot to hell and one that affects the nerve in my leg. Being in pain everyday for over a year now hasn’t exactly been fun, but it has given me a glimpse into what my mom has dealt with for many, many years now. Her back is much worse than mine, she has had multiple surgeries, been on different medicines, and even has a pain pump. She is in far worse pain everyday than I am, she has been dealing with it much longer than I have, and she is medically retired because of it. Watching your mom suffer with pain is one of the worst thing for a child. I’ve always hated that there was nothing I could do for her, there was nothing I could do to make the physical ailments less, and nothing I could do to fix her back. She is a strong woman though and embraces her pain the best way she can, I tried to understand what she was going through, but it wasn’t until my own back messed up, that I really understood what she went through on a daily basis.My mom’s friend introduced her to Thrive. She told her about all the benefits of using it, and how it could help her with her physical limitations. I was a little skeptical and I imagine she was too, because how was this going to help her physical limitations, help her be more energetic, and more; when her own pain doctor couldn’t find a remedy for that.


If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you know that I spend a lot of time with my mom. She’s one of my best friends and such a wonderful grandmother to my boys and lucky for us, she doesn’t live far from me. Well, a couple days into using the Thrive products not only did she start to notice a different, but I noticed a difference in her. Especially today at my baby shower. You see, cold weather makes our back pain/physical limitations worse and today was a cold one. Not to mention she was throwing my shower so she was going to be entertaining guests and on her feet a lot. I was shocked by the fact that not only did she seem full of energy at the party, but by the end of the party she was still going, I on the other hand since I don’t use the products yet, was ready to just go home and sit down from how bad my back was hurting and how tired I was.

It’s truly helping her and I normally wouldn’t talk about something I haven’t personally tried, but seeing such a great result in her, I knew I had to help her spread the word, but all I can do is tell you what I’ve seen and it’s not just her not being having physical limitations as much, her energy has gone up, and she is getting tons of nutrition from it too! I’ll let her tell you more about it though… here is what my mom has to say about Thrive…


“When I was first introduced to Thrive by my best friend LaKeesha, I was extremely busy and drained getting ready for my daughter Cassie’s baby shower coming up and with my physical limitations I just didn’t feel the need to even try Thrive.

Once LaKeesha told me about all the nutrition in the product, that it helped with so many things, from inflammation, to concentration, energy etc. I wanted to try it. Now before I tell you about what this product has done for me, let me give you a little history about me.

I have not worked in 8 years due to my physical limitations from a back injury. I became depressed, withdrawn, and missed out on so many things. I was tired all the time, my concentration had gone out the window and I had no real desire to do much of anything. I quit hanging out with friends, couldn’t crochet anymore which I love to do, missed out on family functions etc. I was not much of a happy person to be around at all.

Fast forward to Sunday, when I finally started taking Thrive, my first day I noticed a little energy but not much more, the second day when I took it I noticed more energy, by the 3rd day I was feeling emotionally happy, and the energy I had was amazing. I cleaned my entire house and with my physical limitations normally doing that took all day with many breaks, and I would not be able to do much the next couple of days, when I woke up on the 4th day to my surprise I was up and at it again, not having to slow down much at all and my mood was extremely positive and happy and my concentration oh my goodness it has come back, no more brain fog etc. My husband even notices when he calls me how happy I sound since starting Thrive. I told him I didn’t know how to act after all this time, because I feel so much better mentally and physically.

My husband is 69 years old and would always come home tired and fall asleep in his recliner, he isn’t doing that anymore. He is up and doing things and feels really good.

I can honestly say that this has changed my life really and truly and for the better. I never thought I would ever feel like this again in my life due to my physical limitations. But here I am and my daughter Cassie can attest to this she has watched me suffer endlessly.

Here is the link to the sight, I ask anyone who wants to get healthier, feel better and live!! Please take a moment to see what this is all about. I have tried everything under the sun and nothing every helped. What I like most is it only takes 30 minutes in the morning and you are done!! No taking pills, throughout the day etc.

I will answer any questions you may have and even let you try it first to see how you will feel. I am including my website and my email so by all means ask away. I look forward to hearing from you all..:)

Have a beautiful day.


I have noticed a big difference in both of them and it makes me happy to see my mom happy and active. I’ll be trying the shakes soon to see if they help with my energy level. For now, it’s the only part of Thrive I can do until after the babies are born, but I can’t wait to try the patches which is what helps with the inflammation and pain. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email my mom or if you are wanting to try Thrive out for yourself, visit her website. :)

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