Well, this past weekend was good. We got around to finally painting a room in our house, for the first time. It was fun and exhausting but totally worth it. This is the wall before.
Just plain ol’ white. Here is the wall after.

A beautiful baby blue. We love it! :) I also hung up a curtain that is toy story (that is the theme of their room)

I don’t know why this picture is sooo dark. But the curtain is super cute. I made the curtain rod and the curtain is actually a sheet! shhhh. haha, but you can’t even tell. I made the curtain rod from this old lamp.

I just removed the lamp pieces, my dad helped me saw off the smaller lamp piece, because there was no way to screw it off. Then removed the bottom and unscrewed one of the part’s to shorten it up again. Also, the sheet was something we got for free from a house warming party for Jay’s toddler bed, but it was the wrong sheet size, so we were just going to keep it back until he got a twin bed, but, this was a much better idea sense it was just sitting there! I love using what I have around the house to decorate with. Also I finally found a place for the $2 painting I got at a garage sale. The wall in our bathroom above our toilet. It’s the perfect spot.

I also did a little bit more decorating. My mother in law made me this very cute center piece for Valentine’s day. You can see it in this post right next to the flowers. Well, the problem was I had no where to put it after Valentine’s day because it didn’t really make anything. So I took the flowers out of it and put a few of them in a vase and put the rest in storage for next year. :)

I also added 3 things to the ledge above my couch. It had nothing on it, and it needed something so this is what I put on there.

two super cute knick knacks that my sister in law got me and my pink candle. I love candles by the way. Today was pretty productive. I managed to stay on schedule almost all day. The kids were super good today as well! I managed to get Jay’s birthday invitation’s done. His birthday is exactly one month away!! The time has gone too fast. The invitation’s are nothing fancy, there would be more color but we only have a black ink printer, so I just worked with what I had. :)

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Monday.

A bunch of randoms

I don’t really have much to post about today. I’ve been keeping to myself, there has been alot of drama lately, but I won’t get into that. But I thought I would share some things. I’m glad to say we got rid of our little microwave that we have had for almost 3 years. 

We got a -new to us- stainless steel microwave from my husband’s uncle for free! YAY! It’s much bigger and work’s alot better!
I love it so much better! :) Also spring has made it’s way into my kitchen! 

I’m not done yet, but I found that 24 piece set (the others are put in the drawers) for $4.99 at cvs. I just couldn’t pass it up. I figured it was the perfect thing for the beginning of spring. The boys had a blast outside today. The weather was so nice. But now Jay is complaining of an ear ache. Poor little guy. He went right to sleep tonight. I hate when either of my boys are sick. I also got some really cute baskets from my momma. That I used to organize under neath the boys bathroom sink.

So much better than the cluttered mess it was. I also had some cleaning supplies that I put up in a high closet, sense Jay is now able to open the bathroom door and go in there when I’m not looking. I just didn’t feel comfortable with those products down there anymore. So, I put them here.

That doesn’t look very high up. but it’s on the 6th shelf, I just zoomed in. Lol. Well, I hope everyone had a fabulous day!
Oh I almost forgot, I finished KJ’s blanket today. :)

Organize your mind

Okay, so I was going to blog everyday until the week was over. I didn’t realize a new week of organize your life was on Wednesday’s. oops. Even though I’m a couple of weeks behind, i still want to start and finish when the week is over. So I’m going to finish up the first week in this post and then start on week 2. :) I’m so excited!!
Okay the rest of the goals for Week 1 is:
Pray/meditate- I pray everyday, normally at dinner and then at night. But I’m going to start praying at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and still at bedtime and then say prayers with the boys when they lay down for a nap and then when they lay down for bed. That way there is plenty of our prayer going on in our home. :)
Exercise- I was doing good with this, and then I just kinda fell off, so I’m going to work hard on this goal to start doing this again.
Schedule “me” time- This one I think I’m going to struggle with, I just don’t get out by myself that much and I’ve heard alot from other mom’s that “me” time is necessary, but we will see.
De-clutter- I have been doing this over the past few days. I have been in a purging mood and I’m making great progress. :)
Now for the beginning of Week 2. Week 2 is Organize your schedule!
I’m going to do something different this week though. I’m going to write out all the goals, and what I plan to do with them and then Tuesday night, before the new week, blog about how I accomplished my goals. Sense it’s Thursday and the new week started yesterday, it’s a good thing I went out last night and got the first goal!
This first goal is get a planner, which I am happy to say I did last night. :) So far, I don’t have much in it, but I’m sure that will all change with time. Having a planner, is going to make remembering appointments and such so easy!
Second goal Plan for the month, I am actually looking forward to this that way I don’t always have to try and set up plans/appointments every week, maybe it will be less hectic.
Third goal Make a master to-do list, you are suppose to list everything on your mind, oh sheesh, this is going to be a loooong list!!!
Fourth goal Sort your to-do list, there are three lists.
1- Today list, things that need to get done that day. This seems easy enough, we will see how it goes.
2- Weekly list, all the things you need to do that week.
3- Future list, things like play dates, get togethers etc.
(by the way, I’m looking forward to these lists. I LOVE making lists!)
Fifth goal Schedule your families appointments, pretty self explanatory. Hopefully I can get this done!
Sixth goal Get a small notebook by bed, I have a notepad on my nightstand, i love it. Because if I think of something I don’t want to forget before bed, I can reach over and write it down real quick and then I don’t have to worry about remembering it in the morning.
I am looking forward to working on all these goals! I can’t wait to update at the end of the week to post about how I managed the goals along with ones that I struggled with. Good luck everyone!
Head on over to House of grace for more detailed descriptions of all the goals, and helpful tips etc.

Organize your mind

Week 1-organize your mind
Day 3
Another goal for this week is Limit t.v. When I first saw this, my first thought was “Pssh, that will be easy. I don’t watch that much t.v. anyway” But then I started thinking about it. During the boys naps, I watch t.v., even though I may be cleaning or on the computer that is still roughly 2 hours of t.v. in the afternoon. Then when the boys go to sleep at night, my husband and I watch t.v. for a couple of hours at night, although were not constantly watching it, it’s still on, and we still pay attention to it. That’s a total of at least 4 hours if not more of t.v. that I watch a day. I plan on changing that. I want to do, maybe 30 to an hour (depending on my show) in the afternoon, also try to only watch an hour of t.v. (if not less) at night. Hmm, I’ll see how this goes at the end of the week.
Another one of the goals is to Schedule breaks (for yourself) After I lay the kids down for their nap, I take at least 30 minutes to surf the web or read a book. That way I have some “break” other than that, I’m normally cleaning, doing laundry, taking care of the kids, cooking, baking, and at night after the kids go to bed is the only other “break” time I can think of that I take. I don’t really know of any other breaks to take, I think those two work just fine for breaks during the day. But that could change, we will see.
Don’t forget to check out this series over at the house of grace!


Ah, Spring is coming

And I can’t wait…
I love spring! The flowers start blooming, the air is fresh, the birds are singing, the kids get to play outside alot which makes them extremely happy. What’s not to love about spring? After seeing a fellow blogger’s new spring setup for her table, I was inspired to set up my own. I love decorating for the seasons/holidays. So, why I haven’t already set up my spring table, I have no idea! But, I did tonight! Woo.
This is what was on it before. (this is my in between season table set up that I use, I couldn’t find a recent picture, and smart me forgot to take one, so this is from our old apartment, minus the glasses.)

And now. Here is where I need ya’lls opinions please! I went to cvs and got a few things. Sense, I had no spring decorations!

I forgot to put the toothpick holders next to it in the first picture. My problem is, I like it both ways. So, I’m leaning more towards the first one, but what do y’all think? Also I’m not sure if I want to keep the flowers in the papers or line them up around the inside of the bowl. Hmmm decision’s decision’s! I will also eventually add more fruit instead of just the apples to make it more colorful, but the apples were the only thing I had on hand right now. So there is my dilemma. I’m just not Sure about it.
I moved the candle centerpiece to my bookshelf. I like it alot better!

I made little blueberry muffin’s today, for the first time in a long time, and i burnt the bottoms, but the tops and middle were really good. sigh. I’ll get it down! Did I mention, I love the smell of blueberry muffin’s baking in the oven, the smell lingers for awhile and it’s just delicious smelling!

I thought for sure we were going to get a storm today, but it didn’t hit it us like they “predicted” it would. But the clouds sure came in like it was going to!

Oh well, today I did flashcards with the kids (numbers 1-10), I wrote the number on the front and the word on the back, and showed them both sides. KJ is too small to really understand but he was getting a kick out of it and Jay was naming almost every single one right! Yay! Sense I’m teaching them the numbers, I’m going to do a “number of the day” for numbers 1-10. Today was number 1, so I drew a 1 and wrote the word on a piece of paper, and let Jay scribble color on it, while we talked about the number 1. He got a kick out of it. Of course KJ wanted to color too, so I let him, although he kept wanting to eat the crayon! Haha.

Have you noticed I love taking pictures? Haha, sorry for the long post, but it was a good day!

Organize your mind

Week 1- organize your mind
Day 2
Another one of the goals for this week of Organize your mind goals is to create a schedule. I already had a schedule, but it just seemed so hectic when I looked over it. So I’ve been paying attention to what time we have really been doing around here and things that I want us to do throughout the day, and made a brand new schedule. :)

I like it much better than the chaotic one I had, this one is more simple, but also getting alot done at the same time. :)
Another one of the goals is to Start a journal , although I mainly use my blog as my journal, I’m going to start a personal journal, where I can write down everything I’m feeling and not worry about anyone seeing it. Looks like a trip to the dollar store is in the agenda for today.
If y’all aren’t following the organize your life series, I recommend. I love it so far!

Accomplished Monday

I manage to get alot of my house back in order today. Before I get into that, I also joined in on the Organize your life series hosted by House of grace. It seems really interesting and fun! I’m looking forward to goals over the weeks. :)
I did about 5 or 6 loads of laundry today. I was ridiculously behind on it. I also got the kitchen clean, it’s soo nice and pretty now. I cleaned and straightened the fridge. It looks much better now!


Yes that is my adorable little KJ, who the minute he hears the fridge open comes running at full speed.
Looks much better, (yep that’s KJ again). haha.
I also got the living room all nice and clean. I also decided to clean and organize the entryway closet.


Yep, ridiculous, I know!


I got all the heavy coats out of the closet and left only the light coats for the cooler days. I decided I would be jinxing myself if I put the heavy coats up in the attic, so I put them in our closet until were 100% sure that the super cold weather has passed. I also only have the shoes we wear most often in the closet now, instead of a ton of pairs that are only worn every once in awhile.
I also got the bathrooms cleaned, sheets changed and washed. So woo, I’m tired! I made yummy chicken and rice for dinner and now I’m relaxing with my hubby. :) I hope everyone had a great day!

Organize your mind

I have decided to join in on the Organize your life series, hosted by another blogger. She is on week 3, and I’m just now starting out so I’m a little behind but that’s okay! I’m even tempted to buy the book she is doing this from. :) So here it goes, I’m going to do this by the week/day to post the new things I have accomplished for this weeks goals.
Week 1 – Organize your mind
Day 1
One of the goals is to get at least 7 hours of sleep. I’m going to try my hardest to do this. I have a problem with staying up later than I should and waking up early with the kids. So I’m going to try this tonight and I will post if I accomplished this everyday at the end of this week.
Another one of the goals is to Keep a to-do list, So I decided to do just that!

It is so long today, for the simple fact that, I’m getting my house back in order today, after the “funk” I was in the past 4 days.
Those are my two goals I am working on today. :) I think it is a great idea to get your mind organized. Because a unorganized mind can make life hectic. (I would know, I have a very unorganized mind)


In a funk..

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been in what I like to call a “funk”. I just haven’t been too happy with the turn of events over the past few days, it’s brought me down. I haven’t wanted to do anything. I’ve only been taking care of the kids and doing the basics around the house. I’m slowly coming out of it. On Friday, my wonderful sister in law, saw from my post’s on facebook on Thursday that I was down, she showed up with some yummy Starbucks and a few adorable nicknack’s (she knows I love nicknack’s) for me, along with some girl talk. :) She also got the boys some very cute pajamas.
Friday and most of Saturday went by in a blur. I can’t even really recall what I did on Friday and Saturday I only remember the evening part of it. Saturday was my sister in law’s birthday, so my hubby, the kids and I went out to dinner with her, her husband and kids, and my hubby’s sister and her boyfriend. It was a great time out and just what I needed. I was reminded that I was surrounded by people whom I love dearly and who love me. So today…
Today was much better, the boys have colds and I’m feeling a bit under the weather so we didn’t go to church today, but we did spend alot of family time today. From relaxing this morning, cuddling in bed, playing outback with the kids, and having a yummy Sunday dinner. (steaks, baked potatoes and corn) It was just the refreshing kind of day that I needed. Alot of quality time with my husband and our little ones, fresh air, relaxation, and yummy food.
So needless to say, I’m in a very relaxed mood. I just got done clipping coupons and making my grocery list. The kids and I are going grocery shopping with my mother in the morning (we didn’t get around to it this weekend).
I hope everyone had a great weekend!

A much better day

Sorry about my post last night..

Jay had gotten up countless times and I was getting exhausted having to tell him to get in bed 50 million times, in between trying to go over finances with my husband. My husband was also getting irritated. So I sat Jay down and had a long talk with him about why he can’t keep getting up and why he needed to go to sleep, along with finding out why he is getting up. He told me he is “scared of the dark”. Which I can relate to, when I was a kid, I was scared of the dark. There are times that even as an adult it still freaks me out a little (but not for the same reason’s as when I was a kid) I will save that for another blog post though. I explained to him that Mommy and Daddy were right in the living room, that KJ was across the room (they share a room) and that his grandpa was in the next bedroom and that if he needed us he could come get any of us or one of us would come in. I tucked him in with 3 of his stuffed animals and told him to hug them close and I’ll be…it worked. He fell asleep.

I actually had meant to write a good post yesterday but by the time I sat down to write it, I was just..well you know, you probably read it.

So yesterday, The kids and I went to church, this was the first time I had gone in at least 6 months and it’s not the same church I went to then, also this was the first time my children have gone to church. I was worried about them going to the classrooms (separate classrooms at that) because I had never left them with someone I didn’t personally know before. KJ was a little hesitant about going to the lady but he managed after a few minutes of me telling him it’s okay. Jay saw the toys and the other children in the room and had no problem going to the teacher. I was in complete shock, but the service was beautiful. I plan on going every Sunday and if I make this my home church, my husband will start going with us. :)

After church we ate lunch and the kids took a nap, and then I decided I was going to take one too. Oh, how I love naps but rarely take them. Afterwards we went to Sam’s club and then My dad, My husband, Jay, KJ, and I BBQ’d for dinner. It was such a great Sunday minus the night part where Jay was not wanting to go to bed.

Today, I got to visit with my sister in law and my niece who I haven’t seen in almost a month. Then, I got my house back in order and did activities with the kids and now having a relaxing night with my husband.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Monday. :)