Sad :(

Someone I am extremely close to..
Is pregnant (about 7 or 8 weeks), she went to the ER last night. The baby has no heart beat. My heart aches for. I pray that God brings her comfort and peace in this hard time. I also pray that maybe, just maybe he will work a miracle and bring the baby back to life inside of her. Please pray for her.
Thanks so much

A little survey thingy…

I don’t feel like posting much of anything…

because I’m in a bad mood, which means whatever I write about would probably be bad. So instead I found this on Heather’s blog. So I’m going to do it because it looks pretty funny.

Your real name: Cassie

Gangsta name (1st three letters of your real name plus izzle, favorite ice cream & fav type of shoe): Casizzle mint chocolate chip flip flop

Native American name (fav color, fav animal): Red white tiger

NASCAR name (1st names of grandfathers): Julian Ed

Dancer Name (fav perfume/scent, fav candy): Secret wonderland skittles

Soap Opera name (middle name, street you live on): Cheri greenstone

Star Wars name (1st 3 letters of middle name, 1st 2 letters of first name): Checa

TV Weather/Anchor name (5th grade teacher’s last name, major city that starts with same letter): Kopacki Kansas city

Spy name (fav season, fav flower): Fall rose

Cartoon name (fav fruit, article of clothing you are wearing now): Strawberry shirt

Hippie name (what you ate for breakfast, fav tree): Donut willow

Super Hero name (2nd fav color, fav drink): Blue dr. pepper

Witness protection name (parents’ middle names): Kevin Marie

Goth name (black, name of one of your pets): Black Zena (I don’t have a pet, so I used my mom’s pets name)

Movie Star name (1st pet’s name, 1st street name): Angel pamela

Iraqi name (2nd letter of first name, 3rd letter of mom’s maiden name, 3rd letter of dad’s name, 1st letter of a sibling’s first name, last letter of mom’s first name): Admaa

Rock Star name (1st pet, current car): Angel saturn

Ha, nice.

It’s a beautiful day

It’s so pretty outside..

The sun is shining and the weather is nice. :) After the boys get up from their naps I plan on letting them play out back (they are going to love it). Friday and Saturday, were terrible to say the least. I was still sicker than a dog, layed out on the couch not wanting to move. Only eating chicken noodle soup and crackers, while drinking sprite and taking naps. To make matters worse, not only did my husband have to work on Saturday, after work he had to work on his brother’s car. Which took from 4 in the afternoon until about 10pm. That was no fun!

Sunday, I was feeling much better when I woke up. I was excited that I wasn’t going to be spending another day on the couch. The boys and I got ready and went with my father to Sam’s club to pick up a few things. (My husband got to sleep in). Then on the way home we stopped and got some McDonald’s, requested by Jay. He got his yummy chicken nuggets that he wanted so bad. The boys share a happy meal, they still don’t eat enough between the two of them to spend money on two happy meals that will mostly get wasted.

I got a little light house cleaning done. When my husband woke up, he got to relax for just a few minutes before his brother called and said something was wrong with the car, AGAIN! So they spent another ridiculous amount of hours working on his brother’s car again on Sunday. So we basically had no time together this weekend, of half the week for that matter sense I was sick and barely able to move. But I’m hoping this week/weekend will be different. :)

I made delicious Mozzarella Chicken, chicken pasta, corn and garlic bread for dinner last night. I would have made a dessert but we still had cupcakes and chocolate cake left over from last weekend.

Today, I spent all morning getting the house back in order (it was a complete disaster sense I was sick). It looks so much better! :) Jay decided to pour his orange juice on KJ this morning, and I walked in the room to see a huge red area on KJ’s forehead and over his left eye, and little rash bumps on his left cheek. First, i thought maybe he smacked his head on something, but his face was sticky from the OJ, so I hurried and cleaned him up and freaked out, because now I’m afraid he’s allergic to the texture of orange juice. He has drank orange juice before and didn’t have a reaction, but sense it was spilled on his face he got a rash. *sigh*

Well, off to do more cleaning and then outside time for the kiddos. :)

On the mend

I’m feeling a bit better today..
after two days of feeling like a beached whale on the couch, only moving if the kids need something (like a diaper change, something to drink or eat, or need to take a nap), taking an afternoon nap and going to bed between 7pm and 8pm these past two days along with medicine during the day and NyQuil at night, I finally feel somewhat normal. I still feel a little feverish and just a little tired. I managed to play with the kids this morning and get the kitchen cleaned up because it was a nightmare. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.
Now, I’m ready to take a nap with the kids again. I’m really hoping after today that I’m all better. I can’t stand being sick. Last night, My husband I’s new (well refurbished) laptops came in. Now we can stop fighting over who gets the laptop because we both have our own! YAY!
Well, nap time is calling my name, I hope everyone has a great weekend. :)
Well, I jinxed myself I guess, because I’m back to feeling like utter crap. I guess playing with the kids, cleaning the kitchen and doing a load of laundry was just too much for not feeling all the way better. *sigh* The kids were both not listening to me tonight and trying to give me a heart attack while I’m sick, so I just couldn’t take anymore, my husband agreed we should lay them down early tonight sense he is busy working on his brother’s car. So, that’s exactly what we did. Now I’m kicked back on the couch watching Titanic (one of my favorite movies) and playing around on the laptop, because doing anything else requires to much strength that I just don’t have right now.
Have a good night all.

Seriously Sick…

I haven’t felt this sick in a long time..

and to be completely honest, it sucks, big time. I think I have the flu. :( This morning I didn’t want to do anything! My mother in law (bless her heart) saw that I posted about being sick on facebook, and came over. She took the boys out back for a little while and let them play, while I layed on the couch not wanting to move. Then she gave them a bath right before nap time, that way they would go to sleep and then I could go to sleep. So that is exactly what we did.

After our two hour nap, everything on me ached and I felt like I was hit by a very fast moving train. The kids were good for about the first hour after nap time, and then KJ started getting into everything, hitting the new (well new to us) t.v. we got last night. Jay, isn’t doing to bad, he keeps coming up to me and saying.

“mommy you sick”
Me “Yes baby, mommy’s sick”
Jay “I fix you”

He keeps giving me kisses and rubbing my head. He’s such a sweet boy. :) Well, my husband was supposed to work late tonight, but sense I just can’t take anymore, I just want to go to bed, he’s getting off work and bringing me chicken noodle soup and sprite. So I’m going to eat, drink my Sprite and hopefully crash until tomorrow morning.

On the super down side of me being sick, my schedule is out the window today and my house is a mess. *sigh*

What a Wednesday..

Woo, it’s been one heck of a day…
It had alot of ups and downs. The ups are..
1- My mother came over and we had coffee and girl talk, I haven’t got to visit with her in a couple of weeks, so that was super nice
2- I got the house nice and clean
3- I got laundry done
4- I started my zone cleaning (all credit goes to Heather, she will be mentioned alot when I talked about schedules or cleaning, because it’s all thanks to her blog that I started doing this, deff. check her blog out!)
5- My husband got off work before 7PM, yay!
6- The kids made a new friend tonight (one of my husbands co-workers came over and brought his son, who is just a few months older than my youngest) They had a blast!
The downs…
1- Little KJ was in one terrible mood today. He is going through this -I want to be held constantly by whoever will hold me, and if i don’t get held I’m going to scream and throw myself on the ground- It’s really getting under my skin.
2- My dad is tired of not working, so he’s yapping my ear off about it and driving me a teensy bit crazy, which he knows this. (love you dad)
3- My dad’s girlfriend found out her cancer might be back, she will find out Friday. Please pray for good news.
4- From about 5pm until 7pm, Jay decided to be in a horrible mood! I wanted to rip my hair out of my head.
Overall it wasn’t too bad of a day. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today has been such a great day..
It was very relaxing and full of surprises. I got hubby a heart shaped box of chocolates. He loves chocolate, so I know I can’t go wrong with that and a very beautiful card.

This morning he came home from getting breakfast for us with a valentine present for me. Two very cute stuffed animal puppy’s that are sitting back to back, a little box of chocolates connected to them with a balloon. :)

I of course loved it. We got the kids Valentine Lollipops and they totally enjoyed them. I’m going to miss this age where they get super excited over candy, instead of the age where they aren’t going to get excited over candy and the are going to start getting excited over video games, cars etc.

I got cleaning/laundry done today. Then my dad offered to watch the boys so hubby & I could go do something, so we went to the movies and saw -Just go with it- I recommend this movie. It is a very funny romantic comedy.

Us before we left for the movie. It was nice to get out of the house, just the two of us. We rarely do, any outings we go on weather it’s to the store or out to a restaurant the kids are normally with us. Which I don’t mind because I love my children, they crack me up everyday, but it’s nice to get some time with just my husband. :) Well, when we got home, I walked in to see 12 amazingly beautiful red roses in a very pretty vase, with a huge balloon. I was in shock to say the least, and I was completely in awe. I was not expecting anything else, but he had them delivered to the house (he is pretty sneaky). My face completely hurt from smiling, I didn’t even know what to say to him besides “Thank you” a hundred times and a “they are so beautiful” and smothering him with kisses and hugs of course.

Aren’t they beautiful? His sweetness is one of the many reasons why I love him. The kids are now in bed and we are relaxing the rest of the night. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day!

Very tired..again..

I’m so ready for bed…

But hubby is getting all his computer stuff off of the bed and set up on the desk that we recently put in our room. Today was a very busy, very productive day. My dad is going to be staying with us temporarily (he just moved back from Washington) until he can get a job and get a place of his own. So today I single handily (sense my husband was at work and my dad was busy cleaning out his ridiculously messy truck, I tell him all the time he is unorganized) re arranged our room, to make room for my husbands computer desk. We have a three bedroom house, and the third bedroom was our office/storage room. But sense my dad is going to be staying here, we wanted him to have his own space. So I got all of my stuff moved out of that room, put my bookshelf in our room, I considered putting it in the living room and then I thought about how the kids would probably just destroy it and my books every chance they got, so, I didn’t want to deal with that. So I made room in our room for my bookshelf and my husbands computer. I didn’t realize how big our room was, it’s amazing what a little re arranging can do. I was worried that the 2 extra things in the bedroom would just make it seem cluttered, and I HATE clutter. But it really doesn’t, it actually doesn’t look half bad.

I got the room, bathroom and our closet re cleaned and organized from all the re arranging and moving. I got two loads of laundry done, kept my house looking decent by picking up after the kids and other messes I was making along the way, while taking care of two kids. When I finally got done I felt so accomplished. I gave my self a pat on the back. Then my husband came home from work only to have to work on his brother’s car. So no break for either of us. Around 4PM, I started feeling horrible, i mean fever, chills, some sort of chest thing going on,

My dad was like “Sweetie you look sick”
I was like “I feel sick”
Him “Why don’t you go lay down”
Me “I have kids”
My Dad “I can watch them”

my mouth almost detached and hit the floor. Not because it’s not something I would expect from him, but normally when I get sick I’m still taking care of the kids, the house and myself until my husband gets home. So, it took me a minute of laying there before I could answer, (I think my brain was trying to process this) I finally agreed. Thank god he was here (literally)! I took a two and a half hour nap and felt much better. Hubby was still  working on his brother’s car, so I cleaned up a little more and played with the kids who were extremely mad due to the fact that they were both hungry and tired and wondering where the heck mommy had been for the past two and a half hours. Afterwards we ate and got the kids ready for bed, and layed them down. I crocheted while my husband got his stuff out of the computer room and moved into our room. So now it’s 1AM, the house is clean, the kids are asleep, my dad is asleep, and I want to be asleep. Hubby please hurry up!

Overall it was a very good productive day minus the getting sick part.


Fridays are always my favorite day of the week…
Even if my husband has to work on Saturday. My reasons being
1. It’s payday
2. We get to pay our bills. (I know, most people hate paying bills but exactly as the name of my blog, love the life you have. I love having t.v., Internet, electricity, running water, phones etc. Therefore I love paying our bills to keep all these things on)
3. It’s the night I don’t have to cook.
4. Hubby & I stay up a little later on the weekends. (Since we don’t get to spend very much time together during the week)
5. The kids get to stay up a little bit later (which means no fighting with the kiddo’s to go to sleep)
6. The kids are normally in a great mood because they know they get to stay up later
7. I’m in a great mood for all the reasons above.
Today was a pretty good day. It’s apparently the last day of really cold weather for at least a week. We are suppose to be in the high 60’s and low 70’s all week. Which means this coming week, there will be a ton of playing outside for the kids. I love being outside and so do the kids, and for that matter so does my husband. :) Were an outside kind of family, we don’t always like to be holed up inside. The boys were in pretty good moods today, Jay of course didn’t take a nap today, but KJ did. :) So he was in a good mood all day sense he got to take a nap without Jay trying to keep him awake. I got a load of laundry done and kept the house clean until about 5PM when the kids decided to go on a “lets mess up the house spree.” Really, it’s not that bad but, compared to how it’s been it looks like a mess to me.
Hubby got home earlier today than he has been which put me in a better mood and him, the kids, my dad & I all went to Chili’s for dinner. (Which is one of my favorite restaurants). & we went to Walmart and then relaxed the rest of the night. I’m super sleepy now though.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! <3

Time to relax

It’s that time of night …

Where I somewhat get to relax. In between getting up and telling Jay to get in bed, getting my hubby who has been working his butt off all day something to drink or some snack that he wants. But for the most part it quite time. Today has not been too bad. There wasn’t much cleaning to do today sense the house is staying pretty much clean to my new found cleaning/organizing technique, thanks to a very brilliant woman who I have mentioned in earlier posts. The kids were pretty darn good today, except for about 10 minutes before bed time. Then KJ just starting getting mad and throwing a fit and Jay of course not wanting to go to sleep. The kids did alot of playing today and watched cars about 3 times! Ugh.

I also made some yummy cupcakes which the kids and I enjoyed that.

I made a pretty easy dinner tonight. Hamburgers and Mac & cheese. I have a headache so I didn’t really want to make much more than that. I’m looking forward to the “warmer weather” we are suppose to have this weekend. I’m pretty excited about getting outside with the kids and playing! It will be nice to not be stuck in the house.

Have a good night all!