Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Seriously I enjoy the snow. Watching how beautiful the snow looks falling to the ground, watching the world turn white right in front of my eyes, making snow angels, throwing snowballs with the kids, it just reminds me that god creates beautiful scenery. But..(yes there is a but) as much as I enjoy all of that. I despise being trapped inside the confines of these walls or the fence of my backyard. I have seriously nothing left to do. Okay, not literally, I still have alot of cleaning/organizing I can get done. But when you do that for a few days in a row, you lose interest but you do it anyway. Like today, on top of regular cleaning/laundry, i decided I was sooo bored, that I was actual going to clean/organize my kitchen. And I mean Literally clean and organize. I cleaned all the shelves in all of the cabinets and organized, arranged and moved items, along with all the drawers. It took me two hours and I was actually sad when I realized the pantry was already organized so I was out of things to do in the kitchen.

So I decided to play with the kids for a bit, which they had a little bit better day today, then yesterday. Probably due to the fact that they got to go out back and play in the snow. Then the kids decided they didn’t want to play with mommy anymore so I decided to start on the living room, I only got half way through, moving and cleaning behind and under furniture before my husband came home and saved my sanity.

As for my sons, well….Today Jay put a blanket over his head and started spinning in circles, he randomly started screaming at the top of his lungs, bursting out in random laughter, and sprinting through the house saying “bye mommy, bye daddy” & KJ was trying to attempt all of this stuff just like his older brother, excepts his screams were more screeching than anything, and he pressed his face against the glass numerous times, along with doing everything and getting into everything he knows he’s not suppose to while saying “no no”. Really?

My husband of course hasn’t been trapped in the house, he has been braving the icy/snowy/freezing weather and going to work, and I can’t say that I blame him. Being couped up all day for 4 days in a row can make you a little crazy. At least he still has his sanity. haha.

But as for the kids and I..well i think beating our heads against the wall isn’t very far away if we don’t get out of the house soon.

Have a good night y’all!

Amazingly Bored.

Well, it’s 3PM and I’m officially bored out of my freaking mind. I woke up somewhat early today, (the past 2 days I have been getting up at 5am and going back to bed when hubby calls me and tells me he made it to work with very little problems, until 7 or 8am. So this morning I woke up at 7:15ish. So sense the kids were still sleeping I played a few games online. When they woke up we ate breakfast, (cereal for me, pop tarts for them) and then I decided to clean. And this was around 8am. I got the kitchen clean and folded/started a load of laundry, changed the kids and cleaned them and their breakfast mess up all before 9AM. When I realized it was only 9 o’clock, i knew today was going to be one looooong day. It is still snowy/icy so another day staying couped up in the house. We are expecting more snow tonight/tomorrow morning. Joy. NOT. Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE the snow. I love looking at it through the window, watching it fall, and playing in it. I HATE being stuck in the house because it’s soooo cold that going outside freezes your eyeballs. I’m ready for spring, and it’s only the beginning of February. *sigh*

Anyways, the rest of the day went by pretty fast to my surprise, up until now. Played with the kids, did 50 million more loads of laundry it seemed like, Lunch, kids layed down and pretended to take a nap, worked out, (i have a love/hate relationship toward Jillian Micheals) her dvds kick my ass every time i work out. But I’m grateful for it because it’s whipping my booty into shape. Got some vacuuming and more light house cleaning done, played online some more, crocheted, and now I’m out of things to do. Unless I want to do more laundry and that just does not sound the least bit exciting at this point. So Jay and I are watching Dora while KJ actually takes a nap.

I can’t wait for the 40-50 degree weather we are suppose to have this weekend. :) I have started a HMG (home management guide) thanks to a blog I came across. The woman is just amazing. I have got the “Shopping” section done and I recorded my first prices of groceries, etc. into it last night. Very time consuming but so worth it. I also started a “Savings notebook” where my price book and coupons will go. It will be nice to finally start saving money and getting on a budget when I get all this done and figured out. & to become organized. Everyone who knows me, knows I have organization tendencies, and I want things to be organized but getting it done is a whole nother ball game. But I’m going to do it. :)

I hope everyone is staying warm in this cold weather, I’m thinking hot chocolate needs to be made tonight. I baked a yummy cake last night. :) I’m making hot dogs & mac and cheese for dinner tonight, just something easy. Have a good evening everyone! Oh and here is another project I finished last night. :)

Very first blog

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This is officially my first blog post. We are snowed in again today, and the kids are not very happy about it. The are having an off again on again whining secession. Not very fun for mommy. But on the bright side, we are staying very warm. We have done alot of relaxing today, not much else to do. We are trying not to use very much electricity due to the rolling blackouts we are having today. So can’t get very much cleaning done! We are going to take a trip to the store later as long as the roads are still good, that will atleast get us out of the house for a short period. Thank god for winter jackets, hats, & gloves! I finished my first crocheting project a few days ago. I made a small circle basket to put our keys in so that we stop losing them. I’m in the progress of making two blankets. One of my youngest son and one for my mother. Then I will start on my oldest sons blanket and a few project to make for family members. :) Well, I hope everyone stays warm in this cold weather that seems to be in quite a few states in the united states.

Have a good day everyone!