Big changes around here

Happy Friday people! I’m so happy it’s the weekend! Sooo… let’s go ahead and jump right into things I haven’t told you. About four months ago, my husband was part of a big lay off at the company he was working for. It was right before I had the surgery on my neck so, it was a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because, he was able to take care of me while I recovered and take care of the kids and house for a couple of weeks since I couldn’t do much. Thrive definitely helped him then by keeping his energy up so he could do everything he needed to do! Well, he has been having a hard time finding a local, decent paying job. We talked quite a bit about what to do and we decided that for now, I was going to get a job.

The thing is, I’ve been a stay at home mom for awhile. I’ve had about four jobs in my entire life, not including blogging, those four were when I was a teenager and in my early 20s. I was really picky about the kind of job I wanted when the subject came up. At first, I was thinking a waitress in a bar because I had worked in one before and that was daily tips. I applied at a ton of places and got no response. I knew it was going to be hard finding something because my experience is pretty much limited to what I do around the house, with the kids, and blogging. I pretty much had a guarteed job at a place my SIL works, but I didn’t want to go back there. That was a place I worked in my early 20s and I knew I would go insane working there again. My husband couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t take it, but I knew I would find something that I would like and that would bring in decent money.

Thankfully, I decided to message my friend on Facebook who I had seen posting job ads awhile back. So, I asked her if her job was hiring and she said it was. I had an interview with three people and I was so damn nervous and anxious. The day after I had an interview with the boss, I got a call from my friend telling me I was hired! I couldn’t believe it! After the initial happy phase, I began to get sad, nervous and excited. I had been a SAHM for a loooong time and this was a real gig. An office job {which I’m so happy for because I’ve always wanted an office job if I was to ever have to work.} and the hours are the hours I wanted, and same with the pay. So, it’s literally perfect for me, but I was so nervous and sad about not being a SAHM anymore. I was going to miss Jay and Kage like crazy and If I even thought about Jax and Kade, tears would form in my eyes. This went on for about three days. I kept playing in my head everything I was going to miss, going back to work full time…

Random kisses and hugs from the boys all throughout the day, hearing them cracking up in their room over whatever they were playing with together, having Kage randomly come up to me with a new Lego creation and saying “Mommy, I made this for you.” {Which he did tonight after I got off work so I’m glad he’s still doing that}, hearing Jay’s random stories throughout the day or him asking me 50 million questions about God + Jesus that I always tried my best to answer. I was going to miss playing outback with them during the day and miss seeing their sweet, sleepy faces as they woke up. I was going to miss firsts with the babies. I was going to miss Jax’s first tooth popping through, Kade’s first crawl. The first time Jax gets up on his knees and rocks like I saw Kade do. Their precious smiles and those sweet baby laughs. I was going to miss cuddling with them whenever I wanted to and watching/learning everything about their little personalities because I was going to be with them 24/7.

I’ve been working for four days now and I definitely miss all those things that I named. I miss all my boys so incredibly much when I’m at work, that it often feels like I got the wind knocked out of me whenever I think about them too much, but, you know what I love?

I love walking through the front door, my black dress hit the floor … JUST KIDDING.. {name that song without googling it and I will heart you forever!} I love walking through that door and having Jay and Kage come running for me and wrap their little selves around my legs because I don’t even have enough time to squat down for a real hug until after the leg hug because, that’s how fast they run up to me. I love when I go to say hi to the twins, that they smile so hugely at me and start reaching for me. I’ve been a SAHM for so many years now, that it’s nice to be an adult for eight hours, have adult conversations, getting dressed up Monday through Friday, and working at a place I’m quickly growing to enjoy.

It’s still hard though. Part of me yearns for the SAHM life I had because I was one of those moms who truly enjoyed staying home with the kids all day, keeping the house up, etc. Part of me enjoys the quite, but I know if I had to choose one or the other right this second, I already know what I would choose. I am truly enjoying my job though and the huge blessing that it is!!

{That’s all for today, I plan on writing more about what it’s been like to be a working mom, if I tried to cram it all into one post, my feelings wouldn’t come out right because I would be trying to shorten it, and what I want to say shouldn’t have to be cut short.}

Are you a working mom or a sahm? Working moms, do you have any tips for me on how to balance it all? What is your favorite part about being a working mom. Were you ever a sahm? Sahm, have you worked before while being a momma? If so, why did you become a sahm? What do you love most about being a sahm?

{please do not try and start a working mom/sahm war, your comment will no be approved if you do. I have been both a sahm and now a working mother and I respect both equally because they are BOTH hard to do.}

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5 of my favorite Wet N Wild Lipsticks

{This post contains Affiliate links}

Yesterday, I shared my mini collection of nail polish and today, I’m sharing my newest addiction; Lipstick/Lip gloss/Lip stain! It’s seriously become a problem {a really good and pretty problem lol}, I can’t walk into any store with a beauty department without hitting the lipstick sales! So, now I have a pretty good collection going! Today though, I’m sharing my love of the Wet n Wild lipstick colors! They’ve been my go-to so far because they have been on sale!

1. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick 540A Hot Red I am so in love with this shade of red. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that red is my favorite color and this Red is so bold and beautiful, it just screams to be worn! Do you wear red lipstick?!

2. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick 518D Nouveau Pink This is such a pretty pink and I love that it’s not overly bright or too soft, it’s a perfect balance!

3. Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color 969 24 Carrot Gold I’m not going to lie, I was super nervous getting this color because it’s out of my comfort zone, but I think worn with the right eye shadow + outfit, it will look stunning!

4. (3 Pack) WET N WILD Silk Finish Lipstick – Hot Paris Pink The picture came out lighter than it is, but it’s a very beautiful bold pink and looks amazing worn!

5. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick 530D Dark Pink Frost Last, but not least, this one is my absolute favorite!! It is seriously such a gorgeous color and it looked so good when I wore it and made my lips look AMAZING!

Which one is your favorite?! What is your favorite lipstick in general?

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My small nail polish collection

{This post contains affiliate links}

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Bloom Sold in packs of 2 is such a gorgeous color!! I have always loved dark blue and anything with glitter is always a plus!

I have always hated painting my nails and usually just went and got fake nails! I do still love a good fake nail, but after seeing beautiful nail polish, I decided I wanted to get better at painting my own nails that way I could use pretty colors like I was seeing all over the web! So, I started picking up nail polish here and there and I finally have a small nail polish collection. I’m also finally doing my own nails! YAY! So today, I wanted to share with y’all my little nail polish collection!

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color, Blazed 437F 0.43 fl oz (12.7 ml) I’m really into pinks right now, I guess because it’s summer, who knows, so this is one of the lighter pinks I have in my collection and I adore it!

As I said in the beginning, I love anything with glitter. These three glitter nail polishes are a thing of perfection and I can’t wait to do some super cute nail art with them!

1. WET N WILD Megarocks Glitter Nail Color – Gettin’ Amped

2. Wet N’ Wild Mega Rock Glitter Nail Polish – Wait For Solo (Pack of 3)

3. WET N WILD Megarocks Glitter Nail Color – Always in the Pit

To continue on with my love of pinks. Here are two more. I think my all time favorite of the three pinks I’ve listed, is definitely has to be the Wet n Wild Dream Poppy one! It is just such a pretty shade of pink! The next one I’m going to try is the one that reminds me of cotton candy! {Coral Reef}

1. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Extreme Wear Nail Color, #66 Coral Reef – 0.4 Oz, Pack of 2

2. Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color, Dream Poppy 429D (3 Pack)

I’m not really a big fan of the color purple {my mom definitely is though! Hey mom!}, but I saw these two purples and I knew I had to have them. The light one is such a soft purple and I feel like it would look good with any shade of purple you are wearing! The second one is way more in your face, I still haven’t wore it yet, but I plan to soon! They were both limited edition nail polishes! I’m listing the names for you in-case they ever come back around!

1. Candid Affair.

2. Happy Hour Hop!

Up next, we have a beautiful bold in your face red. It’s no secret that Red is my favorite color, I even have a pinterest board dedicated to the color Red! I’m honestly surprised I only have two red nail polishes, but I think it’s because sense it’s my favorite, I’m really picky about the perfect color.

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Enamel 852 Gogo Girl

This next one I bought for St. Patrick’s day and I only ever wore it then, but I’m thinking I may need to play around with it and another nail color and create something totally gorgeous with it!

Wet n Wild Fergie Nail Color, Glowstick 0.42 fl oz (12.5 ml)

Up next we have two very soft shades of blue. If you can’t tell from my collection so far, I either like in your face nail polish colors or soft colors! These two blues are perfect shades and I can’t wait to show you the nail tutorials I do with them!

1. The first one is called Home Run!

2. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Enamel – Breeze Blue – 0.4 oz

& last, but not least, is this gorgeous black nail polish with glitter! LOVEEEEE it!

WET N WILD Fergie Heavy Metal Nail Polish – Black Metal Magic

Now that you have seen my nail polish collection!! What is your favorite one of mine? Also, what other color{s} should I add to my collection?!!

p.s. Nail tutorials are coming soon! It’s been too long since I’ve done one! :)

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Frozen Baby Food Treats

The twins have been teething like crazy and I feel soooo bad for them. I’ve been trying to provide any relief I can and some things work and some things don’t. It’s so frustrating for me so I can only imagine how frustrating it is for them! I had an idea though and it turned out to be a freaking great one so I thought I would share it! I decided to make Frozen Baby Food Treats for them. Not only would they be eating their baby food, but the cold would sooth their gums. That’s a total win-win.

These are seriously so easy to make and so worth it because your little one with LOVE them!!

You will need:
– A 4 thing Popsicle mold.
– 4 Jars of baby food you know they like.
– A spoon.

Yep, that’s it.

Pour each baby food jar into each of the Popsicle molds using the spoon to avoid a big mess and then pop them into the freezer until they are completely frozen.

Once they are completely frozen, take them out for about five minutes that way you can remove that popsicle part. {If you baby is old enough to hold the popsicle and suck on it/eat it that way}

I tested it out on Kade since Jax was asleep and he LOVED it!!

After he got full, he was so smiley because his gums weren’t hurting anymore. This was such an easy solution to teething pain and I wish I had thought of it sooner!!

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Growing to hate society

I am growing to really hate society. I am growing to dislike the people who think their way is right and everyone else is wrong. I’m getting tired of other people trying to control the lives of others. I’m apart of a mom group that started when we were all pregnant with our babies at the same time. There are 300+ women in that group and I have grown to adore many of them. They are wonderful and supportive women and I’m so glad we got to go through pregnancy, hard times, and now motherhood together, even if it’s only online. As you can imagine though, with 300+ women, topics get brought up and we bump heads and things can turn ugly quick when major disagreements arise. I’ve bit my tounge more often than not because I didn’t want to get caught up in drama, but there have been a few times that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. It’s not just in this group, but on my friends statuses on facebook too.

The thing is, I don’t believe everyone should agree on everything. I like that we are all different people and we all have different views and opinions. Some really good conversations come out of us having different opinions and I love that because I love a good conversation that makes you think. BUT, it’s the people who come into a conversation and they aren’t offering an opinion, they are saying what they think and they fully believe what they are saying is 100% right and everyone else is wrong. You can always tell the difference between someone stating their opinion and someone stating what they believe is truth.

“From my personal experience or I believe… {insert whatever here}”
“No, you shouldn’t do that. That’s not right. It’s pointless, etc.”

It can range from letting your baby sleep with a blanket, to owning guns, to whatever is going on in the world. It really gets under my skin when people don’t offer an opinion, but try to come say what they believe to be fact because they believe it is. It’s ignorant and doesn’t make you look good.

You do not have the right to tell anyone else how to live, how to parent, what to do with their life, or take away our rights simply because you don’t agree with it. Most of the time, you don’t have the right to make decision for another adult without that adults input. You don’t have the right to decide things for a parent because you think the way YOU parent is absolutely right. This isn’t about a few in the group, this is about society as a whole and what we have become. Just because you don’t believe in piercing your babies ears, does not make it wrong that others do. Just because you wouldn’t let your baby sleep with a blanket, on their tummy, and/or in bed with you, doesn’t make it wrong for another parent to do so. Just because you wouldn’t pop your kid on the bottom, doesn’t make it wrong for another parent to do so. Just because you wouldn’t give a spanking, doesn’t mean you are wrong for not doing so.

Just because you hate smoking doesn’t mean you get to decide if someone smokes or not. Just because you do smoke, doesn’t mean you need to disrespect another person by smoking around them when it’s not wanted. Just because you don’t own a guy and can’t understand why someone wants one, does not mean guns should be banned. Just because you do own a guy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to understand why people are scared of them. Just because you don’t believe in gay rights, doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t. Just because you do believe in gay rights, doesn’t mean you should hate someone who doesn’t.

I think as a society we did a great job when drawing a line to separate what is right and wrong. We don’t put up with child abuse of any kind, we don’t put up with rape or sexual assault. We don’t put up with cold blooded murder or drunk driving. We are allowed to make our own choices and decisions as to what works best for our life and our parenting {as long as it’s not the things mentioned above}, we have evolved as people and come so far. We believe in our rights and stand by them. We don’t live in a place where our every move is watched and we are told what to do and how to do it, but something has happened. Somehow along the way, that good line began to get crossed in every way possible. People want to control other people so badly, that they are finding others who agree with their way and are pushing issues because it’s what they believe. I’m afraid society is holding on by a thread because we are being divided.

Our choices are being challenged simply because someone doesn’t agree with those choices. What I find funny is that, the people in the “wrong”, aren’t telling those who believe they are right, what they should be doing with their life, parenting, etc. No, we are simply wanting to keep our rights and choices and for you to keep yours. But we are being backed up against a wall by the people who believe their way is without a doubt 100% right and unless we want to become a society where we all have to agree on everything and change who we are, it’s time we stand our ground.

I just hope we can get back to that line we drew. That people will stop trying to push their way on everyone else. That as long as we are not hurting anyone {like mentioned above}, we should be free to live our life with our choices, our parenting, our beliefs, etc. just like we have been doing for years. People have gotten too confident and cocky and want to control whatever they can and enough is enough.

This is america, the land of the free. Lets try and remember that when you decide to hate someone because they co-sleep or smoke or cuss or have southern pride or have gay pride or don’t believe in gay marriage or don’t believe in spanking or whatever the hell the case may be, it is their RIGHT to believe or not believe in those things. How about we start agreeing to disagree? How about we learn to respect the different views people have and still respect one another.

I thought it was beautiful how different we are as people, I guess I was wrong.

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Snapshots of life lately + 4th of July weekend

I absolutely love my shirt from my friend Skye’s shop! It is such a pretty blue and one of the softest shirts I own! & hello, it’s about Texas which makes it the best thing ever. 😉 #texasborn #texasraised #texasmade #IobviouslyloveTexas

Hubby and I at his family BBQ on the 4th. I realllllyyy wish he would freaking smile!! lol.

The boys, my nephew, my sister, and I all enjoying relaxing in the pool! // SMILE! lol. // Kisses from Kage. // Jay playing with his new toy from his aunt & uncle that daddy put together.

I love when my boys cuddle with me. Sweet cuddles with Jay. // Jax was extra cuddly so I snapped a few pictures, it was so sweet. // Kage chillin with mommy.

The boys made paper ties for daddy for Father’s Day, inside is a bunch of questions they answered about him. He proudly rocked those ties on father’s day and I fell in love with him a little more in that moment.

Kade’s cute little outfit. My mother in law and I went shopping and she bought the twins a few outfits and this is one of them!

Delicious + cute cupcakes my cousin’s girlfriend made. // Another picture of Hubby, Jay, and Kage on Father’s day. // Jay getting his relax on. // Jay and my niece enjoying being outside, soaking up the sun, and eating watermelon.

Daddy & the twins. // Sweet little Kade. // Kade trying to crawl to daddy. // Kage hanging out with his cousin aka his best friend. They are only a few months apart in age.

I love my sweet little guys. I can’t believe they are already 8 months old!!

My cousin’s daughter & I at a BBQ. // The twins & I at another BBQ. // Two of my brother in laws, my father in law, and my sexy husband. // The twins & my niece.

My 4th of July outfit. // Shirt from Your Texas is Showing. // Rocking that super soft shirt. // Pretty blue bracelets from Cloud Nine Designz.

Soooo, how was your 4th of July weekend? Did you do anything fun? Did you get things done around the house? Finish projects, BBQ, etc.?

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7 things that help me get through the day

I get asked a lot, “how do you do it?” or I get the, “I really don’t know how you do it” or “You are awesome, I couldn’t do it, I really couldn’t.” statements when people find out I have four kids and two of them are twins. Most of the time I just smile, give a small laugh, and respond with, “I don’t know how I do it either” because, most days, I really don’t know how I do anything or accomplish anything or keep my sanity! lol. I started to think about it though and I wrote down seven things that I believe help me get through the day. So, here is my answer to, “How do you do it?”

1. My Thrive. Seriously, it gives me the vitamins and natural all day energy that I need to make it through the day. Before Thrive, I was dragging ass trying to take care of my kids, my house, and everything in between. Now, I’m getting stuff done and on the hard days when not much is getting done aside from taking care of the kids, I’m still doing a lot with them and not wanting to crash halfway through the day.

2. My husband. He really helps me so much. He has always been a great daddy, but seeing all that he does now that we have four kids, it just makes my heart so happy. I really don’t know what I would do without him, I truly believe I would be lost. We make an excellent team and I’m so glad that God gave me him to go through this crazy life with. We make a good team, especially as parents, and that helps more than people know.

3. Chores. If we didn’t have the boys picking up after themselves most of the time, cleaning their room, and a couple of other little things, days would defintely not run smoothly. I’m only one person after all and I can only contain the mess of all of us for so long. I also think it’s wonderful to teach your kids responsibilty so, it’s a win-win in my book. :)

4. Crafts, toy, and games. Having something for the kids to do and the babies to play with while I get things done that need to get done, helps soooo incredibly much!

5. Movie/nap time. Depending on our day, we usually have a quiet time during the day where the boys quietly watch a movie while the twins are napping so I can get work or household duties done. It’s a life saver a few times a week and it’s one of those things I’m glad I’ve done since my kids were old enough to understand it.

6. Lists. Seriously, I make a list of everything {Obviously 😉 lol} I need/want to do or get done that day. My mind is constantly all over the place so if I want to remember to do something, I write that shit down, otherwise I’m likely to forget. Also, I love checking things off a list! Anyone else?

7. Wine or some form of alcohol. I’m not a daily drinker, but a nice glass of wine or a delicious mixed drink is so nice after a long, hard day! When I have time, I love unwinding with a drink and a good book. It makes my day end on a good note!

What is something you need that helps you get through the day?!

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“Real” Women

I was scrolling through facebook and came across something a friend of mine posted. Her caption stated that the women were awesome. I probably would have agreed right off the bat as I scrolled down to look at what article she posted, but the title grabbed my attention instead of the women and it immediately pissed me off. The first thing I saw was, “here’s what Victoria secrets swimsuits look like on real women.” REALLY? Real women?! Don’t get me wrong, the non-models rocked the hell out of those swimsuits and I think more women should be comfortable wearing them, but that’s another post for another day. What I want to talk about is WHY we slam another woman down like this?

I’m sorry, last time I checked those Victoria secret models ARE REAL WOMEN! They are not fake, they are not dolls; they are real women, with real emotions just like you and guess what, being a model is their damn job! I can only imagine how hard they have to work to keep such a slim and/or fit figure in order to keep their job. I’ve worked out, that shit takes a lot of work to maintain. So not only are they having to work to keep those figures, they have to actually put in a ton of hours for their J-O-B! All so people can jump on their high horse because they don’t have that type of figure. It is so ridiculous how we are to love, like, and never put down a woman with curves, stretch marks, fluff, etc. because that’s what many women have and that’s perfectly fine, I have some of that stuff too and could care less what anyone thinks about how I look in whatever swimsuit I choose to rock, but…

guess what, at one point I didn’t have the curves and the little extra fat that I do have now, and I was on the receiving end of those too skinny remarks and I’ll tell you right now, it hurts being told “you look too skinny” or “you need to eat a cheeseburger” or hearing people say that a skinny women isn’t a real woman is just as painful as hearing “you’re too heavy.” That first picture, I was pretty darn thin, but I was sooo happy with my body, but all those little snide comments go to me and I started to feel gross and less “real.” I’ve come to realize though, in both those picture, where I have handlebars I’m hiding, spots on full display, extra fluff on my legs, a non flat stomach, stretchmarks, and all; and the picture of my slim figure, BOTH are REAL. I didn’t all of a sudden become fake by being skinny or become real by showing off those “worry spots” or having that extra fluff. 

There are plenty of people who are slender, athletic, fit, etc. who like to workout and keep their bodies in great shape {models included} and that doesn’t make them any less real. When you call a model or anyone slim, “not real”, it shows massive insecurity and I believe we should all be secure enough in ourselves as women, to look at another woman whose body is slimmer or fitter or whatever and be okay with how we look instead of slamming them down. Hell, I would love to be fit and have the body I want and eventually I will have it. If you don’t want to be fit, that’s great because it’s your body and your life and no one should be telling you how you should look, but claiming a woman is any less real because she is skinny or fit or has a nice stomach or whatever the case may be, is absolutely ridiculous.

We are all real women no matter what our body types are and it’s about time women accept that.

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Last day of school

I can’t believe the last day of school has come and gone. Just to prove how far behind I am, the last day of school came and gone almost two weeks ago. We have been super busy enjoying summer already! I really can’t believe I officially have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartner! I can’t believe how fast the boys are growing up!! I am so NOT ready for Kage to be going to school yet, but he is super excited to be starting school with Jay after summer so, I’m definitely not killing his vibes. I’m so proud of Jay for doing so well in 1st grade! His teacher adored him and he adored her. He also stepped out of his shell this year a little bit and made lots of friends! We celebrated by buying a pool and inviting my nephew + sister over to swim! The boys have been in the water every day since then! {minus the rainy days of course}

Is summer out for your little one{s} yet? How did y’all kick off summer?

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My June Ipsy Glam Bag

I absolutely adored my glam bag this month. The bag itself is so pretty! I love the mix of black and coral! So perfect for spring! I’ve already worn that lip crayon a couple of times now and it is beautiful!! I will post pictures soon! I love leave in conditioner and I can’t wait to try pure Brazilian one! 
What is your favorite product in this month’s glam bag?!
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