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10 things that make me happy

I know I missed a few days of the blog every day in May challenge but, I’m starting back up today. Have you missed any? You can view them here.

One. My husband and my boys make me extremely happy. I get to laugh and smile a million times a day because of all three of them. I am a very lucky girl.
Two. The fact that my kids love God. They are so thrilled to go to church every Sunday & my sweet Jay brings Jesus up randomly throughout the week. It makes my heart soar.

Three. Photography. I love taking pictures of people and of life around us.
Four. Tattoos. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about them, but getting tattoos or seeing tattoos that I really like, makes me happy.
Five. As of lately, working out. I guess it’s the feeling of knowing I am working towards getting fit & setting an example for my sweet boys is what makes me happy.

Six. A good book. 

Seven. Laying outback, reading a book or tanning while the boys play or swim – makes me extremely happy.
Eight. Speaking of that, swimming makes me happy. I love the way the water feels and being in it. I should have been a mermaid. ;)
Nine. My friends + family. Texting, emails, hanging out. It does something good for my heart.
Ten. YOU. You who read my blog. Who leave comments. Who tweet me or send me emails. You make me happy.
What makes you happy?

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Put the phone + camera away

Have you missed any of my posts during the Blog everyday in May challenge? View em here.
The best advice I can give you is to savor every moment you can. Life is far too short to always be on your phone. Laptop. or yes, even behind your lens. I’m not saying to never do those things. Let’s face it, I love my phone + my camera, but I don’t always like constantly being on it or behind the lens.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. Put the phone & camera down 2

I know how important it is to stay connected with friends + family. I know how important it is to take pictures of those moments in life that are so simply sweet or absolutely gorgeous. I am an aspiring photographer after all and I’d be crazy to tell you to never take pictures because, I take a ton of pictures.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. Put the phone & camera down 2

I love seeing & posting pictures on instagram. I love sharing photo’s on FB and seeing pictures of my family and friends. But, in the same breath I can go days without posting a single photo. I can goes days without taking a single photo. Why? Because as much as I fully enjoy capturing those moments – I like to live those moments. I want my kids to remember my face while we are playing, not my lens or not the camera on my phone.
Like I said, obviously I take pictures and lots of them. But, every once in awhile – put the phone down, step away from the camera and just live.

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I’m afraid..

Have you missed any of my blog everyday in may challenge posts? You can catch up here. Today’s challenge is, the thing{s} you are most afraid of.
Live. Laugh. L0ve. // I'm afraid..
God really has a way of opening your eyes I tell ya. He knows I have been dealing with my anxiety rising lately & he knows it stems from fear. In church this past Sunday we started a new series called I changed my mind. This first topic was about Anxiety + worry. Two things I have alot of. My husband told me during the entire service he was thinking about me. Our pastor said, “Fear, worry & anxiety are an orphaned soul.” He went on to remind us that worry & anxiety rob of us of our joy and our lives. We can’t fully enjoy life if we are living with constant worry and anxiety.
It was a series I feel is directed right at me. Although I’m sure many people in church felt that way if they struggle with anxiety, worry and fear. I could list out a hundred things I’m afraid of. I could spill my heart and tell you why. We could nod, laugh & cry over common fears. But, I don’t want to do that today. Today – I want to tell you the one thing that scares me more than any of my other fears especially after the service last Sunday.

{If you can’t see the picture for whatever reason it says – I’m afraid of never getting over my fears.}
I don’t want my fears to rule my life. I don’t want to be an orphaned soul. I don’t want to look back on life and think about all the things I missed out on because I was too afraid. I want to trust in God and know I am safe in his arms. Fear has ruled my life for too long. It has robbed me of joy & happiness on too many occasions. If there is one thing I don’t want to do, it is continue to be afraid.

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