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A little coffee date

Happy Friday friends. Who’s ready for the weekend?! I’m hoping it doesn’t rain this weekend that way we can spend it outside, playing in the water. :) I haven’t joined in for Coffee in a long time and I would love to just sit down and chat because we haven’t just chatted in awhile. Amirite? ;) So, grab a cup of coffee, a glass of tea, or some wine and lets get to it.

Live.Laugh.L0ve. // A little coffee date

If we were meeting for coffee… I would tell you that my house is a bit of a disaster right now. This stupid weather we’ve been having is hard on my back and it makes it to where I can do next to nothing and since it’s been raining/storming for way too many days now, I’ve barely gotten anything done. I have a mountain of laundry to wash, dry, and put away. Dishes are in the sink from yesterday, my floor needs a good vacuuming, and everything just needs to be picked up and put where it belongs. I plan on getting most of that done today. Have you ever just gotten so busy or things have happened where you can’t maintain your house and then you look at your house like, what in the world happened in here?! That’s how I’m feeling right about now! Who wants to come help me with laundry? ;)

If we were meeting for coffee… I would tell you I had a bit of a scare on Wednesday. I woke up on Wednesday morning with a really strange feeling. I climbed out of bed, went pee, and when I wiped there was some blood on the toilet paper. Not alot, but enough to make me panic and panic is what I did. I called my doctor and I was assured that it was normal as long as the spotting didn’t get worse or I didn’t start cramping. My husband held me as I cried and I muttered, “I don’t want to lose my babies.” Thankfully it never got worse and the spotting finally stopped about four pm, but that seemed like the longest day of my life. I never dealt with that with either of the boys and I know quite a few family members and friends who have miscarried and it just shook me up really bad. I am so beyond thankful that didn’t happen. Did you spot when you pregnant?

If we were meeting for coffee… I would tell you that I am beyond looking forward to 4th of July weekend. Hubby has four days off and not only are we going on a date that weekend for the first time in forever, we will be watching fireworks on the river this year and I am beyond stoked. We are also going shopping because I am need of clothes since everything is starting to get tight on me. I don’t really care for maternity pants, but I love maternity tops… any shops you recommend that sell cute maternity tops? Or any favorite store for maternity tops? It’s been so long since I’ve had to shop for maternity clothes that I don’t know what place has what anymore.

If we were meeting for coffee… I would tell you I miss caffeine something fierce and if you are drinking coffee, drink one for me. I’ve cut back a ton on my soda intake, I used to drink soda like crazy and now I have maybe once a day, otherwise I’m drinking water or my new favorite crystal light flavored water. What’s your favorite non caffeine drink? I would also tell you that this stage in pregnancy has never been my favorite. I’m at the “fat” stage. You can’t really tell if I might be pregnant or if I’m just gaining weight and when I sit down there isn’t a cute little bump, there is a nice roll of chunk. It’s annoying! I can’t wait to get to the actual bump stage.

If we were meeting for coffee… I would tell you my boys have been driving me CRAZY on the days we are stuck inside. Especially Kage, he has been whining and throwing fits like crazy. We are in the full swing of freighting fours and I’m about to lose my mind. I think it’s just my patience has gone down, pregnancy tends to do that to me, but I can’t take whining for no reason and I’m running out of options on what to do about it. Soooo… on that note, HELP! ;)

If we were meeting for coffee… I would tell you I miss having friends and I have a whole post about this topic coming soon. I would tell you I am chopping my hair off today and I am excited and nervous about it. I don’t have the energy to straighten my hair right now, it’s summer, and I normally just throw it up in a pony tail. I miss wearing it down, therefore, I’m cutting it short so it’s easier to deal with. Have you ever drastically cut your locks off? Did you wind up loving it or hating it?

If we were meeting for coffee… I would ask you, How are you? How’s the family? How is your summer going? Do you have any fun plans this summer or anything exciting coming up? It’s our first coffee date in awhile so… chat away in the comments! :)

Thanks for joining me for coffee! 

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