a blog to sponsor is not always an easy task, especially when you are looking
for one that is the perfect fit for you and is going to give you the promotion
your money is worth. Live.Laugh.L0ve. is a lifestyle/mommy blog that has a wide
variety of topics: Motherhood, love, fashion, faith, life, photography, DIYs
and so much more. Feel free to browse around to get a feel for my blog.

love spreading the word about blogs and shops I love and I will work hard to
promote your blog and/or shop! Getting your blog and/or shop the epxposure it
deserves is hard, let me help you get that exposure!

was established on February 2, 2011

currently has 4,102 followers through bloglovin,
facebook, twitter, pinterest, IG and google +

receives an average of 5,367+ page views per month, 153,009 all time page views of all time and 3,936 unique monthly visitors and is growing.
I normally post 5 days a week and promote my posts through all of my social media sites several times.
One thing I have found that I love in this blogging world is finding products I love and being able to share them with women who I think would love them too. I do accept product reviews – you can email me if you are interested in a product review. I do have the right to turn down a product review if I don’t feel that it 100% fits me and my blog.
Email me at

ChelseaYours Truly
“Cassie has been WONDERFUL to sponsor. She is not only a great friend, she also goes out of her way to make sure anything I have going on at the moment is promoted and she is always checking in to see how I am doing. She is super sweet and helpful with everything and I would most definitely sponsor her again!”
Elisabeth @ La Vita E Bella
I have LOVED working with Cassie! Of all the blogs I’ve sponsored she is the one who has been by far the most involved in my blog. She was constantly tweeting and sharing my blog content as well as just interacting with me. I think the biggest tell of how good a blog is to sponsor is if you’re willing to do it again – and I’ve already purchased my ad space for next month :)
Becky @ Tales of Beauty for Ashes
“I have LOVED sponsoring Live.Laugh.Love this month. Cassie is a doll. I was so impressed with her professionalism. She was on top of the things I wanted promoted and even went out of her way to encourage her followers to link up with me. It was a delight working with her this month, I look forward to next month on her sidebar!”
“Cassie was on twitter and tweeted the first 3 people to tweet back get free ad space for the month.  I was one of them, and it’s been a wonderful month, to get to know her lovely blog, she gives shout outs about posts and anything that you have going on!  If anyone is looking for a blog to sponsor look no further LiveLaughL0ve is the way to go!  You will enjoy her lovely posts on her blog, pictures etc!”
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